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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Benthek Traditional Games

Benthek or Patilan is a game that is made ​​of two pieces of wood, and usually wears straight rods of different lengths. It is said benthek is when played audible thek ....! Thek ....!. So this game called Benthek game. Benthek or patilan doesn't prohibit the use of the body to stop players from playing. This is the advantage of Benthek game.

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Benthek Games Image 1
Benthek Game
Important of Benthek Traditional Games
Benthek rod should not be too soft or too hard and not too big. Bentek groundskeepers should not be too close to the player throws, because it can hurt. It's like a game Baseboll.
How to play ?
Prepare a wood or twigs, short and length of each rod. Making a long hole in the ground about 4 to 7 cm and draw lines between the depths of 3 to 5 cm (See sketch Benthek). Can also use a block of wood or stone as a buffer. Benthek number of players in the game isn't restricted, and can also be played as a groups. If done in groups, the number of players must be an even number, well even in the guard of players or beater.
At this game, if played only 2 people, then 1 guards and 1 player beater, and if done 4 people, then 2 guards and 2 player beater.
If one player (OFF), so that it can pass only (player ON). And if the player isn't way at the two or (OFF playing), then now for the opportunity (opposing players) to play.
This picture is the field Benthek game. The field Benthek game is usually smaller and are usually determined by the size of their field.
This game is more popular, but the standard size determination is uncertain.
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Benthek Games Image 2 - Field
Game field of Benthek
Some of the things (Players OFF), among others :
  1. At the time of throwing "short wood" can be caught by the guards Benthek.
  2. Short wood were thrown out of area or out of the field delimiter Benthek.
  3. By the time the players do throw. Short wood was thrown back to the border area (The Red Line) or to the value of zero, it may be done if the timber is thrown short still rolling or moving and should be done by the guards (back kick system). Throw back is usually performed by a foot, the so-called "Kicking Back System". Need to done when the wood is still moving and can be done by the opponent or guard respectively. If the thrower when doing throws, and short wood thrown back in time rolling or move by the opponent and just approaching "Zero Area", then the shot should be done when the short wood stops, and the shot is done to the opponent on long stems that are placed by the thrower.
  4. After throwing short wood by (Players IN). Increasingly shifting (short wood) or wood throw to throw regions (Regions zero), this is allowed is done by guards or fellow outfielder continuously, as long as the short wood is still rolling. Benthek "Kicking Back System", rarely performed repeatedly kicked but usually benthek directly to the pitcher or zero area or (throwing area), which is only done one person (player guards).
  5. Another way "Back System" isn't only done by of foot, but also can use the hands to restore it to the media throwing area or Zero Area. "Back system" with this hand is only allowed when the short timber isn't fall to the ground. And it happens when the hand isn't ready to catch the benthek.
So in "Back System" in the game Benthek have two ways :
  1. "Back System" using the foot, and
  2. "Back System" using the hand.
Above are some ways to use the "Back System". So be your convenience to stop their added value or the throwing players (PLAYER IN).
Players ON of Benthek Game, among others :
  1. Wood that was thrown isn't caught by the opponent or guards.
  2. Wood thrown get into the value area or field.
  3. When short wood was thrown caught (Players guards) at the time of throwing back, this short wood doesn't touch the timber length.
Short or small Wood
Short or small wood can be caught by the outfielder, there are some things that you can possibly use, among others :
  1. Wood caught by outfielder (field) should only be targeting for a player in the long wood. Players thrower still ON.
  2. Wood caught by outfielder (pitch), thrower Players cann't play or the player OFF.

How to play Benthek ?
  1. The first pitch or players inside. Benthek game throwing enough prying with a small timber with a length of wood that we hold and thrown into a field area that is guarded by the opponent.
  2. After prying wood or throwing short, length of wood should be placed to the ground. (See above image around first) Then the wood this length, will shot by opponents (grounds keepers).
  3. The player in or throwing-out. After falling to the ground guard, guard (field) should stopping player in, by way of length of wood target that was placed by the pitcher. If the guards cann't shoot length of wood (we not touching wood length), then the player is said to pass thrower or managed to get the next game, and can continue the game again.
  4. If at the time of successive throwing aren't caught by the opponent as much as 3 times. Then calculating the value. Calculating the value of starting the hole throws, until wood stops short on the ground. And measured using a length of wood. This is according to mutual agreement between the players. Example : 3, 4, 5 tosses, then proceed (beating double) Value bonuses. See terms related to the value of the bonus.
  5. Timber throws soar (Beating double). Beatings soar wood called a Beating Double. Here the value of benthek game started. How do ? Short timber placed (oblique) on the end of the hole. Then was beaten his tip of, and then the timber will soar upwards and at the small wood or Short was beaten again by far.
This example of a game that was 6 people
  1. Benthek Players hit a row after 3 times, (grades count of distance with length wood).
  2. Then after that (double beating). (grades count of distance with short wood).
Double beating only done once and go back to the first game, until player (OFF) or defeated. If the player is defeated, the player must be replaced by the next player (In the Group). After all the players in the group of defeated, then the turn in keep players started. In this Benthek game there is no substitute role or (Successor) such as in the Engkling Games.
Is said to have no value if the following things happen
  1. Short wood on benthek out field boundary area (red zone).
  2. Throwing wood is touching right or left the field line benthek (touching of line).
  3. Short wood while doing the beating, caught by guards benthek.
  4. When short wooden rolling, keep the players kicked back into the zero boundary value.
Assessment in the game benthek
Assessment the game benthek there are 2 such as :
  1. Value measurements using a length of wood, and
  2. Measurement values with small wood or short wood.
Terms to the assessment (bonus points)
In the game there are also bonus points Benthek. The difference in doing the game score bonus. Bonus value is calculated with a small wood (short), so the value of the bonus game on the assessment, the value obtained more and faster than the initial calculation or long wooden section. This is done when the value of the bonus the player when throwing Benthek (short wood) consecutive wins to 5 times without getting caught opponent guards. Bonuses can also be done the deal together, and can be done 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 consecutive wins.
(Benthek, Benthik, Benthic, only the name of the Traditional Game of Yogyakarta).
This is a glimpse of or knowledge of the game Benthek. Field size, number of players, the standard value used is still uncertain, because it is adapted to agreements. All the rules of the game Bentek highly variable, but kids can run this game easily. This game is more complicated to be written or reviewed, and easier in practice.

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