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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Macapat Art

Macapat art is one of the songs Adiluhung (Education Art) of Java - Yogyakarta, which means the song is sung many songs and reading out loud, clear, in tune with the tone of the song and have a special appreciation for the long tones that can be sung beautifully. Artistry Macapat has a tiers who different-diff. This Macapat art, has a tone that isn't necessarily suited to people who intone. So it requires a special understanding to learn.

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Macapat Art
Macapat Art
Macapat art existed since the history of Mataram, and objectives include: introducing laws, customs and rules.
Macapat art first used in the Kraton family and now anyone can learn, to listen or learn. Besides art, Macapat reputedly trusted to refuse reinforcements. This type of Macapat art include : Pangkur, Asmorodono, Pocung, Megatruh, Gambuh, Mijil, Dandang Gulo, dan Sinom. For those who still lay very difficult to distinguish from each other.
Macapat Art used or often sung by people who are married or parents, The other hand macapat art can be sung either male or female. Ironically, experts who understand Macapat arts is low. On the other hand, art macapat rote, and understanding are still certain people only.
Given Macapat art is an art Adiluhung, Macapat is now been introduced by the children who are in school as a means of Educational and Cultural Arts Adiluhung Java. And to preserve this culture is the start of inter-school competitions to revive this culture started from a small age.
Macapat art can also sung alternately. Sung to one person or more. Macapat Sinom usually accompanied by (Gamelan or Gendhing) or music at the beginning and end of reading Macapat arts.

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