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Outbound Event

Eliminate boredom by conducting Outbound activities together. Outbound is the activity or the event outside the definition by activity forms of interest, such as a playing or games, browse the river, forest and others. Someone feel bored and tired often at home, in the Outbound all be erased and eroded taste bored.

Within a few weeks ago, colleagues Randu Hargobinangun Pakem Sleman Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta doing it. Field isn't yet ready for use, it is fortunate there are some the parents still get excited or are youthful Mr. Wantoro and Mr. Tritukijo which supports the outbound in this activities.
Both also provide guidance on where area the play still needs to be addressed immediately, so that the event can run smoothly.
Another game, Outbound games such as : Flying Fox, cross the bamboo games, and crossed ropes. For this game will require specific expert or specialized guidance expert in this game. Because free time is very solid skilled in the art, would take a good day to get this opportunity from an expert.
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Outbound Event
Outbound Activity
At first, in carrying out activities are impromptu autbound event and lack of equipment. This has become one of the big constraints. But hope and something special from a friend of Mr. Wantoro are willing to lend a rope to support in outbound this game.
That are reliable Tutoring has come up and is ready to test their skills.
Unique and interesting, some friends fallen bathed in the muddy water and some friends we doing with funny attractions. ''Feeling is believing'' they said. Pounding feeling a little fear and curiosity bring the courage to try it.
This has been tested by young men and women (Ranger) or Randu Generation Group. Suci Rokinsa Cahyani as a leader who brings good ideas, so that makes this area playing dexterity and courage to test their guts all.
Removing feeling tired, lunch time has arrived. Now time for lunch in the park Griya Aissa. Joking with friends over lunch will provide fond memories for them all.
It is a best portrait of outbound activity that I've seen in a remote village, the village of Randu. But this outbound service event, I don't guarantee the existence to the fore in this village.
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