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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Temple Site on Campus

The discovery of the new temple in University Islamic Indonesia (UII). This temple is located in Jl. Kaliurang 14,5 Km of Yogyakarta. Kimpulan temple is said, because the site is located in the village Kimpulan, but the name of the site there is no clear certainty.

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Discovered a temple in University Islamic Indonesia
Discovered a temple in University Islamic Indonesia
UII Indonesia
Ganesha statue, Linggayoni and several other sculptures are relics of ancient Mataram temple. Temple in the UII, is the temple site established between the 9-10 Masehi. UII Yogyakarta temple structure shows the main temple building has a roof, which probably supported by wooden poles. Another thing is also strengthened by the discovery of 12 stone pedestal of his round on the floor.
This site is a relic of the ancient Mataram so temple built 9-10 Masehi with a combination of stone and wood.
The site was first discovered by an employee building, which will dig the ground to make the campus library building UII or (Universias Islam Indonesia). The basic foundation of multiplication of 4.5 meters with a depth of approximately 5 meters, began to find a square stone smooth. It is a the fence of temple made of stone.
After digging a few weeks the site has begun to appear. This site consists of the main part of the temple, and the temple ancillary part (Perwara or companion). Main temple building measuring 6 x 6 meters and the ancillary temples (companion) measuring 4 X 6. There is a major part of the Ganesha statue facing to the west, the water hole, a pedestal (place offerings of stone), and Pripek or the stone box that serves to as storage of the letters spells, gold, valuables, etc. The entrance is carved on a stone wall on the east side facing the statue.

Because the first discovery of a center, the soil excavation carried out two methods. First: horizontal excavation is conducted excavations clockwise, and the second vertically ie excavation in order to determine how the depth of this temple to the bottom.
The temple, which is found in the University Islamic Indonesia (UII) Yogyakarta area is still original and has practically no defects at all, the site is estimated gradually covered with soil, and is accompanied by the flow of water. This is reinforced by the presence of layers of different soil structure.
Kimpulan site is an important site, Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall of Yogyakarta has mapped plan existing temple at the Islamic University of Indonesia. As well expressed readiness to conduct a total restoration of the ancient temples found in the UII campus area. The temple is considered to have high historical and cultural value that is in line with the spirit of education that do University Islamic Indonesia (UII).
As a cultural artifact, the temple was of course has its own history. It is a positive value to educate the community. Because of that, the temple which is currently still under excavation by the Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall Yogyakarta, it needs to be restored so that its form could be seen as usual.
The government will be ready to provide total disclosure of plan funding Kimpulan this site. Regarding the future management of the temple, then it needs to be discussed further, because it involves the UII as land owners, including compensation for the cancellation of UII complexed library development plan that was to be built in the location discovery of the temple.

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