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Friday, July 26, 2013

Bas-Basan Traditional Games of Yogyakarta

Bas-Basan is a game that follows the pattern of the image and the game follows the lines boxes laid out with a chip or media, such as : gravel, grain and so on. Bas-Basan also known as : skin of candy game, diamond game, rhombus game and box game.
Strategy of Bas-Basan Games
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Bas-Basan Traditional Games Yogyakarta Image 1
Figure A and Figure B
This is a very exciting game played at schools that have a lot of free time or break time, and is often played by children pending the receipt of value rapot, or waiting for home time.
A long time ago, pattern images in this game is simply drawn on the surface of the soil as a medium, and today already can be made with a wooden board, paper, plastics thick and other.
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Bas-Basan Traditional Games Yogyakarta Image 2
Figure C and Figure D
At this time the game Bas-Bashan given different colors and attractive, but that with the different staining will be slightly outwit this game. So that players more careful to tread or move.
Description of the pattern of Bas-Basan Views (Figure A, B, C and D) :
  • (Figure A) is 2 player, while the number of media used 16 pieces in each of the player.
  • (Figure B) is 4 players, the amount of media used (Figure B) is equal to the number of 16 pieces (Figure A) in each of the player.
  • (Figure C) is 2 player, the amount of media can wear 20 pieces or 27 pieces in each of the player.
  • (Figure D) is 4 players, with a medium amount of 16 pieces in each of the player. While laying media (Figure A, B, C and D) are in a meeting lines and not in the middle of the line box. (See Figure E).
How to move the game Bas-Basan
How to play? This Games is easy enough is namely to step over or Java language often referred ''caplok-caplokan''. View (Figure E).
Caplok system
Caplok system of Bas-Basan game.
Mencaplok or Caplok system (Annexation) or swallow there are 2 kinds of ways : View (Figure E)
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Bas-Basan Traditional Games Yogyakarta Image 3
Figure E - Mencaplok or caplok system (Annexation)
1. Annexation only once. (A1) occurs if there is (B) opponent.
2. Annexation double. (A1) occurs when there is (B) and (C) the opponent, and so on.
Due to quite a bit of time off, games at school or at rest, often playing only pattern (Figure A). While (Figure B, C and D) takes a very long time.
In section (Figure C and D) is Bas-Basan using circumference line, only the difference (Figure C) assisted with diamond line or rhombus line, so that the media can move askew (you can delete this line).
Game (Figure B, C and D) quite a bit complicated and rarely played the children. also must have prudence and Particular attention so that when running the media isn't be annexed by the opponent.
To perform step to step (caplok-caplokan), circle and angle of the line system. Only allowed, if the opponent is on the line thickness. Views (Figure C and D) or (Figure F and G).

How to move the game Bas-Basan the circle line
(Figure C and D) can be seen also in (Figure F and G)
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Bas-Basan Traditional Games Yogyakarta Image 4
Bas-Basan the circle line
(Figure F) 1A star, black star annexed and became a star playing 1B. And (Figure G) blue star 2A, rotate and annexed got the black star became star 2B and so both inside and outside the circle. This can be done (back and forth). And this game can also forward and backward to avoid the opponent's move.
If the chip stay a little between 4 grains, then this game is allowed to stage a crazy game. Crazy game in the Bas-Basan is when the road is free to stop wherever the place to get the opponent chips. Playing on Crazy game of Bas-Basan is also allowed through the perimeter of the circle to circle. It also depends on the pattern of the game Bas-Basan that used. You can set yourself a chip limit to stage a this game.
Another example
If you 1, 2, 3 or 4 chips remaining objects (images C and Figure D), then the player must do "annexation and the mad pursuit", which transform the way media freely without making the rules at the start of play. When first starting the game, the media can only step through each point is determined. If you've started "annexation and the mad pursuit" or media objects left a little, then it can be stepped through 3, 4, 5, 6 point once walked. At the time of "annexation and the mad pursuit" players aren't allowed stepping banked, unless there is a meeting of circumference line.
Bas-Basan game the much simpler
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Bas-Basan Traditional Games Yogyakarta Image 5
Bas-Basan a very simple
To the left of the image pattern Bas-Basan, Bas-Basan pattern was much more simple game. This is the beginning of a pattern Bas-Basan, which was first created, and then developed into several patterns such as sample-example image above.
The game was also carried two people. For the number of chips with a total of 12 chips. Each player holds 6 pieces.
How to play ?
How to play is the same as above. This game isn't much time, so the pattern is also one of the games that were played by the school children.
At first the pattern and this game is very simple method. Because the game is often done by the children, to relieve boredom. So the game is made more variations or patterns or methods developed game Bas-Basan according to their tastes.
OK ... Friends, this is ancient game reviews, the most unique games and have a lot of patterns or methods different game. It's the children who are very creative in Yogyakarta.

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