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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gate Charm of Tourism Yogyakarta Indonesia Part: 2

Welcome to the Basic Information Gate Charm of Tourism Yogyakarta Indonesia Part: 2. This section is the "Gate charm of tourism Yogyakarta - Indonesia the first part" and the increasing number of reviews that will fill short stanzas. In addition for the convenience of the reader and to limit the duration of about 30 minutes or the average number of people reading books. In the "Basic Information", this section to differentiate your browsing, especially: Tourism Activities, Performing arts and cultures".
Epic travelers - Gate Charm of Tourism Yogyakarta Indonesia Part: 2
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• Ramayana Ballet
It is a very popular event. This is done in the open air theater in Prambanan Temple. See schedule, performing Opera Jawa Ramayana. Window with Prambanan temple the original background. Very warm atmosphere with Java Classical drama.
Entertained with interesting stories, dance, drama, and other attractions. Ramayana Ballet in 2013 and received a "Record Muri" from Indonesia and abroad in ballet dance art. Category: culture and heritage.
• Wayang Kulit or Ringgit Wacucal (Leather Puppet Show)
Wayang Kulit or Ringgit Wacucal Yogyakarta is the official art done in a formal ceremony in Javanese tradition. Wayang (Shadow Puppet) known since prehistoric times ie about 1500 years before Masehi. Indonesian society embracing animist beliefs form of worship ancestral spirits called Hyang or Dahyang, manifested in the form of a statue or picture.
• Wayang Orang or Ringgit Purwa (Opera Java)
The art of classical drama, drama resembles Ramayana. Opera Java is full of colorful clothing worn, especially with the yellow gleam of gold in his body.
• Jathilan / Kuda Lumping / Jaran Kepang / Bamboo Horse Dance
"Jathilan" is also better known as Kuda Lumping, Kuda kepang, Jaran Kepang or bamboo horse dance. Jathilan art is a blend of dance art and webbing bamboo horse property accompanied by a gamelan instruments as accompaniment of the dance. Jathilan is a typical value of cultural preservation as well as regional identity, especially base the preservation of art, and cultural preservation. Jathilan art is one piece of art based on folk art and cultural core. "Art of Culture - The Core of Folk" is one piece of art and culture based on community empowerment especially in rural areas. In Yogyakarta; jathilan art is also called folk art or art that can provide prosperity for the people. Illustration this Jathilan art is a soldier Panembahan Senopati or also called "The war training soldiers".
• Kethoprak Art
One of the culture as a means of entertainment that contains content, education to the public, also contains a very high traditional philosophy Yogyakarta.
• Garebeg Ceremony
Traditional Ceremony procession Java. Garebeg Syawal organized to coincide with Eid al-Fitr, Garebeg Syawal which is held every year, coinciding with the 1 Syawal 1430 Hijriah or 1 Syawal 1942 based on the Javanese calendar.
Garebeg Besar coincide with the Eid al-Adha, and Garebeg Mawlid or coincide with the commemoration of the birth of Nabi Muhammad.
• Rumah Budaya
Unique, the beauty of the house, which is the basis of Javanese culture.
Joglo, Javanese house, the control the art of Javanese culture, dancer and history of the royal house of Java. Discover the various activities of Indonesian artists and foreign artists in the diplomatic relations of art and culture.
In Rumah Budaya, you can find new activity of ASIA TRI JOGJA. Asia Tri Jogja is an arts and cultural festival that is attended by approximately 10 countries that have joined on "Rumah Budaya" festival.
• Rural Creative - Traditional Education of Yogyakarta
Note: Only the student training activities
"Rural Creative" is a rural activity whose main aim is to create rustic ability to try as activities that are educational, but especially used for students or learners. "Rural Creative" is an activity of a rural tourist activities, but the tourists have to try and utilize an activity with the life of the village. We are considers these activities really interesting as the intent and purpose of the information development of rural areas.
"Rural Creative" is the development and expansion of activities derived from the "Tourism Village", but this activity is carried out by "Non - Tourism Village". Improving the quality of education they provide isn't much different at the "Tourism Village" and even has a superior value than expected.
We got a lot of useful information about adventure and our research. In addition to being a journal as well as a guide in LIVE-IN Traditional Education Series.
  • Epic travelers - Memories.
  • Rural Creative - Traditional Education of Yogyakarta.
  • Tips on activity LIVE-IN Education.
  • What it LIVE-IN Education Program ?
  • Short tour of Live-in traditional education.
  • The Structure of Live-In Education.

• Creation Janur or The art of stringing young coconut leaves
A handicraft of leaf material to train talent, diligence, neatness, ways of working and more. Get the activities and learning skills in: Rural Creative and Tourism Village in Yogyakarta. You can view the project from young coconut leaves in the "Creation Janur". Materials simple to make-rhombus, propeller, Javanese kris, walang kekek / grasshopper, flowers and other creations that can be obtained in the Rural Creative.
"The art of stringing young coconut leaves" is one of a touch on the program Live-in traditional education, so that the touch of the hands of students can be creative as much as possible. Another meaning of "The art of stringing young coconut leaves" is an syimbol of bond with a work, so it becomes a souvenir. Although based on a single leaf or leaves of young coconut, if studied further, coconut leaves have many traditional games that can be used for children's games.
In Java, "Creation Janur" has different meanings depending on the form created in the traditional games of Java, Java ceremonies or other activities. If fully studied, "Creations Janur" have meaning about 20 kinds of meaning, while "Kreasi" and "Janur" is a term the Java language in a series of things that are made from materials "Janur" or young coconut leaves.
• LIVE-IN Traditional Education Activities
Note: Only the student training activities
LIVE-IN is friendly activities, following the family activity and citizens together a new family in Yogyakarta. Activities, learn to live with peoples and have fun to get a life and a wonderful experience with new family. While the main goal is to follow the activities of the family and learn from the things that most small for students to learn from life in the countryside, especially in the new family students live. LIVE-IN also called "Outdoor Living, Living in ...", You probably interpret differently?
• Visit on Business
In Yogyakarta, there are about 15,000 micro-enterprises that can be learned and as a vehicle for education in business, and micro-enterprises into "Business Tourism" that may have you get through the "Visit on Business".
"Visit on Business" we can choose how the level of reliability and survey to pioneer the field of business. In addition to it being one of the challenges for the study start and learn from small things.
"Visit on Business" is a means of education and sharing experiences about the businesses that have been successful in their fields. "Visit on Business", we can look for a lot of things around the business, handling, real insights visits, practice until complete business management.
• Epic Discovery
Different activities in the adventure. We found many things in this activity, but some of these activities don't become a goal in the journal on this site. On the other about the activities, we will also give us a bit of adventure.
Epic is one phrase that difficult to explain in words. But usually used to express admiration. In this collection is part of a short tour, and album photo collection. We will collect Epic Discovery based on the description of adventures over the years.
• University and the Academy in Yogyakarta
List the name of the University and the Academy in Yogyakarta. One of the favorite choices for study. Discover the best variety of majors offered at the University in Yogyakarta.
Yogyakarta State University is one of the best Universities in Yogyakarta. We'll get a superior education: the faculty of language and arts, faculty of education sciences, faculty of mathematics, business developers, natural science, social faculty, engineering, sports, computers, office - management, economics and so on.
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