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Monday, December 02, 2013

Gudeg Jogja

Besides the city of Yogyakarta is famous for School education, Yogyakarta is also famous as a city Gudeg. Gudeg is a typical food of Yogyakarta which easily found along major roads in Yogyakarta.

Gudeg is a food made from Gori fruit or Nangka fruit that is still young, with a mixture of coconut milk. In Yogyakarta itself so many kinds gudeg food and can be made according to taste like: panil gudeg or gudeg with thick coconut milk, gudeg red, gudeg coconut milk plain, gudeg spice curry, spicy gudeg, etc. Gori fruit also as additional sour vegetable.
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Jackfruit tree section
Jackfruit tree section
How to cook of Gudeg?
Cooking of Gudeg pretty easy, peel the fruit first outer section, then can be small minced or chopped large. In order not to hard, the Gori fruit should steamed until tender. How to cook can give coconut milk and can also be the method of cooking with herbs opor. If you want Gudeg dry food as sold in the region of Yogyakarta, the water can be reduced coconut milk. To create the distinctive flavor can be made sweet or salty flavors that suit your taste.
In order for this different food flavors, this dish can be added to the beef into small pieces to add aroma and flavor of these vegetables. If you like spicy taste with chili can be added in the cooking. Add chili or can be fried at the time of presented at the dinner table.
Gudeg dried vegetables will be more typical, gudeg vegetable when deep fried. Savory coconut flavor that will be increasingly felt on the tongue. It's gudeg fried vegetables will look brown and slightly sticky. As souvenirs of typical Jogja food gudeg you can obtain these foods with a special presents or Canned which have been circulating in the city of Yogyakarta.

Jackfruit tree section
Further recognize this tree, so that we can recognize this fruit. You can see the science of plants, or according to the science of Java. Most of the Javanese society, jackfruit trees have a lot of names in each section. Let's look at the names of the parts of this tree:
This tree is called a Jackfruit tree, leaves called is Ramban, flowers called Angkup, small fruit called Babal, young fruit called Gori, fruit that are old and mature called Jackfruit (Nangka), Small fibers called Dami, while the seeds are called Beton.
Jackfruit seeds have a high carbohydrate content, low fat and contain enough energy. This fruit when ripe will have a distinctive aroma and taste sweet. The water content in the fruit is quite a lot and can also as a drink or juice. Additionally, jackfruit seeds can for stomach medicine. But the seed is still not used in medical drugs. Perhaps of you who want to try to examine the benefits and common use of the Jackfruit seeds. Please come in our town of Yogyakarta.
Gudeg Manggar
Gudeg food isn't only young jackfruit as a food ingredient. Other materials Gudeg food is made of young Manggar called Pondoh. Pondoh are fibers of coconut trees are still young. Pondoh name is in the core part of the coconut tree. This Pondoh, can also be eaten straight away. In terms of taste really variations, depending on the type or variety of the tree.
Price "Gudeg Manggar" very expensive, because the material is hard obtained. "Gudeg Manggar" related with living tree, so as to obtain food ingredients "Gudeg Manggar" should cut down a coconut tree. Gudeg Manggar taste sweeter though with a little sugar in mixing in cooking, because the manggar material.
Food Gudeg Manggar this is rare and not easy dishes you have encountered in the shop or stall Gudeg provider typical dishes in Jogja. But chances are you can get information from a typical Gudeg stalls at the Jogja.

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