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Welcome to the FAQ us. The rest of this page gives an overview of how to use our place. Please take time to read the FAQ us, such as: Privacy Policy, Policy Terms section, and other pages will be on this page.

Details FAQ
Features for supporting sites
Section: User requirements

This section We explain how you can get to know our site. We use a recommendation with good site and more useful. Take the time to read this policy because it forms a part of the user terms for each of our places.

Section: Consent, Terms and conditions

When we say "we, us, our" it's because that's who we are and we have and run the Sites. If we say "Policy", we're talking about this privacy policy. If we say "User Terms", we're talking about the rules for using each of the place.
By using our site, you hereby consent to our privacy policy and agree to its terms. If you don't agree with this policy, we will not be offended, but please don't use our Site.

Section: Online Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies only to our online activities and is valid for visitors to our site and regarding information shared and/or collected there. This policy doesn't apply to any information collected offline or via channels other than this site.
If you need more information or have any questions about Policy and Terms, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Help Site Pages

Welcome to the Epictravelers Site Help section
Service and simple guidelines
Welcome to the "Epic travelers - HelpSite" section. Do you have any problems navigating this site? This page you can find tips and tutorials on how to use site browsing and other answers to common questions. This small item will provide some site usability guidelines or support for customers to go to when they have questions or problems. Helpsite is a simple service to help you with an enhanced support center. In this case at least explain some important things when difficulties in browsing and using the site.
HelpSite section, please choose the details below. Where do you trouble for browsing? And then the drop-down menu will display some basic explanations.
Exploring Post Reference
Welcome to the Post Reference. This section is an important part; where the authors provide their information. How interesting their article?, you can see the Author Pages. You can see the page title, date of update, and Post-snippet in Exploring Post Reference.
This page can be found on the main page "Home" on the "Exploring Post Reference", and then directed to the topic and their articles. You can also use the "Exploring Post Reference" on the menu bar left "Previous" and right "Next" at the end of the article section.
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How do I get information quickly on the site?
The contents of the topic and read a long article will probably be difficult to predict from the main goal for your information, because a lot of articles that will be discussed.
You can choose a variety of tour articles on this site. We provide two options are a short tour article in the pack in the "Basic Information" and articles long tour in the form of "Exploring Post Reference". You can visit a short tour of this article in the pack in the "Basic Information - Gate charm of Tourism Yogyakarta".
  • Basic Information will provide some important parts of this site.
  • Basic Information 1 - Places of interest.
  • Basic Information 2 - Tourism Activities, Performing arts and cultures.
  • Basic Information 3 - Traditions and Culture (Cultural old in society).
The final section, expand Basic Information, on this section will also provide recommendations on your interest in the traveling.
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How do I translate my language?
Currently, translating the language on this page isn't supported by the offline devices. If you use Google Chrome, you can use a right click on the mouse. The menu, select "Translate to English". Please to see the pop-up window on the Chrome browser in the top right corner.
Check existing conversations; Would you like to translate to page?, then select option. Choose the language customization for the page you want to translate. Click translation button to run translation ... In this case at least take a few second to complete.
• The translation tool will generally render the language randomly. The vocabulary of each author also has significant problems. So some vocabulary will be less precise in rendering language. Please visit each author if the translation isn't correct on the page.
• In generally, the translation tool will detect the language of the page. So users simply select the desired language, except mixed language on the page. You can see the source of origin on page that they release. Specify the language of their main page and then choose your country language.
• Keep in mind also uses resources, especially modem or cable signals, use of data, and data transfer rates are important uses for running translation tools.
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How do I use the Search Box?
Utilizing the help of the search box needs to be reconsidered to try to look at the Archive Sitemap. Searching for articles in the search box the possibility of helping to search quickly and accurately. It also depends on how rich the content in the provision of this site.
Use the Search Box in the top menu in Home, then type in your keywords and hit the search button. The search box will filter and predict the selected terms on your keywords.
The search box will display based on what you are looking for in the site, if in your search doesn't exist, chances are the keyword is too long or outside of the site type.
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Comments and Reply
We provide an interface that connects with other readers. You can use the grammar is easy to understand each visitor to this site, so that the commentators would have similar interests related to post, or talks about related topics. The Comments and Reply at least be able to make friends among them.
Use one of the account matching and resources to the account "sign in" for comment. Select the comment box at the end of the Post Reference or under Publiser Section. In the comment box enter a comment in the text area and then select Publish or Preview your text comments before being shown to comments area.
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Category Option
Category Option can help identify it from; What this site content has been grouped? It can help and find the kind of content and also intended to illustrate the specific details on the Post Reference.
Category Option can choose through the filter the type of article. Category options have been grouped by author, you can choose easily without using a search engine.
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Popular Post Option
Popular Post will present some interesting parts of the top trending topics of the past few days. Popular Post will provide specific data follow the data of visitors of their search. This section will refer to the article author or page types.
Select the pillar "Popular Post" section to refer to the current trending content. "Popular Post" usually located on the right or left the main widget on the site or can be found on page post.
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The Archive Sitemap Option
The Sitemap archive option is a collection of reviews and exploring we were summed up well for browsing this site. This review will include the titles, category, update, month and year.
The sitemap archive option will be presenting some discussion uploaded by the author and several menu tabs will present different titles. The "All Category" options will present the titles uploaded so far. Use the menu-bar to filter category that have been separated.
You can step with the information quickly to adventure on this site. Use sitemap Archive to see a list of titles and snippet of content.
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404 Page Not Found
404 Page Not Found, generally including a blank page (bug) or article doesn't exist. 404 pages doesn't interfere with your device in a search on this site, but 404 can be used to help improve the user experience. You can safely ignore 404 code.
Typically, these errors are caused by typos, wrong configuration, mistyped a website address and the site may have been deleted or isn't available on this website. In this page will be given some direction to get out of the response code 404.
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Utilizing the menu back to top.
A lengthy articles or a small screen smartphone will be difficult for you to get back to the point you want to return to the top of the page. You can use the "Menu BackToTop" to scroll through pages with a single tap.
This menu can be found on the right side of the Chevron-circle-ups that are placed without disturbing the viewing area on the page.
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Contact Form
You step on the part of send message. We are very glad to have you return to this section. Do you want something that important would you say? This section you can give any criticism, suggestions, ideas and feedback information. The information you provide on this form will not be used for anything other than sending an email to your friend.
In general, notes an entry in Contacts Form isn't displayed publicly. You should at least have an email address for contact form. Contact Form will work if you already have an email account from registrations. Please use source of trust to create an email account. Make sure you enter your email is still active, and legitimate use!
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The HelpSite resource section is complemented by the author and feedback from users to facilitate and complement the usability of the site. Was this HelpSite section is helps?. Find this code: to communicate with you.
Greetings friendship.
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