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The Structure of Live in Education

This is The Structure of Live in Education of the activities of Live in Yogyakarta. Commencing at 5 days 4 nights stay in the countryside. Live in Education program is still subject to change, depending on the plan and changes to the school authorities.
We recommend using the activity of structures live in with 4 days 3 nights, which are discussed in the post reference. Yea ... we'll give you an example of solid and efficient schedules in the Program Live in Traditional Education in Rural Areas, which are still in progress and improvement.
The Structure of Live in Education
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Explore: Live in activities
Live in Education Yogyakarta
Live in Education of Yogyakarta
Image: Tarakanita 4 Jakarta - West Java
This file is based on the arrival days. We recommend coming of early, so that participants live in and they can rest well in the countryside.
Note :
The table of Epic traveler: The Structure of Live in Education or part of Live in Traditional Education, we can be use in the Tourism Village in the Special Region of Yogyakarta.
Example of the table
Live in Education Yogyakarta
Day 1clarification of activities
Timestructure of activity
07:30-08.00Arriving in the countryside, Welcome to the countryside.
08:00-08.30Welcoming ceremony and the handover of the school. (Team of Education and Teacher of School).
Explanation of program and order of participants Live in Education.
Snacks and breakfast together.
08:30-09:30Placement homestay, and headed to a new family home in the countryside.
09:30-12:00Explore and learning about nature in the countryside.
12:00-14:00The lunch, worship, break in homestay.
14:00-17:00Explore the art, culture and culinary Rural area.
17:00-19:00Break, an afternoon snack, worship.
19:00-22:00Sharing experiences / Interact with family members.
22:00-05:00Night's rest.
All participants aren't allowed to move homestay other students.
Day 2clarification of activities
Timestructure of activity
05.00-06.00Wake up in the morning, clean up, worship, and sports.
08.00-08.30Enjoy the morning in the countryside and assist the work of a new family in the countryside and prepare breakfast together.
08.30-12.00Explore and study agriculture in rural areas.
(Animal husbandry, farming, gardening, etc.).
12.00-14.00Rest, eat lunch together, worship.
14.00-17.00Visit on Business (visits micro business).
15:00-16:30Sports / playing with children / youth in their respective environments.
(Volly plastic ball, ping pong, football and other traditional games).
16.30-17:00Shower, rest, afternoon snack, worship.
17.00-19.00Dinner with a new family in Yogyakarta.
19.00-22.00Reflection. (Mirror exchange stories or experiences during a stay in the countryside).
Learning of Gamelan. (Java instrument).
22.00Night's rest.
Day 3clarification of activities
Timestructure of activity
05.00-06.00Wake up, clean up, worship, and sports.
08.00-08.30Enjoy the morning in the countryside and assist the work of the new family, preparing breakfast together.
08.30-09.00Preparation of Eduwisata (Tourism education).
09.30-13.00Eduwisata (Tourism of Education).
13.00-15.00Afternoon rest, worship, fun game preparation.
15.00-18.00Fun Games (traditional games).
14.00-17.00Break, meal, afternoon snack, worship.
17.00-22.00Free day (Students are free to play.).
22.00-05.00Share the experience with a new family.
Night's rest.
Day 4clarification of activities
Timestructure of activity
05.00-06.00Wake up, clean up, worship, and sports.
08.00-08.30Enjoy the morning in the countryside and assist the work of the new family, preparing breakfast together.
08.30-12.00Social Activity: Mutual cooperation or public service facilities.
12.00-13.00Rest, eat lunch together, worship at the homestay.
01.00-17.00Exercise economic independence of prosperity.
17.00-19.00Worship, afternoon snack, dinner together.
19.00-22.00Pensi (Performing Arts, and share experiences).
22.00-05.00Night's rest.
Day 5clarification of activities
Timestructure of activity
05.00-06.00Wake up, clean up, worship, and sports.
08.00-07.30Enjoy the morning in the countryside and assist the work of the new family, preparing breakfast together.
07.30-08.30Packing and say goodbye, Towards meeting point.
08.30-09.00The event release and handover to the school. (Team of Education and Teacher of School).
09.00-...Program Finished ...
Departure to tourist attraction of Yogyakarta. (Yogyakarta City Tour)
Image Reference
Explore: Live in activities
Epic traveler: Live in Education Yogyakarta
Live in Education of Yogyakarta
Homestay participants live in will be monitored by a team of education in their respective regions or rural they live. Students can communicate or send mail anytime by them in rural areas or with social media they use. Ease in conveying the impression you during the Live-in in the countryside.
Final Credits of Guidance and cooperation.
Live in Traditional Education of Yogyakarta.
Guidance and cooperation Live in Education of Yogyakarta.
  • Supervisors: RM FX Endro Wijayanto, PR.
  • Advisors: Drs. Rushartadi (Village Head of Hargobinangun).
  • Leader Live in Education: Rudolfus Pudyas ES. (Head of Hamlet).
  • Operator Live in Education:
    • Monika Esti. (Head of Hamlet).
    • Wantoro.
    • Fransisca Wati L.
    • Widiyawati.
Control Events in Rural Areas:
  • Rudolfus Pudyas ES.
  • Monika Esti.
  • Wantoro.
  • Fransisca Wati L.
  • Widiyawati.
  • Fendi Wibowo.
  • Widaryanto.
  • Sugeng Basuki.
  • Agung Pribadi.
  • Dwi Maryanto.
  • Yunanto.
  • Aris Subagyo.
  • Hary.
  • Heru Prasetyanto.
Best friends Rural Areas.
  • M. Sigit Pratama.
  • Al. Sigit Haryanto.
  • Bernard.
  • Wintoro.
  • Heri.
  • Renova DP.
  • Barata Jati.
  • Alvin Chistianto.
Places of Interest: The village Hargobinangun, Merapi Slope of Yogyakarta.
Insights countryside: 1
  • Rural Areas:
    • Jetisan.
    • Sumberan.
Insights countryside: 2
  • Rural Areas:
    • Wonorejo.
    • Ponggol.
    • Ngetehan.
    • Dusun Sepuluh of Randu.
Public facilities of Live in Traditional Education.
Cooperation - EduWisata (Education Tourism)
  • Omah Petroek - Karang Kletak ( Rumah Budaya ).
  • Ullen Sentalu Museum.
  • Merapi Museum ( Museum Gunung Merapi or MGM Yogyakarta ).
  • St Ignatius Chapel.
  • Joglo Kampung Griya Aissa.
  • Gamelan Art - Rural creative.
Visit on Business - small and medium enterprises the rural areas.
  • Chrysanthemum Farm - Business development of plants.
  • Business making tempeh - Traditional Foods.
  • Agro Tourism - Salak fruit Farm
  • Enterprises of dairy cows and dairy processing.
  • Business making salted eggs.
  • The Creativity of PKK ( Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga ).
  • Simox craft - Handicraft of materials from wood and bamboo trees.
Licensing of Activity Live in Traditional Education:
  • Village head.
  • Village office.
  • District Office.
  • Kapolsek (chief of police sector).
  • Sleman district police of Yogyakarta.
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Dear colleagues and friends, finished today until the recent development of the Guide of the program live in at the Rural Creative Yogyakarta. Live in Traditional Education is an analysis of the activities on the slopes of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta. Epic travelers can say something on our website or social media related. Our colleagues will always respond directly from the organizer, or you can find this activity in the Tourism Village in Yogyakarta. Both are the best choice the Epic travelers in the world of Education Tourism, and Living Yogyakarta.
End ...
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
Copyright 2016


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