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About Section

Welcomes you
Dear colleagues and friends,
Welcome to the site "Epictravelers - Your Happiness"
Epictravelers is proudly based in Artchipelago Indonesia. We provide information that is still in the perfection of what to see and do and all Epictravelers information that needs to be fixed and equiped.
"YourHappiness" or "Epictravelers - Your Happiness" published Wednesday, January 2, 2013. However, our work is still not far from perfect. Epictravelers is a refinement (Epictravelers 2013) both in terms of content, the public discourse, collaboration of activities, cooperation your activity, design site, and the Public Information.
Mission Epictravelers - Your Happiness is creating a journal to introduce the activities of our friends only. But our work is far from over. We believe that there is still much to improve and we welcome your ideas or feedback. But we pay serious attention to your support and criticism of this site.
We are very pleased and believe that at least will get something in your journey later.
Epictravelers is one site that prioritizes the activity in a series of values "Epic Pictures" and "Epic Trip - Special", the next part is the tourists in the form of information in the trip and a file "Coretan Sahabat Sejatie". The mean is the moment, the written record, and do fun things alone.
Originally Epictravelers is taking Epic Pictures value, as follows:
  • Epictravelers - Your Happiness.
  • Epictravelers - Life is a Your Happiness.
  • Epictravelers - Your happiness on epic trip, and tourism heaven.
Then a series of these values as a rhythm a sense the peace of mind, step foot travel, tourist paradise as the appreciate the world that the only thing we have.
In touch on our trip, we keep a journal on the Post Reference, that discuss: Events, People, Art, Culture, also find places of interest and so on. On the other hand, we also discussed the Traditional Game, information about the short tour: tourist attractions, adventure, rural activities and "Visits on Business" in Yogyakarta. If you just want to read or look for information on activity or our article - are welcome. We also want you to be part of the content or our commentators.
Our activities so far
Our best friends activity related to site content:
  • Rural Creative Yogyakarta.
  • Survey "Live-in Traditional Education in the Rural Area".
  • Merapi Museum activity.
  • Micro of Visit on Business.
  • Explorer the Rumah Budaya (Rumah Culture).
  • EduWisata Activities (Educational Tourism Activities).
  • Tourist attraction the Merapi Slopes.
  • Explorer the Sahabat Jeep Merapi Adventure.
  • The Footprint of Gunung Kidul Beach.
  • Art and Culture Rural Area.
  • Explorer the Natural Beauty - Hidden Miracles of the Natural World.
About Me
About Epictravelers
Your Happiness 2013
About Traveling
I love to traveling. The traveling will bring themselves increasingly live and appreciate the world that the only thing we have. Our world will be more colorful with the trip and at least can be done in some small way. We can find a lot of thing that we think aren't familiar, we can learn about: enjoying the time together, have new friends, share experiences, have fun, plan to make notes, missions, collecting photo albums, tasks, work, place to place, wonderfood, discover of culture, meet of different people, their smiles, their laughter, the discovery that you will find something new, and much more. Surely you will find billions of answers out there. It is easier, because it will make us a positive atmosphere and energetic.
We believe that the journey should not be difficult, but it should be something that everyone should do at least be able to meet them (making footprints with adventure). It is one of the missions that our journey isn't just an ordinary journey that brought a friend into an adventure, but here we will create togetherness and learn a lot about the travel. This may be a big choice you like the explorer Marco Polo today.
Your friend may want to feel part of the adventure when viewing your adventures on the site or the internet. When they tried to find a situation and a very special location. Your adventure will give them the opportunity to explore locations, and feel the places that have never been seen before or not even visible to others. Your world is the most wonderful and amazing that you can capture and share the joy.
Traveling is the real thing and very real, that treveling makes life colorful, full of adventure, full of romance, full of challenges, full of meaning and truly alive! Discover your new houses out there, both in terms of class, classic value, paid or free homestays with new friends of your introduction.
We believe that whatever you do with the fun and attracted the attention that you find with the people around you, you definitely will not leave the world of travel. Thus making your trip is never finished. Have fun with your traveling. Discover impression and a radiant face beside you, the world will always share about the beauty for you. Good greetings to your beloved City.
About Site
This site is still in improving information. We welcome your ideas or feedback.
• Language and Translation
Our Translation Community has checked this translation: Bahasa Indonesia - English. You can also help us improve the quality of the Epictravelers site translation.
• Site Details
  • Main page: EPICTRAVELERS
  • Description: -
  • Content Section: Epictravelers - Life is a Your Happiness.
  • Category: site tourism, society and culture.
Look around and have fun on this site and then don't forget to join Google+ Circles. Any shortcomings or our record in developing this site was the grace. Hopefully our information useful.
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The Epictravelers site has so far been built as well as possible. You can report a bug error especially broken links, inappropriate display area, menu buttons or other page resources.
Support Activity:
• Rumah Budaya Yogyakarta • Bangun Desa Perusahaan • Berkah Dalem Farm Company • JogjaOnline Community • Rural Creative "Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu!" • Love Tourism VillageActivity Yogyakarta • Komunitas Jelajah
Regards Epictravelers - Life is a Your Happiness
The moment and share of Coretan Sahabat Sejatie
Selamat Berwisata - Assalamualaikum - Peace be upon you.
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