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Get more the Basic Information Tourism of Yogyakarta - Indonesia. Basic Information Tourism is a short tour the exploring tourism paradise. This summary is part of a brief insight or guide to tourist travel.

Yogyakarta Tourism

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The final section, expand The Basic of Tourism Information. This section will also provide recommendations on the interest of travelers in traveling. Enjoy your Epic world, the great travel to explore.

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Basic Information Tourism
The Tourism of Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one part of the local culture of multiculturalism, one of which is the cultural values embodied crystallization in diversity, culture, religion, and traditions of life in society.

Yogyakarta city is also a meeting of the systemic interaction of religious culture, national culture, ethnic culture, local culture, and global culture are related to one another and dynamic towards the advancement of human civilization. In which both age era between the demands of old traditional education and modern education always lasts to this day. Yogyakarta is a cultural tourism and ethnic from various regions in Indonesia. Places of school, and unique place full of warmth.

Enjoy the freedom to travelers with stylish combination of old and modern cultures, stress and the hectic pace of modern life has made a place of tranquility and relaxed much sought after by travelers who yearn for peace and a sense of well-being.

You can feel the cool air of the countryside, the green of the plants, cycling tours, villages tourism activity, a popular mountain resort, Jeep Adventure, the beauty of white sand the beach, the beauty of the stone age and much more. It is never enough to explore Yogyakarta in a short time, while there are so many beautiful places of interest and so many exciting activities you can do.

Enjoy your Epic world wherever you are. The great travel to explore.

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Backpacker & Tourism
Gerbang Pesona Pariwisata

The Basic Information Gate Charm of Tourism Yogyakarta Indonesia. Surely travelers want to know some information about a short tour in Jogja or Yogyakarta? These are just a few guides and Basic Information for travelers in Yogyakarta - Indonesia. List of basic information epic, travelers can get information as easy as possible for your trip in Yogyakarta city.

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Destination of Yogyakarta

"Destination of Yogyakarta" will present a magnificent stage of tourism. Discover visual journey glowing faces beside you. Your journey will certainly bring its own happiness, with the quotation marks "Traces of Epic a magnificent journey for you".

Travelers wishing to travel independently to explore and guide to what is in Yogyakarta. Travelers backpacker not complete with tour menu.

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The exotic from connection The World of Arts and Culture

Rumah Budaya Indonesia is unique house a perfect blend of traditional Javanese architecture, and Javanese Traditional as part of Cultural Heritage Tourism. Rumah Budaya is one of the cultural values embodied crystallization in the diversity, culture, religion, culture of National Geographic, tradition alive in society and globalization as identification, identity, the recognition, preservation, and strengthening the nation's cultural identity.

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List Epic Hotel

As a complement to travelers to relax with tranquility and leisure comfort of sleep, is incomplete if it doesn't stay at a hotel in Yogyakarta, providing 24-hours. Travelers can pamper the leisure of Yogyakarta resort hotels. Friendly service and luxurious room service with typical Yogyakarta hotel class. Tourists can specify hotel prices, strategic place, epic buildings, stars, hotel logos, new rooms, best locations, beauty of the park, high service quality, and a list of fine restaurants.

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Information & Public Services

Public information service aims to make it easier to find important information about Yogyakarta. If there is any change of information, We will try to provide more information and improvements. Hopefully useful for your public service.

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