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Hello world of travel

Welcome to your happiness

Discover the many ways small trips, where we will know a lot of the world was fantastic, amazing, esotik, color of life and very beautiful world. Everything is very impressive for us to run with a lot of experience and adventure. Come to see them is an a drops of impression, because they considered us relatives who visit or are playing.


It will be a cure miss a trip. I love to travel, that some people will love traveling. Many of them hope that this journey full of stories and life more meaningful.


Determining the direction of the compass is a choice. Determine the places of interest from tourist destinations, since this determines your trip more beautiful.


Photo is a real impression, unique, creative, attractive to make the trip more beautiful and complete. Share when you smiling with them.


Discover the journey that is full of charm and lots of inspiration. Meet people who smiling at you and we can dialogue anywhere.

About the site

The trip seems to describe people or simply indulge in a hobby of togetherness. We could see the friendliness of the people who may be a magnetic attraction.


Choose a place that attracted the most attention and be the purpose of analysis.


Fixing reviews that have been prepared, filling journals and seeking information from many people.


Creating an atmosphere of a harmonious and kinship, writing and enrich the information of the people.


Journal finished! Furthermore, the completion of a review by adding exploration.


Review based on the experience will be more interesting, because it describes a travel of writer.


No need to think long, the work with the hard work is the best work and is very good among the good.

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We adventurous make travel photos and share moments special occasions. Promoting the bonds of friendship with many friends and so on. Their happiness seemed to encourage the spirit of adventure, and make this trip is never finished.

Welcome Post Reference

Epic Discovery

Epic is one phrase that difficult to explain in words. But usually used to express admiration for so...

Author : . Bookmark : Epic Discovery. Updated at : 2016-06-21T21:26:00+07:00 submitted under related posts.


Do you like traveling?

I love to traveling. The traveling will bring themselves increasingly live and appreciate the world that the only thing we have. Our world will be more colorful with the trip and at least can be done in some small way. We can find a lot of thing that we think are not familiar, we can learn about : enjoying the time together, have new friends, share experiences, collecting photo albums and so forth.

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What's in Yogyakarta?

Dear colleagues and friends, we are pleased with your special travel full of serenity, you can see reviews of tourism, people, art and culture. We also provide the ease with some brief information about : Tourist attractions, adventures, activities and visits on Business Yogyakarta. "Greetings to explore".

Basic Information

Want to know a lot of information about short tour and performances in Jogja or Yogyakarta? This is just a hint for you, if you come in Yogyakarta. Information short tour will give an idea about the place being a tourist destination. Welcome to the "Gate charm of Tourism Yogyakarta".

Destination of Yogyakarta

Hello dear colleagues. Where the trail-traveling you now? The ride was never enough to explore Yogyakarta in a short time, while there are so many beautiful places of interest and so many exciting activities you can do. You may want to know or just want to find information about : What's in Yogyakarta?

Information and Public Services

Public information service aims to make it easier to find important information about Yogyakarta and find other important information. Your trip information : Department of Culture and Tourism Yogyakarta, Immigration, Money Changer, Complaints Public Services and many more.

Booking the luxury star hotels

You can feel the same warm of hospitality, relax with peace and comfort in pampering beauty-sleep with cultural atmosphere. It is a cultural city, which increase the variety of cultures and traditions. Standard international hotel and restaurant is already available in most areas in Yogyakarta.

University and the Academy of Yogyakarta

List the name of the University and the Academy in Yogyakarta. One of the favorite or choices for study. Discover the variety of majors offered at the high school in Yogyakarta.

Hunting Gudeg Jogja - Traditional food

When we vacation to Yogyakarta, do not forget to taste traditional dishes Yogyakarta. traditional food has become the image of Yogyakarta, which is still maintained today.

Play Games Traditional

Research on traditional game Yogyakarta. Although it looks simple and easy yet contains elements better, among other things : to educate, fostering the intelligence, riddle or guess, debriefing, test your nerve, ingenuity and others.

Rural Creative - Traditional Nuance

Let's go to the "Happiness of Your Nature - Rural Creative connecting activity Traditional Education" to add insight, information or your travel activities. You can find information, rural development, performance, quality of rural economic development.

LIVE-IN Activity In Yogyakarta - Traditional Education

LIVE-IN is to learn to live with joint activity by following a new family and live with a new family in the countryside. While the main goal is to follow the activities of the family and learn from the things that most small for students to learn from life in the countryside, especially in the new family students live.


Sitemaps is a collection of reviews and cruise we were summed up well for browsing this site. This review will be separated according to category, date, month and year. You can step with the information quickly to adventure on this site.

Moment good friends

This is a roaming friend of Yogyakarta and part of the Indonesian archipelago. One of the lovers of the growth of tourism, the arts and loved cultural heritage. Everything is an inspiration for adventure.

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Your Happines on epic trip and tourism heaven

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Message and Impression

What they saying?

I like epictravelers! This is serious. I always read this site in my translation to add insight and joy.

- Aris Dieja Pratama -

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

- Wantoro Jia Halden -

I like them to take appropriate action. My curiosity is needed to add to the experience.

- Heru Surya Dinata -

I started my journey on this day in different places. I feel different and confident through some tips and quotes here.

- Suparman Mura Takawa -

Primary tag line

Regency of Yogyakarta

Bantul Regency

Bantul Regency, is a district in Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia. The capital city is Bantul. Administratively Bantul Regency is located on the south side of the city of Yogyakarta. Bantul is a lowland part of the fertile land and grow crops. Beauty of the sea is the famous Parangtritis. Department of Culture and Tourism of Yogyakarta, the nearest is Department of Tourism - Sleman Regency. Jl. Malioboro No.56, Danurejan, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.

Gunung Kidul Regency

Gunung Kidul Regency, is a district in the province of Yogyakarta - Indonesia. The capital city is Wonosari. Gunung Kidul Regency, is the largest area in Yogyakarta. Most of the district of hills and mountains of limestone, which is part of Pegunungan Sewu). Department of Culture and Tourism of Yogyakarta, the nearest is Department of culture and Tourism - Gunungkidul Regency. Jl. Brigjen Katamso 10 Wonosari Gunungkidul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.

Kulonprogo Regency

Kulon Progo Regency, is a district in Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia. The capital city is Wates. The western part is a region of mountains (Hill of Menoreh). The northern part is not far from Temple Borobudor and the southern part is a row of attractive beaches. Department of Culture and Tourism of Yogyakarta, the nearest is Department of Culture and Tourism - Sleman Regency. Jl. KRT. Pringgodiningrat, No. 13, Beran, Tridadi, district. Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Sleman Regency

Sleman District, is a district in the province of Yogyakarta - Indonesia. The capital city is Sleman. Administratively University High is the most numerous of Sleman District. While the northern part is an attractive tourist peak of Mount Merapi. Department of Culture and Tourism of Yogyakarta, the nearest is Department of Culture and Tourism - Sleman Regency. Jl. KRT. Pringgodiningrat, No. 13, Beran, Tridadi, district. Sleman, Yogyakarta.


What they have written

Below is the author of the post reference on this site. Information sharing and happiness for you in the journey. Criticism, suggestions and input the information into a beautiful thing to enhance the site. Greetings to explore.

Didik Haryadi Junawan - Sahabat epictravelers

Didik Haryadi Junawan

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Nata Wiharjo Diharja

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welcome to Yogyakarta

Welcome you. Yogyakarta is a cultural and ethnic travel from various regions in Indonesia. School place, a unique place full of warmth. Get more the adventures and experiences.

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Enjoy your travel experience in Yogyakarta, a city of traditional activities, diverse cultures, unique places, stories, friendliness, natural beauty, a combination of old and modern culture, is also a place of education. You can run everything here, look around and a have fun on this site.

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