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Welcomes you the Basic Information - Part 1, 2, 3. Want to know a lot of information about short tour and performances in Jogja or Yogyakarta? This is just a hint for you, if you come in Yogyakarta. Information short tour will give an idea about the place being a tourist destination. Welcome to the "Gate charm of Tourism Yogyakarta".

Hello dear colleagues. Where the trail-traveling you now? The ride was never enough to explore Yogyakarta in a short time, while there are so many beautiful places of interest and so many exciting activities you can do.
You may want to know or just want to find information about : What's in Yogyakarta?

Public information service aims to make it easier to find important information about Yogyakarta and find other important information. Your trip information : Department of Culture and Tourism Yogyakarta, Immigration, Money Changer, Complaints Public Services and many more.

You can feel the same warm of hospitality, relax with peace and comfort in pampering beauty-sleep with cultural atmosphere. It is a cultural city, which increase the variety of cultures and traditions. Standard international hotel and restaurant is already available in most areas in Yogyakarta.