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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Destination of Yogyakarta

Hello Friends. Where the trail you now? I am always happy to meet you on this site, friendship greetings wherever you are. You may want to know or just want to find information about : What's in Yogyakarta?
A few days ago, We have sent a some important of information relating to Yogyakarta. For cruising and further introduction of what is in Yogyakarta. Below we provide also some important categories of Tourism in Yogyakarta.

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Destination of Yogyakarta
Destination of Yogyakarta
Before reading further, shortage of address data cann't be given in detail. But we don't make sure this review will be completed. This information is a discussion of colleagues "best friends of jogja" which has been surfing in various place of destination in Yogyakarta.
Enjoy your travel experience in Yogyakarta, a city of traditional activities, diverse cultures, unique places, taste traditional dishes, stories, friendliness, natural beauty, a combination of old and modern culture, is also a place of education. You can run everything here.
Destination of Yogyakarta :
Tourism Village
A. Sleman
  1. Desa Wisata Bokesan.
  2. Desa Wisata Brajan.
  3. Desa Wisata Brayut.
  4. Desa Wisata Dukuh.
  5. Desa Wisata Gamblong.
  6. Desa Wisata Gabugan.
  7. Desa Wisata Garongan.
  8. Desa Wisata Grogol.
  9. Desa Wisata Kelor.
  10. Desa Wisata Ketingan.
  11. Desa Wisata Malangan.
  12. Desa Wisata Pajangan.
  13. Desa Wisata Penting Sari.
  14. Desa Wisata Petung.
  15. Desa Wisata Pulesari.
  16. Desa Wisata Pundong.
  17. Desa Wisata Sambi.
  18. Desa Wisata Sangu Banyu.
  19. Desa Wisata Srowolan.
  20. Desa Wisata Tanjung.
  21. Desa Wisata Turgo.
  22. Desa Wisata Trumpon.
B. Wonosari - Gunung Kidul
  1. Desa Wisata Bejiharjo.
  2. Desa Wisata Bobung.
  3. Desa Wisata Mojo.
  4. Desa Wisata Wonosadi.
C. Bantul
  1. Desa Wisata Kasongan.
  2. Desa Wisata Kebon Agung.
  3. Desa Wisata Krebet.
  4. Desa Wisata Panjangrejo.
  5. Desa Wisata Tembi.
  1. Ngayogyakarta Palace.
  2. Pakualaman Palace.
  1. Borobudur temple - Magelang (Central Java).
  2. Gebang temple.
  3. Ijo temple.
  4. Kalasan temple.
  5. Kimpulan temple.
  6. Mendut temple.
  7. Pawon temple - Magelang.
  8. Plaosan temple.
  9. Plataran temple.
  10. Prambanan temple.
  11. Ratu Boko temple.
  12. Sambi Sari temple.
  13. Sari temple.
  14. Sewu temple.

Museum and Monuments
The new concept - Tourism Education.
  1. Afandi Museum.
  2. Batik Museum.
  3. Benteng Vredeburg Museum.
  4. Jogja Kembali Monuments.
  5. Merapi Museum
  6. Sonobudoyo Museum.
  7. Penerbangan Adisucipto Monuments.
  8. Ullen Sentalu Museum
  9. Tentara Pelajar Monuments.
Beaches Tourism
  1. Baron beach.
  2. Congot beach.
  3. Depok beach.
  4. Drini beach.
  5. Glagah beach.
  6. Kesirat beach.
  7. Krakal beach.
  8. Kukup beach.
  9. Ngrenehan beach.
  10. Ngobaran beach.
  11. Ngongap beach.
  12. Pandasimo beach.
  13. Parang Endog beach.
  14. Parang Kusumo beach.
  15. Parangtritis beach.
  16. Sadeng beach.
  17. Samas beach.
  18. Sepanjang beach.
  19. Siung beach.
  20. Sundak beach.
  21. Pok Tunggal beach.
  22. Pulang Sawal or Indrayanti beach.
  23. Trisik beach.
  24. Wediombo beach.
The Zoo
  • Gembira Loka.
Natural Tourism
  1. Bebeng.
  2. Deles - Klaten.
  3. Gunung Apipurba.
  4. Japan cave.
  5. Kaliadem.
  6. Kaliurang.
  7. Kali Kuning.
  8. Plunyon.
  9. Puncak Suralaya.
  10. Turgo Hill.
  11. Watu Ploso.
Agro Tourism
  1. Kusumo Wanadri (Dragon/Naga fruit).
  2. Salsabila Farm (Dragon/Naga fruit).
  3. Turi of Sleman (Salak fruit).
Educational Tours
  • Gedung Oval Taman Pintar.
Shopping and Culinary
  1. Gabusan - (art market).
  2. Kaliurang - (jadah tempeh).
  3. Kasongan - (pottery).
  4. Kota Gede - (silver).
  5. Malioboro - (clothes, electronics, culinary, antiques, etc).
  6. Pasar Bringharjo - (batik and clothes).
  7. Pasar Klitikan - (secondhand collection).
  8. Pasar Ngasem - (ornamental bird market).
  9. Patuk - (food bakpia).
This trip on Sahabat Epictravelers isn't everything can be discussed through this website, and things are forgotten, so it tends to all sites here aren't exhaustive.
Hopefully useful and your trip really fun. Salam Berwisata!

Dear colleagues and friends, currently you are with us. We are glad you are part of the travel lovers. You can enjoy an epic coffee while enjoying a beautiful profile and sharing it on your phone. Enjoy the beauty of your trip, and convey our regards for to your beloved city. Greetings to explore, As-salamu'alaikum - Peace be upon you.

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Author: Sahabat Epictravelers Group, We believe that there is still much to improve and we welcome your ideas or feedback.
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