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Rural Creative Traditional Nuance

Welcome to the Rural Creative Traditional of Yogyakarta. Discover adventure with a variety of information for travel lovers. What is different from today's adventures? Let's go to the "Rural Creative Traditional" the connect activity Traditional Education to add insight, information and your travel activities.
It's easier, because it will make us a positive atmosphere, confidence and a lot of knowledge. We believe that education in "Rural Creative" should not be difficult, but it should be something that everyone should do at least once in life.
If we see this activity isn't easy, but for those who have been doing this activity. They are many who want to know more about this activity.

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Journal Analysis
Adventure title
Rural Creative Traditional Nuance
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The part of Traditional Education Yogyakarta
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Adventure by YourHappiness
Mirror activity
Live in Traditional Education Yogyakarta
2014 - 2015. (Update November 2017)
Educational activities
6 villages, 6 Activities of School from West Java. (Update November 2017. 5 villages, 11 Activities of School from West Java)
4 days 3 nights.
Rural Creative of Sleman Yogyakarta, Slopes Mt. Merapi of Yogyakarta
Activity reference
Discourse of activities; Epictravelers Memories
Adventure in the Rural Creative
Some time ago we reviewed the activities of the rural areas with the gave the title of "Rural Creative" of Yogyakarta, a part of the traditional nuances and educative. "Rural Creative" is a rural activity whose main aim is to utilize rustic ability to try as activities that are educational. But especially used for students or school students, and especially the development of community activities in the village itself. This goal is a remote rural area as an educational vehicle "Outdoor Education" that focuses on embracing rural community togetherness towards school students. About this may be an not easy thing to build activities and forms of content of its activities.
"Rural Creative" is one of the rural tourism activities, but tourists should try and really take advantage of an activity with village life. Sahabat-Epictravelers considers these activities really interesting as the intent and purpose of the development of information, development of performance, the quality of economic development of rural areas and so on. So that in our journey in "Rural Creative" and following the development of rural activity is really amazing.
Epic travelers - Rural Creative Traditional Nuance
Image Reference: The best activity I was in the city of Yogyakarta
The short description
We call it "Rural Creative" that they have a meaning that is more useful in traditional educational activities locally. "Rural Creative" is the incorporation of several rural areas. This activity becomes a tool or means of self-learning and education for students, especially rural development for those who like this activity.
"Rural Creative" is the development, and expansion of activities derived from the "Tourism Village", but this activity is carried out by "Non - Tourism Village". Improving the quality of education they provide isn't much different and even has a superior value than expected.
"Rural Creative" is a rural development that can't stand alone in carrying out this activities. All activities are done only on a portion of the existing rural area. So this activity mixes up about from some villages or different rural areas, facilities, community cooperation, contribution of food, place of visit on business, transportation, tourism place, and property a presented to tourists. This Rural Activities into multiple points into the countryside for their activity, or public services for participants of education in rural areas. You can see this activity 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 rural areas become "Rural Creative" tourist activities. They provide facilities for live in about 100 heads of families, about 20 educational activities, around 20 skills, providing about 100 homestay, receives about 250 students. Students will be in different places, and far from where they gather from their entourage. But it also depends on the area they are visiting about; forms of development as well as facilities for existing activities in the rural areas.

How about the facilities at "Rural Creative"?
Chapter Introduction
Facilities of "Rural Creative" is a merger of the activities of rural areas most important to "Rural Creative Traditional Nuance". They provide the creativity in the form of rural development, development of educational facilities, rural economic development and facility or public property that already exists. Activities on Rural Creative Traditional we can find many things, such as: activities of rural residents, Creative industry, Creative activities, learning the dances that exist in the local society, learning traditional music, making the traditional food, traditional medicine (Jamu), small business local area, processing of production materials, the rural business sector, etc.
Another goal of "Rural Creative" is the activities of rural communities to improve the welfare of rural communities. In addition the aim is to create togetherness in rural areas. All are enhanced by way of mutual cooperation (Gotong Royong) to reach that direction and purpose.
Creative activities
"Creative activities" is the activities of people which is taking of the important values that can be used for traditional educational facilities in rural areas. Rural Creative activities is one of rural environment income, the based on the development of community empowerment in rural areas. All activities or the creation of this rural area will be summarized as an arena of traditional education interest. And another destination is a fun activity for tourism activities in rural areas.
While "Traditional Education" is the educational structure in the adventure or the students they get from "Rural Creative" activity. They or the student will get "The Real Activities" in rural areas. So that the many wonderful places of interest and so many exciting activities you can do.
Nuansa Tradisional
The rustic atmosphere will certainly create a distinctive environment. Tranquility and welfare to become a vehicle of education may be a different experience for those who live in the city. And from what is the goal of the rural area is to provide space for them to exchange experiences and learn about life in rural areas.
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