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Indrayanti Beach

Indrayanti Beach

The background experience of travelers stepped and stand with the beautiful feel of paradise beach. Indrayanti is one of the beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Indrayanti beach, wind speed ranged between 2 - 4m / sec with an average wave height of 2 - 4 meters. New nuances by completing your journey to explore the orange paradise. Where is this place? This beach is located to the east of coast Sundak about 5 km.
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What is interesting on this beach?
Indrayanti Beach is better known and closer to the society with the name "Pulang Sawal beach". However, in general this beach is better known as Indrayanti.
Epic travelers - Indrayanti Beach
Image Reference: Exploring Tourism Paradise.
According to the story, the name "PulangSawal" has a very important meaning in it. Some time ago, according to the story ; "There was a fisherman who went to sea for fishing which disappear in a long time. The return of the fishermen in the month of Sawal or Syawal month of calendar Java". Thus, the name of this beach is named "PulangSawal beach" which means "Go back month of Sawal". In detail this story, we also didn't find the story continuation of local residents.
Change of name the beach isn't hot news in the community. But the name "PulangSawal beaches" always told by local people for guests or visitors as the story of the history of their beaches.
Indrayanti very popular name around 2005 that circulate in the community. Indrayanti is a business name or store that provides Jetsky located around the coast which still exist today. Some time ago, procurement JetSky machine as a means of introduction to the beach and the first thing that has never existed in the entire beach in Gunung Kidul of Yogyakarta. Another goal is Jetsky Indrayanti procurement as a means of improvement for visitors and users for JetSky lovers.
Indrayanti Beach is a beach that always maintain the quality of the environment clean. Along the beach there is a relaxing umbrella for visitors to enjoy the beach atmosphere with beautiful sand. The price level is low enough to use relaxation, relaxed and lie down comfortably see the beach. Next to the beach there is also a mat to sit supplied by coastal managers with the atmosphere of trees and green leaves on it.
For further survey, we can go to the observation post or (Gardu Pandang) to see the beauty of the beach Indrayanti from above. If we want to use any observation post only allowed with the permission of the owner or the local guards. In the west there is a mound or hill hardened soil named "Batu Gilang Hill" for a means to relax and take photos.
Indrayanti beach is still managed by the group to provide services and also the convenience of the visitors. Other services at this beach, if we don't bring personal camera. We can use the services of a special fotografer on this beach with digital storage media, or if you want to take pictures with friends or family, you can also use this service as the memories at home.
From the position of Pulang-Sawal Beach or Indrayanti Beach, a friends may find the next beaches. Travelers can see the west side like the picture.
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  2. Sadranan Beach
  3. Krakal Beach
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
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