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Rural Creative Development Assets

Do travelers still remember about Rural Creative adventure? Travelers is certainly a lot of stories and experiences about the creativity of the beautiful local people; Starting from adventure, vehicle for students' education, product making and recognize the manufacture of the product or even the manufacture of the original craft.
This time; Epictravelers will give you a tour of Rural Creative plan in the local area. This plan is based on some research in the region only. But every development of Rural Creative and forum to pioneer Village Tourism in the countryside is highly varied in improving their area progress.
Epic travelers - Rural Creative Development Assets
Image Reference: The best student from Jakarta - Tourist visits in the countryside.
Mirror photo - SMP Regina Pacis Jakarta (Live in rural area Yogyakarta).
Type of article
Journal Analysis.
Adventure title
Rural Creative - Traditional Nuance.
Mirror activity
The part of Traditional Rural Creative Insights, Village Tourist Visits, Living Rural Area, and Epic Traditional Education Yogyakarta.
Activity Type
Collaboration of Education and Culture.
Only the student training activities.
Research activities
Adventure by Sahabat YourHappiness.
Contribution of the post
D Hary Junawan.
Forms of writing
Journals that aren't perfected.
2014 - 2018.
Project Location
Rural Creative of Sleman Yogyakarta, Slopes Mt Merapi of Yogyakarta.
In generaly the Plans form activities for visitors / tourist is the brilliant idea of some people only. They can form a team of about 1 - 5 people (Small Team) as the beginning of the program and plan. If they reach the stage of development of good activity, they can reach 10 to 15 people (Solid Team). And with the decline in tourist visits, the team also experienced fluctuations in performance. From some Sahabat-Epic experiences, this formation may also be under unfavorable pressure from the surrounding environment. But take the good side of it or ignore the problems that appear in the society. If you are successful the team will be able to make an important contribution to the society, they will surely moved and give even response positive support to you. Perhaps this is the usual problem we encountered in the development of Rural Creative or forum to pioneer Tourism Village or your best plan.
Read also in Exploring the Post Reference: (Rural Creative Traditional Nuance) opens in new window.
Plans form activities for visitors / tourist
Some of the reviews on this page are just examples of our tip. Good luck. The first is start an activity. Make your small team!
You can develop some Systems and Guidelines on slide presentations. In addition our goal isn't to advise your village for the popularity of the Name of Tourism Village, but the quality of activities for tourists / visitors on the program of Rural Creative area.
How to start an activity?
Your group has a mixture of roots or small teams in the learning period, for example:
  1. "Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu!" - Epictravelers Pedesaan (Name Team 1).
  2. "Program name"- Team 2 - (Representative).
  3. "Program name" - Team 3 - (Representative).
  4. "Program name" - Team 4 - (Representative).
If you already qualify, combine the whole team. You can do the activity with the amount according to your ability. Create one name, for example: "Usaha Mandiri Pedesaan - Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu!" program. The making of this team meant the formation of team names from different rural areas. But you can also form one team only. But it would be nice this to be the best choice to do in your beloved village is full.
What is the task of team building?
The team is the first character to perform the activity, for example:
  • Team building is to create a task or an activity that is thought to be absent in the community or not yet developed in the countryside.
  • Summarizes the property plan or public facilities.
  • Expand activities to create or reproduce a program.
  • Keep the team able to create jobs (Usaha Mandiri) and efforts to increase the economy to the community in the future.
What are the steps of team activity?
* Activity step: 1 - Build team performance
If you are starting a team (provocation or provocative), you can gather your friends for a discussion. Provocation in this program isn't for the purpose of causing interference, action or speech that makes someone annoyed or angry, or other violent reactions especially on purpose. BUT to explore the benefits and potential of the surrounding environment that can respond to a positive activity and full benefit for community activities or have added value (plus) to the community. The team formation can separate / distinguish between the positive and negative provocation, certainly with a good aim to improve the progress of the rural environment.
  • The first performance is you have designed and prepared various activity assets (Usaha Mandiri Pedesaan).
  • Invite and select activities with the most familiar friends, easy to talk to them (deliberation) and spirit to work together to build teams.
  • Share your mission and vision ahead of the activities.
  • Suggest one type of activity as the beginning of the activity. If a review doesn't match, choose the type of activity through filtering with your friends. Especially is a useful activity and associated with community activities later.
  • Form a small team approval.
"Usaha Mandiri Pedesaan" isn't a program / activity designed by the chairman of society or society in general. We call it a "Team Program" linked to the head of society. Such as the mixed cooperation ties, Development of land licensing, environment, property or facilities, merging society activities / programs.
Combine activities / programs in the community is the future mission by the team. But in the team's performance at least already summarizes for the asset plan to be more complete.
This team program is also called "assistant program - Chairman of Society", such as: Creating programs that don't exist in the society, serving as asset formation, collecting data as well as general assets in the society, improving rural discourse, extracting the potential of natural resources, collect rural micro enterprises, making media / video, and others.
Asset formation by a "Usaha Mandiri Pedesaan" (UM Pedesaan) Team is is the goal of a team program that has meaning as will as history in the future and is very useful in its existence, as it comprises a community profile development system and explores its natural potential.
If the effort is successful then your work will be returned back to the society, so they will develop your work for future activity to improvement in their rural areas.
* Activity step: 2 - Initial phase of activity
Initial phase of activity is the stage of work of an activity. These activities are the result of deliberation or screening of the right activities for your program towards the progress of society.
  • Creating activities according to agreements or activities that suit your friend wants together.
  • Form the activities of the smallest things to train cohesiveness and teamwork.
Start building a team of developers in building an activity plan that has not been or has been made by the team at least can be known society chairman as a supporter of program mission and vision of the activities. The goal is to check the flow or path of the program you created. If appropriate or approved, begin to be introduced in the community as a plan between the program, and the name of the formation by the team to be delivered with the right and clear mission and vision of activities. In this case; You may reconsider for information to the society. If it is not time to say to them; You can save the information back.
The Team shall endeavor to be independent and shall not directly involve the community in relation to the content of the program the team created, except on the basis of the development of land trials and through the approval of community leaders and approval of permits, especially by the community. This is to minimize some negative impacts in the society.
What is the initial step of establishing a small Team?
You can look back at the beginning of the activity at the top (The formation of the team name). You can do the activity with the amount according to your ability.
  • Form a unique team name and have meaning in it. Don't use the product / brand's famous logo or licensed. If you want your beautiful countryside experience, combine the name of your countryside.
  • Keep your team's unique name, avoid changing team name formation.
  • Create your team has a legal basis or guidance in the activities, but not binding as a driver of activity into a team.
  • Think carefully about the content of team activities to avoid negative impacts or conflicts in the society.
  • Minimize information to the society about your team's formation and plans.
  • Create activities that are considered easy to manage.
  • Carefully select the program, because the "Usaha Mandiri Pedesaan"; Mission and vision towards or related to the program and the function of progress of society in the future.
  • Make activities as attractive as possible in the team. Minimize boredom, and often upload your media through social networks (Groups or Community team environment) to always encourage the team.
  • Do your activities gradually and not force the team.
  • Being a team must understand teams that can't participate in activities.
What are your next activity plans?
  • Work image.
    Create a good working atmosphere to be a team of developers / drivers of "Usaha Mandiri Pedesaan".
  • Simplicity plan.
    Don't use activities like: formal meetings, procurement of consumption, special place, call the name of the rank and the like. You can have a dialogue in the open area and anywhere you like.
  • Meeting room.
    Don't use a system such as: Chairman and emcee, except bundles and recorders for processors or as collecting data. Because the program in the formation of this team is to create a plan or activity to add the program submitted to the Chairman of the society as a development that the team did to increase community progress in the countryside.
  • Funding.
    Try all activities not to spend a lot of money.
  • Dream.
    Look for a reasonable plan of activities, don't dream / think an activity beyond the ability of the team.
  • Friendly environment.
    Create an environment for any user and collect the types of traditional skills that are beginning to erode.
  • Bring tourists.
    If the team has plans for a Living rural area activity for school students / tourist, the team can summarize the rural property that can be used for HomeStay.
  • Driver.
    Try not to use special technicians or rent outsiders outside the area as a driver of activities in the team. Teams can learn from a variety of skills counseling.
  • Accepted.
    Design activities as best as possible to give the impression of the users / guests / tourists later and especially to your own society.
What are the environments in team building?
  • Understand the contents of activities in the team.
  • Avoid conflicts in any form of activity in the team.
  • Minimize meeting activities and as much as possible to practice even if only briefly.
  • Understand the conditions of the team during practice. If need to be interspersed with holiday to avoid fatigue.
  • Collect and keep all team ideas. Which isn't suitable when running the activities with the team and don't worry about your ideas and other time would be useful.
  • Don't indulge your disappointment from an idea or something that is considered less relevant / deviant by team activities.
  • Discuss and create activities from the smallest in the team and then adjust the ability of funds to build, if possible.
  • Avoid an aggravating activity in the team.
  • Be a good provocation of your team and to the society later (if it's time, you can provide information to the related society).
  • Enjoy the workmanship of a new time / sacrifice activity you create.
  • If you have a meeting, use dialogue like at a security post, speak freely, use good and cultured dialogue with your friends.
  • Don't inform the public of your newly created program, if your program has not met the requirements or real proof.
Sharing and introduction
Note: Rural creative area program, category: live in the village and Society Homestay.
Sharing and introduction is one of the beautiful enhancement in the team's development plan; That your plan in the community is wide open. So your program that has been accepted in the community about your real purpose, it's time to share your experience by welcoming "Welcome TravelBuss in Rural Area" by holding hands with people in your countryside.
Trying to receive guests / tourists (Welcome TravelBuss).
  • Visitors / guests is the impression to start a program that you create or prepare.
  • Give greetings to build togetherness as a good Host in the Countryside.
  • Don't fret with the shortcomings in running the program, visitors always understand the shortcomings, because one of the representatives has conducted a previous survey in your area / village.
  • Strive the team always follow the activities of guests / visitors to see the shortcomings that exist.
  • Always a good impression on the guests / visitors related to all activities you create.
What are the tasks of forming a team during a tourist visit in my village?
The task of forming a team during a tourist visit in the village is to add to your awesome activities. You can collect whatever needs to be addressed to improve the quality of community co-operation in the countryside and especially travelers visit in your village. You can improve and re-explore other activities for your "Rural Creative" development in the countryside.
  • During the activities by guests / tourists, the team can do research while being a tourist guide.
  • The important thing is don't forget to ask the impression and message after finished the activity. You can survey one or two visitors for your team news.
  • Tell visitors / users of the mission and vision in the development of your new activities that will be created in the future.
  • Filter the best activities and interesting, make a written note or journals for teams.
  • Filter the user's impression to build your activities much better.
  • Filter all the criticism or impression to make the image of "Usaha mandiri Pedesaan", to be more useful and wise in running the activities / programs.
Examples of your activities in the countryside. Please visit "Insights Rural Creative".
Read also in Exploring the Post Reference: (Insights Rural Creative) opens in new window.
Do you have to take their photo during the activity?
Of course. You can collect assets for their activities to share their experiences while in the countryside. Rural Creative development assets is one of the objectives of this program to build rural life more alive, especially tourist arrivals and travelers activities in your area.
  • Gather as many profiles as possible about your guests / users of the property from the program you created as an asset for rural activities. Because the assets of this activity will be useful anytime and is the earliest evidence of future team formation development.
  • Create special reports and bundle their photos during activities in the countryside related to your property users.
  • Write a small article and paste the best photos of the activity.
  • Establish discussion forums on media social network, upload some photos from tourist visits to your countryside. If your program is experiencing significant spikes, take advantage of social media networking publicly.
  • Be a good provocation of your success on "Welcome TravelBuss".
Epictravelers - SMP Regina Pacis Jakarta
Image Reference: Benefits "Rural Creative" development assets
Mirror photo: SMP Regina Pacis Jakarta - Live in rural area Yogyakarta.
Read also in Exploring the Post Reference: (Live in Activity in Yogyakarta) opens in new window.
What steps after they finished the activities in my village?
You can build media assets / videos, the goal is to provide a style of the reaction to the community for the activity and to encourage the people involved in the activities of the team. So the result is a Team Formation = Team Provocation (The best a provocation team in a rural area).
  • Establish a dedicated studio to accommodate all your own rural profile and program related activities you create.
  • Create a stream of activity videos as a team encouragement, and also deliver a touches to the society.
  • Use Logo "Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu!" or own logo creations as a sign of your favorite logo.
  • Glue the name of your favorite team in the video.
Start the introduction of various activities to the community from your activities
  • Create a touch of activity related to your program, such as: Visitors / tourist for the community in the event / meeting as a lesson a program.
    IMPORTANT: Video stream also contains a community activity profile.
  • Include your team name in a video stream and include special audio as a touch of your program.
  • Create a special audio containing: Reflections, stories during activities, poetry or polite words.
Notice how the public impression of your program created through video projector screen? If necessary the chairman (Community leaders) talks about community meetings to start a much better approach.
What are the rural activities for users or tourists?
Create a "Rural Creative" adventures for users or travelers, examples of combination activities:
  • Live in the countryside (Best choose).
  • Local dance education in rural areas.
  • Local music activities.
  • Skill traditional in the countryside.
  • Visit on Business or Rural micro-enterprise.
  • Tracking the countryside.
  • Outdoor parties.
  • Cooking competition.
  • Home presentation.
  • Playground, and others.
More about Rural Creative adventures, you can also explore on "The exploring the Post Reference - Insights Rural Creative (tag).
Is this activity your plan in the countryside?
1. Countryside?
2. Rural Creative?
3. Tourism Village? (Government Recommendation).
So that 1, 2 and 3 become the journey level of a rural progress.
Is this plan easy?
Maybe this plan looks easy, but this activity isn't as easy as you imagine. Learn from others related to activities you create or through other media info. The success of "Usaha Mandiri Pedesaan" depends on the root of the program at the hands of the team in building through touch.
Rural Creative - Slide presentation
Mirror Video: Sahabat Epictravelers Pedesaan - Will create a unique touch; if friends provide the foundation with a touch of sincerity.
Duration: 1:29
This document is a small asset of the System and guidelines for the establishment of "Rural Creative". The establishment of the System and the Guidelines of this page and the slide summaries are only owned or directed by the team / drive "Usaha Mandiri Pedesaan" as the guide of the development and drive team (Good a provocation team in a rural area).
Rural Creative Development Assets is a glimpse of the formation of team of Rural Creative. All these summaries you can develop yourself for your rural area.
* Usaha Mandiri Pedesaan - Your Happiness; "Collectively owned jointly, built together and managed by a team formation". Happy working in your village, greeting from the countryside.
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