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Epic Travelers Memories

Hai all ... Are you excited about today? It is a trail from friends from Indonesia. If we look, what activities are shown in the picture. Do have a history ... If we look, what activities are shown in the picture. Do have a history related "research of Sahabat Epictravelers"? Below is the activity reported by our friend from Epictravelers of Yogyakarta. Perhaps of some students know the area that regulates this activity? This is one the program that is given in a remote village, which is now starting to be combined with a EO (Events Organizer).

The long time ago

Lots of people say, create a program in rural areas isn't easy. Such as: should combine rural activities, people, develop different activities, completeness of property, combining cooperation, developing performance and so on. Probably isn't easy to imagine about bringing in users, or guests from outside the area. But behind it that "without trying, we don't know the outcome".
At first we made a kind of a small team to summarize the potential of existing rural nature. Always a brilliant idea or a picture of our ability to create a variety of benefits for many people. Colleagues were amazed that activities provide something brilliant.
Make a good impression, our colleagues gave the name "Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu" activities. Getting to know their world, or rural communities will provide fantastic activity, so that they will love the natural resources in rural areas. Our colleagues are full of good ideas and gather their activities in the countryside with documentation and videos to watch them on the screen.
Now ... the program was developed by someone named is Wantoro in the countryside, traditional education as a vehicle for school students in rural areas. We were amazed with the talent that is always creative for their own village.
This video is part of the "Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu" activities, natural attractions of rural areas. We summarize with the title "Wonderful of Merapi in Yogyakarta - Green fields of paddy", which is one short tour of The Beauty of Jogja.
"Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu - activity" founded on the Sunday, May 18, 2014. We have a team of 5 people in the village as the perpetrators of the main activities. The establishment of a new program name, linking the village name, and trying to do something interesting in a Tourist activities.
Activity point is: follow the activities of the family, following the activities of citizens, exploring the natural surrounding, visit of business, tourist destination, the skills, the introduction of village, the introduction of new family in the countryside, arts and culture, etc. All guided through the process of practice by the Education Team, and new family in the countryside.
The objective of this program is (LIVE-IN Education), because new activities and joined the "Events Organizer - program" March 20, 2014. Region or village that regulate this activity, may not be able to serve users or TravelBus to you in a while. Likewise, the user or tour, Epictravelers Team within the scope of school students. The next few years will probably give something good information for you. We wish you all happy with the formation Epictravelers team there, and provide a useful education.

Journal Analysis.
Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu!.
Start: Sunday, May 18, 2014 - Finish: Friday, November 13, 2015.
6 Activities of School from West Java.
LIVE-IN Traditional Education of Yogyakarta. (2014 - 2015).
Epic Travelers Memories
Research and cooperation activities:

ALEO - Alam Lestari Event Organizer

(Sunday, May 18, 2014 - Thursday, Oct 30, 2014).
This activity was established in 2010 that serve LIVE-IN education programs around the area of Jakarta and Banten city. Research expired on Thursday, October 30, 2014.

Pecinta Lereng Merapi - PALEM Community (NOT Organizer)

(Monday, Oct 26, 2015 - Friday, November 13, 2015).
This activity was established in 2015 that has been serving the education program LIVE-IN around the city of Jakarta, Bandung and Banten. Research expired on Friday, November 13, 2015. Research Program "LIVE-IN Education" Yogyakarta ended on that date. Cooperation will always be in epictravelers, because there are several people involved in the activities at "PALEM Community" as filler and monitoring activities.
This journal, carried out in one village with a number of Students and Teachers School as a report. If we look at the number in the program LIVE-IN is very little in the village, but every activities of LIVE-IN Education in rural areas carried out simultaneously in five villages that are ready to serve the purpose LIVE-IN you approximately 150 - 200 students. Epictravelers can't make a report five villages in Tourism Events on "ALEO and PALEM Community".
Epictravelers - Memories will be published below, will be applied in accordance with the number and date of the activities. Pictures of activities isn't of Village Tourism in Yogyakarta.

Pictures and their exploration

Research and cooperation activities:
Pecinta Lereng Merapi - PALEM Community
LIVE-IN Education Yogyakarta 2015
Address: Jl. Balai Pustaka Baru I Rawamangun Jakarta Timur. Arrival on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - Friday, November 13, 2015. Students: 42. Teachers: 2. Home or KK: 14 house.
From the arrival of the students looked very passion to pursue a traditional education in Yogyakarta. Welcome on arrival and give flowers as a symbolic affection for togetherness which was held at Omah Petruk Karang Kletak (Rumah Budaya). The second day they do natural cruising along with a total of 187 students on the slopes of Merapi in Yogyakarta.
Places of interest on EDUWISATA (Education tourism) housed in the Museum of Merapi, which then eat together ended doing a picture together around the museum.
From this school, a lot of points in educational programs that focus on the family environment and skills. Students can follow the Teacher of Arts with good jobs in rural areas. If you see the end of the activities in the form of video, a lot of amazing activities in educational activities LIVING-IN rural areas that have been done. Especially traditional education that was never abandoned by Tim Monitor in educating them.
Good planning of the school and arranged so good for the students. Surely it would make the students understand well, when performing LIVE-IN countryside.
LIVE-IN Education Yogyakarta 2015
Address: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda no. 29 Jakarta Pusat. Arrival on Monday, October 26, 2015 - Thursday, October 29, 2015. Students: 17. Teachers: 2. Home or KK: 9 house.
Together of "PALEM Community" with a variety of artistic and cultural spectacle. Morning when the arrival, students can enjoy traditional food from Yogyakarta. Not long a little with Javanese dance performances provided by the "Pecinta Lereng Merapi". Many of the students were amazed by the plan of the program LIVE-IN Education of "Pecinta Alam Lereng Merapi".
Education in the countryside is filled with education in micro-enterprises or "Visit on Business" in several places in the vicinity. Students are taught in the manufacture of food of soybeans into tempeh. In this place, students can learn about the process or the processing of soybeans, weighing of ingredients, packaging, making products that are ready to be marketed. Students are excited in the practice of making tempe in "Visit on Business".
"Visit on Business" another continued with the processing cow milk. Students can practice the plunge in cattle farms, ranging from: cleaning cows, taking cow's milk, milk processing, the product to be ready to drink. Many of the students who try to drink milk directly from their work. Beverages without any other ingredients, so a lot of students without a doubt try.
Educational tourism or Visits Program: Merapi Museum of volcanology education.
LIVE-IN Education Yogyakarta 2015
Arrival on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 - Friday, October 23, 2015. Students: 21. Teachers: 2. Home or KK: 7 house.
"LIVE-IN education program" of summer delightful. Students can follow the activities of a new family in Yogyakarta with agricultural fields. Many of the students who harvest chili, vegetables, farming chrysanthemums and nourish plants and others. All activities can be seen in some pictures below, and this isn't much difference from previous activities. Many students who want to study in earnest in the countryside. Maybe they or the students already know about the purpose of LIVE-IN Education which has been the dream of the students.
Educational tourism or Visits Program: Ullen Sentalu Museum and ends at Merapi Museum.

Research and cooperation activities:
ALEO - Alam Lestari Event Organizer
LIVE-IN Education Yogyakarta 2014
Image Reference
Explore: Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu - activities
Epic travelers: Epic Travelers Memories - SMP SANTA LAURENSIA SERPONG
Rural Creative - LIVE-IN Yogyakarta
Address: Jln. Sutra Utama No. 1 Kecamatan Serpong Utara, Tanggerang Selatan, Banten, 15326 Indonesia. Arrival on Monday, Oct 27, 2014 - Thursday, Oct 30, 2014. Students: 36. Teachers: 2. Home or KK: 14 house.
LIVE-IN Education is a friendly program, at first eye sight seeing many doubts in running the program LIVE-IN Education. Apparently not ... Students are never tired in the running along with a new family. Energetic ... always thirsty for adventure. LIVE-IN Education program held in the rainy season, many activities are disrupted. But all students can follow the activities of citizens with good. Educational tourism or Visits Program: Ullen Sentalu and Merapi Museum . The introduction and learn Gamelan or instrument Java has been provided by the team to learn. How to impress the students, whether it is interesting?
LIVE-IN Education Yogyakarta 2014
Image Reference
Explore: Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu - activities
Rural Creative - LIVE-IN Yogyakarta
Address: Jl. Balai Pustaka Baru I Rawamangun Jakarta Timur. Arrival on Tuesday, Jan 20, 2014 - Friday, Jan 23, 2014. Students: 26. Teachers: 2. Home or KK: 14 house.
This activity by team-education titled "eternal smile in Yogyakarta." Students are good at following the new family creativity. Their activities are processed in a way to gain a lot of knowledge in which they live with a new family with a smile.
LIVE-IN Education program held in the rainy season, so many students follow planting. Students can try to grow rice or gardening with a new family. Visits Program: Omah Petruk - Karang Kletak. Then, students start learning "Create Janur" given by the education team. "Creation Janur" is one of the skills that must be acquired from the program LIVE-IN. The goal is to train the talent, diligence, neatness handwork and others.
LIVE-IN Education Yogyakarta 2014
Image Reference
Explore: Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu - activities
Rural Creative - LIVE-IN Yogyakarta
Address: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda no. 29 Jakarta Pusat. Arrival on Saturday, Mar 20, 2014 - Tuesday, Mar 23, 2014. Students: 26. Teachers: 2. Home or KK: 13 house.
This activity by team-education entitled "The best of my activity in Yogyakarta." LIVE-IN Education program was held in the dry season. The students easily adapt in the neighborhood residents. The first day is free of activities that have been scheduled, but could follow the activities of the family. Early arrival is always monitored by a team-education, to see the activity and condition of students.
Visits Program, located at Merapi Museum. In addition to providing to students, as well as an additional vehicle for education. On the night of reflection, art instruments Java or Gamelan made by residents.
Description of LIVE-IN Education Program
This activity will change from time to time related to program of services. Comrades can call the contact in question.
Epic travelers memories can also receive about your experiences and exciting stories in "The World Adventure - LIVE-IN Traditional Education" during a stay in the countryside. Write the name of cooperation activities, such as: ALEO or PALEM Community. Share and experience you, very useful for Program Services related to the name at the top, because of the experience and inspiration you make everything constructive performance and quality of these activities.
Creating a program of activities "Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu" in the Rural Areas.
Photos activity below is the result of their exploration.
3. Exploration: SMA 8 Yogyakarta - Friday, Jun 27, 2014.
2. Exploration: Mr. Julian Gio Counti from France - Wednesday, Jun 18, 2014.
1. Exploration: Pesta Siaga 2014 Elementary School of Pakem Sleman Yogyakarta - Wednesday, Jun 18, 2014.
Image Reference
Explore: Kenali Desamu Cintai Desamu - activities
Elementary School of Pakem Sleman
Exploration: Elementary School of Pakem Sleman
A variety of interesting events presented becomes a very rewarding activity. Knowing the nature around, roaming, unique activities, laughing with friends, play, foster the dexterity, education and certainly gives the spirit for them, all of this might be an interesting of experience for us to do together.
This isn't the activities of outbound, because autbound further highlight the challenges and games. This photo shows the activity of Scouting in Yogyakarta. This activity may make an activity that isn't saturated by the students, because it is mixed with different activities. If we see doesn't show the physical training, but motivated them the courage to practice. The other thing is to create compactness, because it is formed into groups in each student.
Another benefit, is to educate the mindset of an activity, a plan to overcome barriers or obstacles in front of him and the task of the student is to overcome these obstacles. You can find some games to motivate compactness in Traditional Games.
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