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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Andong as a Tourist Magnet

Andong is the oldest means of transportation in Indonesia. In the Yogyakarta area, Andong still exist despite swallowed of age, but remained victorious or winner and add to the attractiveness for tourists in Yogyakarta.

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Andong as a Tourist Magnet
Andong as a Tourist Magnet
Andong Yogyakarta is still preserved, in addition to heritage and cultural richness of the ancestors is also part of the history of transportation, especially in Yogyakarta. Andong was once the only means of transportation for people respected or nobility, but now the general public use.
Start transport Andong previously made after a train factory in Semarang, Central Java, about 1870, or at the beginning of Hamengkubuwono VII.
"Andong shuttles" is different from the "Andong Tourism". Andong shuttles is usually hung carriage market area, whereas carriage for tourism usually rented or Cateran. With affordable rates carriage is convenient transportation and pleasant for a walk around the city of Jogjakarta.
Andong and Kraton Yogyakarta never be separated from the magnet Tourism a fun. Through a variety of events are held, especially those closely related to Andong, historic relics by generations it willn't be destroyed easily.

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