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Andong as a Tourist Magnet

Andong as a Tourist Magnet

Andong is the oldest means of transportation epic in Indonesia and transportation eksklusif traditional Indonesia. In addition to being a typical means of transportation Malioboro street, also one of the vehicles of interest to tourists. In the area of Yogyakarta, Andong still exist despite the age swallow. However, this transportation still wins and adds to the attraction for tourists in Yogyakarta.
Epic travelers - Andong as a Tourist Magnet
Image Reference: Andong becomes an epic journey
Andong Yogyakarta is still preserved until now. Besides cultural heritage and the old cultural richness are also part of transportation history especially in Yogyakarta. The existence of Andong also as one of the Javanese cultural heritage that gives the distinctive character of its own culture that is still preserved. Historically, Andong was once the only means of epic transport for the nobility, but now the use for the public. Andong transportation began to be made before the transportation factory in Semarang - Central Java, about 1870 or at the beginning of Hamengkubuwono VII.
Traditional transportation Yogyakarta
1. Andong
Andong is one of the transportation that utilizes animal power in the form of horse. While the drive is called "Kusir". Andong uses 2, 4 wheels. "Andong transport" is different from "Andong Tourism". Andong transport is usually in the traditional market area, while Andong for tourism is usually rented or Cateran. Travelers can find this vehicle in the malioboro area of Yogyakarta. With affordable prices, Andong is a convenient transportation and fun for a walk around the city of Jogjakarta.
2. Becak
Becak is a traditional transportation developed by the community. "Becak" is a transport that combines from a bicycle with a seat on the front. This rickshaw uses human power to drive transportation. The Becak as a form of regional development to become a traditional transportation to support the world of tourism.
3. Gerobak
"Gerobak" is a traditional transportation native to Indonesia. This transportation is more developed in rural areas to transport heavy cargo. This "Gerobak" uses the power of animal cow or buffalo to drive transportation. Andong uses 2 wheels.
Epictravelers - Gerobak transportation
Image Reference: Gerobak traditional transportation
Transportation traditional and tansportation Andong Yogyakarta are never separated from the Andong as a Tourist Magnet. Through various events held especially those closely related to Andong is also a historic relic from generation to generation.
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
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