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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dragon Fruit Coastal of Glagah

If you are on vacation to the beach of Glagah in Yogyakarta, it would be nice if you stopped at the Agro Kusumo Wanadri. This places you will find a variety of colors and flavors of dragon fruit.

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Naga Fruit or Dragon Fruit
Naga Fruit or Dragon Fruit
This dragon tree came from Mexico, then developed in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and recently developed in Indonesia. In Indonesia was first developed in Jember - East Java and newly developed in 2004 near the the shoreline of Glagah Kulonprogo in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.
Reputedly called dragon tree, because the tree that extends like a dragon. Dragon tree cultivated in the Agro Kusumo Wanadri have different types of fruit and flavors.
Dragon tree cultivation using a buffer system made of cast cement. Dragon tree can be planted up to 4 to 5 trees at once. The tire scrap material is also useful in the area of the land, since the reinforcing material for the dragon tree begins to grow elongated. Then, Dragon tree roots so as not to foul, given a coconut fiber around the dragon tree. With the aim that the dragon tree moisture content in the soil a little.

Dragon tree breed apart easily, on the other hand is secure against pests. The cause of fungus is perhaps a mistake because fertilizer or soil is too wet. Dragon fruit in addition to having longevity, this tree is capable of producing dragon fruit is getting better, especially for the provide of new seeds and can bear fruit three times during the year.
For those who like organic fruit, you don't need to worry because this dragon fruit in a safe place of chemical fertilizers, so the freshness of the fruit produced natural look. In addition to observing the process of cultivating a variety of crops panacea, such as dragon fruit and rosella flowers. While resting, and remove the heat from the blazing sun after walking around. You can taste the refreshing dragon fruit juice, because the fruit consists of water dragon. Other benefits of dragon fruit is : dragon fruit contains vitamin C, low in fat, contain high phosphorus and is known to cure a variety of diseases and the benefits almost similar to drug like ginseng : treat hardening of the arteries, cancer, and so on.
Dragon fruit prices vary between 25.000 - 40.000 Rupiahs of one Kilogram. Because the dragon fruit business has a great chance and have a good investment, both large supermarkets or retail market. Agro Kusumo Wanadri provide seedlings for those who want to develop it. If you have problems in the cultivation of dragon tree, you can consult this place again. Good luck.

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