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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Agro-tourism Salak Pondoh

Welcome to the "Agro-tourism". This time I will invite you to know the Salak fruit plantation in Agro Tourism 'in our activities in the "Visit on Business". In the activity "Visit on Business" we will invite you to obtain information and the opportunity to pioneer an independent business which you can use for agriculture and plantation business world you.

Point in our activities in the world "Visit on Business" is to provide information that can be developed to improve the economy or food resources in rural areas.
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Salak Sleman - Agrotourism
Agrotourism Salak of Sleman
The fruit of Salak
Salak fruit is the most widely grown crop in Java and Bali. Salak fruit on the island of Java is located on the slopes of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta and Magelang - Central Java. Many foreign travelers who call this fruit is the fruit scaly-snake, maybe they are right, because the skin of the fruit has a similar resemblance.
The fruit is widely developed in Sleman Regency, located in Bangunkerto Turi Sleman. Administratively it located in Sleman or north side of the city of Special Region of Yogyakarta, which is one of the renowned Agrotourism in Java.
In our research of salak plant thrives with a height of about 600 - 800 meters above sea level with humus soil structure and moisture. Humus is the organic component of soil, formed by the decomposition of leaves and other plant material by soil microorganisms. According to the existing cultivation, plant of of salak live only in tropical areas and exist only in Indonesia. Analysts say the salak fruit are the highest economic value in town sleman in agriculture and plantations. At harvest salak fruit of this area is abundant and a lucrative income in the business field.
Handling the plants and cultivation
Maintenance and cultivation of crops Salak really cheap, Salak tree can be tinder two or three once years. Then recently with herbal nutritional liquid that can be sprayed onto the leaves, plants and fruits. In addition to adding quality of soil fertility and trees to grow well, natural nutrients can increase the thickness and quality of the fruit. In order to bear much fruit, tree trunk should be reduced or cut off, so it isn't there are food reserves stored in stems and leaves. Salak fruit have an average weight of about : 10kg - 15kg / stalk, depending on the specific treatment and pollinate flowers were perfect.
Salak fruit growers, usually reduce the fruit to lessen the fruit on the stalk. In order for the fruit to grow more quality. It was very different when the fruit is too much, then the fruit produced will be small, because the nutrients from the stalk is divided into many branches. At the time of growth, the Salak fruit will be split off from the stalk and wasted, because the fruit is pushing each other.

Varieties of Salak fruit
Below are a few varieties of Salak fruit grown in the city of Sleman.
  1. Salak Pondoh
  2. Salak Gading (yellow skin color)
  3. Salak Bali, and so forth.
Salak cultivation phase there are two ways, among others : through seeds and grafts. Through seed development of indeed takes many years to grow up, so the loss of time or energy. Through seed development Salak isn't necessarily be fruitful, and the absorption of nutrients into the plant needs a good adjustment.
Cultivation of salak fruit largely through a system of graft. In addition to fast-growing, tree of salak still attached in the same tree. Grafting is a method that is more simple and efficient. If the system is rooted and age, Salak trees can be moved or planted in different areas.
Salak tree species
Salak tree species are of two kinds : manly and females. Salak manly produces only flowers, and Salak females produce fruit that are pollinated by manly flowers. Salak female flowers need pollination, in order to bear fruit to perfection. Time pollination can be done if the flowers have opened / bloom. In order not to rot during the rainy season, flowers covered with leaves. But most farmers don't pollinate. Although it isn't do, the Salak tree can bear fruit perfectly.
Learning in "Visit on Business"
In this city we learned a lot about the world of business estates in the countryside, we also can feel the agricultural products from surrounding communities. This places, you can learn more at this place, and this is a farming business that is extraordinary. You can easily find this agro tourism which have been scattered in the area of Sleman, Yogyakarta.
Products of Salak fruit
The increasing number of farmers Salak, this fruit has created a wide range of foods and beverages such as : Salak crispy chips, syrup and food lunkhead. Sales crackers Salak is still small, and because the price is relatively expensive for oven frying so that sales are still limited in places. Salak crisp, has the flavor of savory and sweet although this chip without using sugar as a sweetener, so the capital in an attempt to pioneer a very good effort.
In this city you will also find coffee kentos. Kentos is the seed of salak that is processed into powder coffee as a beverage base. If you want to taste the coffee kentos, you can come in our town, SLEMAN.
This fruit has been entered in various cities in Java and Sumatra. If you vacation in Yogyakarta, please stop by Turi town. Enjoy the typical souvenirs of Yogyakarta.

Dear colleagues and friends, currently you are with us. We are glad you are part of the travel lovers. You can enjoy an epic coffee while enjoying a beautiful profile and sharing it on your phone. Enjoy the beauty of your trip, and convey our regards for to your beloved city. Greetings to explore, As-salamu'alaikum - Peace be upon you.

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Author: Sahabat Epictravelers Group, We believe that there is still much to improve and we welcome your ideas or feedback.
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