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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Ledek Arts of Yogyakarta

Ledek Arts around for thousands of years ago and is one of the many types of folk arts in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. Typical local products that follow the development through a stunningly tradition at that time.

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Ledek Arts Yogyakarta
Ledek Arts
This art is usually run in villages, carrying gamelan musical instruments. Gamelan brought quite a bit, not as much as gamelan instruments while performing musical arts Karawitan or Langgam Java. Gamelan instruments used are : Kendang, Pelog, Saron and medium-size Gong. Ledek art usually danced by one, two or more dancers, another term some say is an Tayub art. And to bring Gamelan usually consists of 4 to 5 men.
Clothing used in the Ledek arts character is plainclothes typical of Java, either male or female. For women usually wear a bun on the head or (Gelungan says the Javanese), as sinden appearance in puppet arts or Pewayangan. Ledek arts often danced both men and women, and for men is usually only one person.
Ledek arts there are two kinds : First accentuate dances alone and the second is a little dance that contains skits. Ledek arts containing skits, usually male players often wear a mask covering the face. This isn't a shy man, but the players have to show him her sad expression. Because men may be difficult forlorn expression, then comes the idea of wearing a mask of sad. And usually bring a small doll by a male or female player. Doll or replica baby was brought in front of his body.
Perhaps according story most people, there is drama in the Ledek arts, like : Ledek with her doll. It tells of a family that longed for a baby, or crave the presence of a small baby. In the arts was illustrated with interesting movements and funny attractions, to attract small children and other audiences.

Ledek arts moved around, walking in the villages while offering arts. For those who want to see this work of art, usually Ledek dancing at home who pay them. Prices vary according to the agreement with the dancers. Costs approximately 25,000 up to 50,000 (Indonesia Rupiah), the value of the currency is quite large at that time. While people often perceive typically people who have recently had babies or small children. Ledek arts also often accompanied by Javanese songs, like the song a baby and other Javanese song that was popular at the time. And the Ledek song, there is still person who sung the song and to this day.
Payment is usually Ledek at the end of the staging finished. Connoisseurs the Ledek art also perceived local people, who knew would the arts is staged by one of residents and residents who come free of charge. During the trip, nearly ahead of the afternoon, came home very far away and the vehicle didn't exist at that time. Ledek Players usually stay in one residents that received permission to settle temporarily, Residents as one feels a thing, for those who still preserve the art Ledek, which is rare in the area at the time.
And they lived or layover in one of resident, because they want to don't bother to homeowners. And they've had enough and a woven backing sheet or mat made of Mendong to sleep or layover and release fatigue when carrying Gamelan paraded around the village to village. Base or pedestal Mendong bedding is made from swamp water plants, because this palm species was live in puddles, and then dried and made flat for easy in wicker.
A long time ago, rare craftsmen or maker of the bed, Ledek players can sit and sleep on the floor/Lesehan, it was quite comfortable for them. Lesehan now remain now exist and a culture of Yogyakarta today. For homeowners typically provide food and drink coffee or tea while chat or converse and sharing stories. Homeowners sometimes felt uncomfortable talking longer. Because they were very tired and wanted them to sleep comfortably soon. Even so, these people would rather talk up to the night.
In the title of this article is the living history of Ledek art, art layout along the way and a long time. The Ledek art is still there in the Yogyakarta Special Region, but only found through a variety of activities and different places.

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