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Ledek Arts of Yogyakarta

Ledek Arts of Yogyakarta

Ledek there are about a thousand years ago and is one of many folk epic art forms in Yogyakarta. Typical local products that follow the development through a stunningly epic tradition at that time.
Epic travelers - Ledek Arts of Yogyakarta
Image Reference: Folk art Yogyakarta
The ins and outs of art
This art is usually run in villages, and they carry traditional gamelan instruments. The gamelan they brought was quite a bit, but it was a lively party. Gamelan instruments used are: Kendang, Pelog, Saron and medium-size Gong. And to bring Gamelan usually consists of 4 to 5 men. This art usually danced by one, two or more dancers. Another term says that this art is the "Tayub art". During a survey of some villagers; This art isn't about religious events, but just dance entertainment just to be presented to the public. Travelers may be able to discover this art is presented differently in other areas.
Clothing that is used in the character of dancer is a typical Javanese epic cloth dress. For women usually wear a bun on the head or (Gelungan). This art often dances both men and women, and for men it is usually only one person. But did not rule out not only one male dancer. In addition this player is their dancing group.
Art performance
This art usually features two different types of performances: The first accentuate the skill dances alone, and the second is a small dance that contains theatrical (drama). The art that contains theatrical, usually male players often wear a mask covering the face. This is not a shy man, but the dancers have to show their sad expressions to the audience. Because men expressed sadness may be difficult, then came the idea to wear a sad mask. They usually carry small dolls by male or female dancers. Doll or replica baby was brought in front of his body, they danced so funny that the audience really liked this art.
According to most people's stories; the drama with his doll is a drama that tells of a family that yearns for a baby or wants a little baby. They performed this art show with strange styles and cues accompanied by the music. This art there is also a show of dance innocently or without a single word during the dance. There is also a dance in the accompaniment with a song to embellish the art. In this arts was illustrated with interesting movements and fun attractions to attract small children and other audience.
Developing art
This art is an art that moves around and runs in the village while offering this art. They will showcase these artworks for those who pay them. Prices the art is vary according to the agreement with the dancers. It costs around 25,000 to 50,000 (Rupiah), the value of the currency is quite large at that time. While this arts are also often accompanied by popular Javanese songs at the time. And this art song is still a lot of people who sing the song, and still known to the present day, such as; Tak Lelo Ledung, Rembulane, and other Javanese songs.
Payment usually at the end of the staging finished. This art lovers are also part of the local community, they watch this art freely.
During their journey almost dusk and the desire to return home is very far away. This dancers usually live in one of the houses in the countryside, and the way they survive. They are quite comfortable with woven sheets or mats made from Mendong stretches (Woven mats) for sleeping or layover. They can release the fatigue while carrying the Gamelan paraded around the village to the village.
In the past, the craftsman of the bed is very rare. They are can sit and sleep on the woven mats (Lesehan), even then it feels quite comfortable for them. Homeowners sometimes feel uncomfortable talking longer to them. Because they are very tired and want them to sleep comfortably soon. Even so, these people prefer to talk late into the night.
In the title of this article is the living history of travelers Ledek Arts of Yogyakarta, the art layout along the way and a long time. This art is still there in the Yogyakarta Special Region, but only found through a variety of activities and different places.
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
Copyright 2013 EPICtravelers.COM

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