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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Traditional Kenduri

Kenduri or kenduren, or sedekahan aims to teach the community to be used to share some of his good windfalls to others. Kenduri is usually carried out for a celebration of marriage, making homes, crops, days of Java, Maulud, Saparan, Thanksgiving and others.

The implementation of a kenduri led by "Rois" or society of Java called "Kaum", and was followed by the head of the family and the man who had Baligh. Various kinds of food in kenduri include : tumpeng, sego golong, peyek, gudangan, ingkung chicken, tempeh, potatoes vegetable, kluweh vegetable, kolak, apem, sticky rice, savory rice, crackers, and others.
All the food is usually made by the perpetrators Tradition Kenduri, but there are also through services or catering services, all using the same cooking contents.
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Traditional Kenduri and Among-among
Traditional Kenduri
Each type of food has a symbolic meaning or different from one another, such as : tumpeng has a symbolic meaning prosperity, sego golong presented or Dewi Sri or Rice Goddess or Goddess of Fertility, apem symbolizes forgiveness and others.
After praying in the food distributed. Then the owner of the house, is set aside a little chicken and savory rice, which is called Inheritance. In charge of distributing the cooked rice food for kenduri called "Carik". For those who cann't attend or don't have a special representative, food distributed is usually done through the nearest neighbor.
Tradition of name "Among-among" is also similar kenduri, but don't wear ingkung chicken, but only using gudangan vegetables, eggs and rice. Who participated in the event tradition "Among-among" only a partially or half of the community and not the whole and usually for Tradition Weton (month of birth somebody according to the Javanese calendar).
If the community hold this ceremony, guests are usually invited to come, and often through the circular letter or through the information space.

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