Jathilan a Wonderful Art of Jogjakarta

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Jathilan a Wonderful Art of Jogjakarta

Society of Yogyakarta recognize this art as one of the most popular the epic of traditional arts and amazing art performances in Yogyakarta Indonesia. Jathilan is a unique and exciting traditional cultural and arts show from Java. Jathilan is part of the multiculturalism of local culture, behavior of society, and work of people or communities that thrive through the process of learning and adaptation to the environment that serves as a mix of art activity and local culture for social life.
Traditional arts tradition
Epic travelers - Jathilan a Wonderful Art of Jogjakarta
Image Reference: Jathilan Kudho Prasojo
Society of Yogyakarta, "Jathilan" is also better known as "Jothil, Kesenian Kudho, Kuda Lumping, Kuda kepang, Jaran Kepang or Bamboo Horse Dance". They know this art not only in general information or brochures, but also recognize the type of music or sound used in this art. Jathilan art is a blend of dance art and webbing bamboo horse property accompanied by a gamelan instruments as accompaniment of the dance. While "jathil" is a form of dance on the jathilan or jathilan art which means people who prance (lots of motion). In Yogyakarta the two words "Jatilan" and "Jathilan" have almost identical elements of knowledge. They are familiar with the type of "Art" or "Jatilan" and familiar with the type of "Dance movements" or "Jathilan / Jathil".
A long time ago jathilan functioning to connect with spirits. But now gradually become the art and entertainment of the people alone, although the elements of sacred or magic is still there.
Horses are one of the most important tools in Jathilan art. Horse in jathilan is a woven bamboo called "Kepang" or webbing bamboo that resembles a horse shape. Dancers perform by using horse webbing, generally colorful and decorated with beads and woven ornament which resembles a horse. During their dance, the dancers carry swords. Symbolic of the guarding army. At the time that doesn't allow the woven bamboo can also be replaced with woven coconut leaves. Adults use larger horses, woven weights of approximately 5 - 10 Kg.
The fun of children imitating jathilan art style is also an interesting thing to perform. So the children only use coconut bark, called "Bongkok". But they play in the environment only, apart from the art of jathilan performance.
Folk art, and cultural core
Jathilan is the best and amazing art a typical value of epic cultural preservation as well as the identity of socio-cultural of society in Yogyakarta, especially base the preservation of art, and socio-cultural preservation. Jathilan art is one piece of art based on folk art and cultural core (Seni Budaya Inti Rakyat). "Arts of culture the core a folk" is one piece of art and culture based on community empowerment especially in rural areas. In Yogyakarta; jathilan art is also called folk art or art that can provide prosperity for the people. They build a society with kinship system mainly through "Folk Art" and "Art Performances". The real form of community empowerment in Jathilan art is implemented through the "Paguyuban".
Paguyuban is a group or community that is more involved with art world that has the value of togetherness in building and enhancing regional art and culture. The hope that the welfare of society can be improved through the development of art and culture in rural areas. Jathilan is also a rural socio-cultural industry directed to increase the contribution in the development of creative economy. Also optimize the balance between the value of cultural preservation and the creation of economic added value.
Art jathilan is one of the rural creative arts that can make an important contribution, but may be ignored by policies that support the progress and improvement of this art. Such as: the procurement of clothing, art instruments (gamelan) and other equipment.
They build this Paguyuban based on the intention of respecting and preserving the culture that exist in the area. So not a few people in Yogyakarta love art and develop this art that almost in every region into a scene in this art.
Amazing art
The people of Yogyakarta are still interested in the traditional art of Lumping horses (Kesenian Kudho) or Jathilan which become cheap art and performance for the people and Jathilan a wonderful art of Jogjakarta. In addition it also became a means of hobby; So not a few of these art lovers who come to watch this artwork for their entertainment. Currently the development of social media (MedSos) for the teenagers to be the most important, especially information about art. So from them isn't hesitate to drive far to watch this art. Jathilan is a strategic tool in Yogyakarta tourism development in a tourism destination program focused on the Development of Independent Community Empowerment (Pengembangan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Mandiri or PPMM). Art tourism is a rustic art that has uniqueness and special characteristics. So as to make it better for the local community by increasing the active participation of the community and encouraging the involvement of the community in developing the tourism sector in Yogyakarta. And then art jathilan can make the tourism actors glance at the concept of tourist visits. So not a few actors of tourist destinations and tourist villages into a lively reception with this art.
In art jathilan can see and feel directly the values of local wisdom still felt in the daily life of society. So that tourists really feel the atmosphere of this art as in they everyday life. Local wisdom can be found such as community mutual cooperation activities (Gotong Royong). Jathilan art can carry out a wide range of customary activities, and flexible art activities. This art can plan tourism events, preserve the culture through art and art performances jathilan can include several event in their area. So art jathilan many found and is a tourist magnet especially the city of Yogyakarta.
Jathilan art industry
Epic travelers find a list of art industries that are currently trent and popular in Yogyakarta.
Data Table
World of Paguyuban JatilanArts and cultural Preservation by
1Jatilan Puspito Wiromo Mudo. Jodag, Mlati, Sleman.Supardi
2Jatilan Lembayung Senja. Jombor Lor, Sinduadi, Mlati, Sleman.Tri Jatmiko
3Jatilan Turonggo Wulung. Tanjung Sumberrejo. Tempel.Tukiran
4Jatilan Mudo Budoyo. Kalirase, Trimulyo, Sleman.Joko Nuryanto
5Jatilan Mustiko Putro. Ngemplak, Sleman.Bambang W
6Jatilan Turonggo Budoyo. Sinduadi Mlati, Sleman.Anwar
7Jatilan Turonggo Cahyo Mudho. Klinyo, Seyegan, Sleman.Agung Suroso
8Jatilan Pancowiseso. Godean, Sleman.Bimo
9Jatilan Sekar Gadung. Bangunkerto, Turi, Sleman.Nursahit
10Jatilan Turonggo Puspito Manunggal. Pakembinangun, Pakem, Sleman.Slamet Budi S
11Jatilan Satrio Mudho Manunggal. Karang Geneng Umbulharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman.Nartukijo
12Jatilan Bekso Among Mudo. Mriyan, Margomulyo, Seyegan, Sleman.Mardiyana
13Jatilan Satrio Utama. Dayakan, Sardonoharjo, Ngaglik Sleman.Suyitno
14Jatilan Giri Kondang. kaliurang Barat, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman.Wahyu Irwanto
15Jatilan Kudho Praneso. Gamping Tengah, Ambar Ketawang, Gamping Tengah, Sleman.-
16Jatilan Krido Budoyo Turonggo Mudo. Gondang Pusung, Cangkringan, Sleman.-
17Jatilan Kudho Praneso Ngesti Turonggo Budoyo. Kragilan, Sinduadi, Mlati, Sleman.-
18Jatilan Turonggo Mudho Cindelaras. Sono, Wedomartani, Ngemplak, Sleman.-
19Jatilan Kudho Prasojo. Tanen, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman.Suroto
List of Art and Culture
In line with jathilan art performances, this art also completes the art of "Buto mask".
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Traditional clothing
Clothing is a value of regional epic of cultural character. Traditional dress of jathilan is has character and diversity. Jathilan art is similar to kethoprak outfits, Wayang Wong/Ringgit Purwa (Wayang Orang) and even some very simple ones. Colorful ornament is the meaning or symbol of cultural diversity and attractiveness the audience. Illustration this Jathilan art is a soldier Panembahan Senopati or also called "The war training soldiers". The theme is played, among others: The Panji, Arya Penangsang, and others, but only symbolized in the art and dance.
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Song the Jathilan art
The beginning this jathilan art does make us feel involved in dance, exciting song singing, touching and various songs that can be displayed in jathilan art. Jathilan art presents distinctive music and song equipment, such as: The Campur Sari song, Dangdut, Pop Java, Pop Indonesian, English songs, regional, national and even international songs. So the art of jathilan is more add a vibrant art.
Jathilan is part of the epic-culture industry, among others; The aim is to revitalize the habit of doing epic of cultural activities, epic of socio-cultural or combining social and cultural factors of society and groups of people who do activities in the field of "Epic of socio-cultural". Thus the research and journal this time on Jathilan a Wonderful Art of Jogjakarta. The Great opportunity to epic of Rural Creative.
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