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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Kethoprak Arts Icon of Jogjakarta

Kethoprak an icon of Yogyakarta, and the most popular in Indonesia. In addition to providing a means of entertainment that contains the content, education into the community, it also contains a very high traditional philosophy, but it is also as a means of restoring its former glory and wonderful the art form kethoprak tradition in the past. Included in the trip mentioned, took an active role specific purpose, so that people know the ins and outs of the art world traditions. Thus it can arise awareness so deign to help preserve such art as one of the heritage site.

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Explore : Traditional Art and Culture
Kethoprak Yogyakarta
Kethoprak Arts or Ringgit Purwa
This is what underlies the all kethoprak cinematic of Yogyakarta artists such as : Widayat, Bondan Nusantara and other arts with to uphold make a unified group art conservationist or (Guyup Nyengkuyung) this kethoprak. In the preservation of this art now kethoprak involving many officials, the government until Headman, each participating gathered or a unified (Ngombyongi) and intention or intent to get closer to the leader of the people.
Segment of Kethoprak
Kethoprak featuring a variety of stories, this art requires between 15 to 20 people as kethoprak player character and not yet the amount of parts implementer gamelan. Kethoprak divided by 2 sorts of arts, among others : Kethoprak classic and kethoprak Plesetan (a pun). Kethoprak Plesetan (a pun) practically interesting because nearly 99% contain elements of humor that makes the audience laugh. Although Kethoprak classical also has an element of humor, but only a interlude or inserts to convey moral messages, criticism or suggestions are presented to the audience in a comical way or funny, this segment is called Dagelan or a farce.

Segment that contains or tells about the romance usually called Gandrung, this segment are chanting songs of seduction or a declaration of love to his partner. Jejer segments, is segments or scenes in the palace, a meeting between the king, the courtiers and the Punggawa or the courtier. Usually also use Java language in the opening song the Jejer or dialogue with sing. Each kethoprak certainly there is always a story that makes the conflict and always accompanied by war or Bandhayudha segment. The story that brought usually about the kingdoms in Java, or stories based on the Javanese kingdoms, such as : Kingdom of Mataram, Kingdom of Singosari, Kingdom of Majapahit, Kingdom of Blambangan, Kingdom of Kediri, the Kingdom of Padjadjaran and so on, as well as the story developing in royal period, example : Luthung Kesarung, Wali songo, Panji and so on.
Kethoprak performances
Kethoprak in general is usually done when there is a celebration, both individuals and villages, eg wedding celebration event, event 17 August and so on. In addition to using the open stage, kethoprak usually can be enjoyed by radio and television. As the change and development of the era, often kethoprak also using Indonesian, but it was only for show or stage a national scale. Kethoprak with the intent or purpose that can be enjoyed by all Indonesian people. And the reality of education, moral message, preaching or proselytizing, public criticism is much more easily absorbed through the show or be included in the arts and culture.
This is a small part of the quintessence of art or drama Java. The duration of this art is very long between 7 to 8 hours. Theater of long duration is typically only used in folk performances or villages.

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