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Sadranan Beach Yogyakarta

Starting from a long holiday, do routine activities stop suddenly, eliminate the silence to face a long vacation, playing with my friends and hanging out is a good thing to create a new atmosphere with them. Just by hangouts our mood will be more open with them. So that we can discard boredom in ourselves, stres, relieve individualist, a sense of loneliness and others. In this way we can enjoy more beautiful life together of friend that we hold dear such as find a new family.
Epic travelers - Sadranan Beach Yogyakarta
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Vacation with friends is a very pleasant activity with riding a motorcycle. Although it looks ridiculous, but this activity becomes an interesting challenge for our friends to explore places that become a tourist destination. Perhaps you can imagine the way to the location we all use two-wheel motorcycle. Two people riding a motorcycle very well save fuel and the purposes for each other can keep themselves from things we don't want while driving, and tired during the trip.
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Lighten the bored atmosphere, me and other friends are planning to go on vacation to the Sadranan beach. Sadranan beaches is a series of beaches in Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta. This beach is the most beautiful beach in Yogyakarta flanked by two beaches, such as : Sundak and Krakal beaches. Distance from our place to the destination takes approximately 4 to 5 hours. Yea... indeed very far away our home. Every certain distance, we do a little break time to check back for friends who followed this journey. Yogya-Wonosari highway is a road full of climbs and twists, this trip is very challenging for all of my friends or all the people who do the same thing when going to the City Wonosari - Gunungkidul Yogyakarta. Alerts is the most important thing to avoid hustle vehicles on the road.
Arriving at Sadranan beach
Arriving at Sadranan beach at Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta for the introduction of a very beautiful beach is exploring around Sadranan beach. It is very important for me to explore this beach further and find out more adventure and experience while on this beach. We walked up the hill, there was a small hall for the shade or rest and a new view from the hill. Yea ... beach is very wide in front of the eye. The blue sea and clear water are amazing to me. When looking at the center of the hill there is a stretch of sea green plants adorn the rock hill. When viewed from western part, coastal hill such guises-hill UFO that landed in the middle of the sea. Advantages of this place is a have more sand and a fairly wide area. At the time of my visit with my friends; this place is a little visitors, so that peers can play freely.
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When searched, the east and west have limits cliff jutting into the beach. At the time low tide, can we skip the second cliff to go to the beach Krakal and Sundak that time. Then we step and to know the west side of the beach.
Bright sunshine graced the white sand and thick yellowish very well for the play area, such as: playing sand replica castle form, playing football and certain attractions. After walking around, we were all bathing in sea water, to eliminate the hot sun. We're much better, together shine, under the sunshine. It is aura of our friendship that is always warm in different situations. Realy awesome and amazing. Shortly thereafter his friends to catch fish that washed up on the Sadranan beach and dive among the coral reefs.
To add to the activities, fellows making a portrait of jumping on the sand together. A very tired doing repeatedly since the time jump isn't compact, eventually the shots right on target with spectacular results. This is my photo as a holiday to Sadranan Beach and a very beautiful one for my memories with my good friend for the collection of photo album at home later.
This photo will be the most beautiful thing to never forget me and all my friends, for today, tomorrow and in the future. This is where happiness is to be expected so that arise in their minds. Longing to always converge to give a boost to remain always together.
After doing a jump photo with my friends, The stomach began to feel hungry. All confused because without careful planning. Little food and beverages, this will help to ease the burden a stomach when hungry.
Had long elapsed time, it's time we went home together. When the afternoon Wonosari-Jogja high street started crowded with vehicles. To keep the comrades aren't lost in transit. We all agreed to always keep each other during the trip home.
When almost got home, finally stop at the diner Popi. Hungry ... hungry ..., audible everywhere accompanied by fatigue and stuffy bodies. Didn't wait for a long time, drinks come and get a drink to relieve thirst and calms the mind during a long journey.
This is the story of a trip with my friends in Jogja with less money and planning that isn't maximal, lunch fulfilled after were almost arrived home.
Hopefully this story is still remembered in their minds. Still the spirit of best Friends!
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