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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Baron Beach Yogyakarta

Baron beach is located in the Baron Kemadang Tanjungsari Gunungkidul, about 22 KM south of the city Wonosari of Yogyakarta. Characteristics Baron Beach is a beach that has a pocket beach sand formed from organic material destruction of millions of years ago. This sand material is mixed with soil sediment so the color is brown. Baron Beach is a typical beach with steep cliffs. Wind speed ranged between 2-4m / sec with an average wave height of 2-4 meters.

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Baron Beach
Baron Beach
The beach is famous for river water flowing between the crush of corals. These springs are underground rivers originating from the northern part of Mount Sewu. So that the visitors after swimming in the sea water, can bathe with clean water.
Besides, as a tourist attraction, also as the landing place of fishing boats and fish auction. The uniqueness of Baron beach is many of the tourists who bathe and play in the sea water, they often helps pull the fishing boats busy to get to the sand carpet. So that this place can also cultivate a good atmosphere of cooperation between migrants with fishermen. While this was also the visitors can directly bid their catch, the fish after fishermen pulled over to the mainland.
To find out more, I went up to the mountains next to the beach. Although it looks not so wide of the beach Baron from highlands. Not all of it true when I was under previously. Adding to my curiosity, I was looking for a place higher than this place for a broader view of the beach of Baron.
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Baron Beach Yogyakarta
Baron beach, you can see the fishermen who were sailing in the sea. Plant green mountains still adorn many mountains. You can also survey further the natural condition on the beach of Baron. We immediately went down to see something different in this place. After arriving at bottom, I don't could to find out more about the river that was in the corals. This will be my Trip later when visiting this place again because free time staying a little.
Really don't feel complete when I go on vacation somewhere. As a souvenir or keepsake me later at home. Don't forget the most important part of my trip is to find the shirts and unique crafts of Baron. Not much hunted me in this place, but not my problem. This may be the beginning of my arrival at the beach to come back. For those who like traditional culinary food, Baron beach also provide special food that we must try.
According to local people, every month of Suro month of Java. Local fishing communities do Alms Sea Ceremony is an expression of gratitude for a beautiful harvest of fish and the safety of the people who catch fish in the sea. Another goal is to attract Tourists visiting this beach.
From the position of Baron Beach, a friends may find the next beaches, Towards the East :
  1. Kukup Beach (0,5Km)
  2. Sepanjang Beach (2Km)
  3. Drini Beach (4Km)
  4. Krakal Beach (8Km)
  5. Somandeng Beach (Sundak Beach) (9Km)
  6. PulangSyawal Beach (Indrayanti Beach) (10Km)
  7. Pok Tunggal Beach 13 Km or (About 3 Km to the east of Indrayanti Beach)
  8. Siung Beach (15Km)
  9. Wediombo Beach
  10. Sadeng Beach
West direction :
  1. Ngrenehan (9Km)
  2. Ngobaran (9Km)
  3. Parang Endog Beach
Beaches in Gunungkidul Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. You can also review the information in "Destination of Yogyakarta".

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