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Play Games Traditional Yogyakarta

Play Games Traditional Yogyakarta

Traditional games are one of epic world the manifestations of folk games or they also call game of culture or local customs games. Welcome to the Games Traditional Yogyakarta. This article, travelers will find many types of games a good friends in Yogyakarta. Although it looks simple yet contains elements better, among other things: to educate, fostering the intelligence (developing or improve thinking power), solutions about games, riddle or guess, debriefing (challenges to action), test your nerve, ingenuity and others. In this game also cultivate talent and create friendships. "Laughing is healthy" original game of Yogyakarta, quirky and fun.
Epic travelers - Play Games Traditional Yogyakarta
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In addition to the limited media to play, don't be a disappointing thing for my friends who still preserve the culture in their daily lives.
In Yogyakarta - Indonesia, children's games are very diverse, almost all the media could be turned into a game. Media used like: of trees, leaves, twigs, seeds, fruit, cans, bottles and other media that is around us, almost all games can be made.
Coconut, secondhand sandals, orange peel is used as a tool for crafts or games for car replica. Cassava tree branches are used as a miniature replica of Puppet. Coconut leaves are used as a propeller. Canned bread can be used as a water turbines vane replica. All games can be created easily.
The traditional game is a game that is mostly very interesting, though there and circulate with the modern game, it's just a certain community who know the world of the modern game. Travelers may be able to find or use as a game that is often used in earlier times, such as unique shops circulating in Yogyakarta. Indeed, of all the game earlier times can't be sold, it's because of other things like the tools used.
In this article, I will give some examples of traditional games that we have known so far. Because this game there are some games that contain elements of art such as singing and dancing in it that are educated, skills training and also practice concentration that must be upheld and still has a philosophy and cultural values are still high, and is a heritage from ancestors.
Although most of the games is often played school children, however there are still some games that accordance played by adults. This game could be one of the sport in the future.
List of child traditional games, best practices and a new world experience in traditional games.
Note: "We apologize, the list of traditional game names below is the Java language. Don't be interpreted in the tool or translate language"
  1. Angkrek.
  2. Bas-Basan. (available)
  3. Benthek / Bentik / Patilan. (available)
  4. Blandongan.
  5. Brik-Brikan.
  6. Chin Chili Pit.
  7. Cublak Cublak Suweng.
  8. Dakon. (available)
  9. Dempo.
  10. Delik-delikan (Petak umpet).
  11. Engkling Version A. (available)
  12. Engkling Version B. (available)
  13. Dhingklek Oglak-Aglik.
  14. Egrang Bamboo.
  15. Egrang Batok.
  16. Engsreng.
  17. Gateng.
  18. Geledekan. (available)
  19. Gobak Sodor.
  20. Gotri.
  21. Hom Pim Pah.
  22. Jamuran.
  23. Jek-Jekan.
  24. Kreasi Janur (game made from young coconut leaves). (Explore the Rural Creative)
  25. Long Bumbung.
  26. Mul-Mulan. (available)
  27. Nekeran (Kelereng / Gundu).
  28. Paikong.
  29. Paleman.
  30. Plinteng (ketapel).
  31. Putih-Putih Melati.
  32. Suk-Suk Pari Ambruk.
  33. Tulupan.
  34. Yeye.
Traditional games don't use ancient technology or new technology to educate a child. But the traditional game contains elements of the game of culture, and education the ancient way to educate a child. Then it will be obtained: the contents of educational rides in traditional games.
What are the contents of educational rides in traditional games?
  1. Fostering Attitudes.
    Traditional games don't educate individual attitudes. Because the traditional game can only be done two or more people (Group).
  2. Face to face.
    Traditional games create a much better togetherness and friendship. They can dialogue and create cooperation.
  3. Environmentally friendly.
    Traditional games educate about the environmentally friendly, especially the people around him. Traditional games don't focus on personal play.
  4. Fostering mutual cooperation (Gotong royong).
    Traditional games have several parts to fostering mutual cooperation of a community to complete a job, for example: Engkling, Benthek, and Gobak Sodor games. This game can only be done by two or more people (Group).
  5. Fostering compactness.
    Traditional games foster cohesiveness of children and achieve a certain goal.
The Play Games Traditional Yogyakarta, there are some games that have been written in Post Reference, though not entirely. The great travel to explore.
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
Copyright 2013 EPICtravelers.COM

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