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Play Games Traditional Yogyakarta

Play Games Traditional Yogyakarta

Later in this article, you will find a lot of kinds of games kids Yogyakarta in earlier long times ago. Although it looks old-fashioned and primitive but contains more good elements, among others: to educate, to train the intellect, puzzle or to guess a question, test your nerve and ingenuity of a child, also train children to have a way for other children. "Laughing is healthy" original game of Yogyakarta is funny, quirky and fun.

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In addition to the lack of media plaything children antiquity not become disappointing thing for the kids who still preserve the culture in their daily lives. Children's games in Yogyakarta Indonesia is very diverse, almost all media can be be transformed into a game. Media used like : of trees, leaves, twigs, seeds, fruit, cans, bottles and other media that is around us, almost all games can be made.

Just an example :
Coconut, secondhand sandals, orange peel is used as a tool for crafts or games for car racing replica. Cassava tree branches are used as a miniature replica of Puppet. Mineral water cups, coconut leaves are used as a propeller. Canned bread can be used as a water mill replica, etc. All games are made ​​for kids.

Although competing with the modern game, it's just a certain community who know the world of the modern game. To revive an ancient game, maybe you can find the tools used in earlier times in the central unique items in Jogja. Indeed, of all the ancient game can not be sold, it's because of other things like the tools used.

Here I would recall the original game types that we are proud of Yogyakarta so far. Because this game there are some games that contain elements of art such as singing and dancing in it that are educated, skills training and also practice concentration that must be upheld child and still has a philosophy and cultural values are still high and is a heritage from our ancestors.

Although a children's game, but there are still some games that match played by adults. It may be this game could be one of the sport and the Games in celebration or activities in Indonesia.

Children's Games from Yogyakarta :
  1. Angkrek
  2. Bas-Basan
  3. Bedhil Sontok
  4. Benthe'k
  5. Blandongan
  6. Brik-Brikan
  7. Chin Chili Pit
  8. Cublak Cublak Suweng
  9. Dakon
  10. Dempo
  11. Engkling
  12. Dhingklek Oglak-Aglik
  13. Egrang
  14. Egrang Batok
  15. Engkling
  16. Engsreng
  17. Geledekan
  18. Gobak Sodor
  19. Gotri
  20. Hom Pim Pah
  21. Jamuran
  22. Jek-Jekan
  23. Long Bumbung
  24. Mul-Mulan
  25. Paikong
  26. Paleman
  27. Plinthe'ng
  28. Putih-Putih Melati
  29. Suk-Suk Pari Ambruk
  30. Yeye and etc.
There are some games in the games I've written in this blog, though not fully.

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