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Play Games Traditional Yogyakarta

The wonder of traditional folk game. The world nuances of traditional epic games which are one of Indonesia original cultural heritages. Traditional games present a new vehicle for educating children based on "past cultural" and "the style of games nuances of the past". In Indonesia traditional games are one of the games dedicated to epic cultural games.
Generally the goal of traditional cultural games is towards them for educational vehicles and not forgetting what is around them (People around them). So that cultural games become one of the traditional education to realize a capable person, invite many friends, create and establish togetherness that is around him. The intent and purpose of traditional cultural games will be obtained in each traditional game.
Epic travelers - Play Games Traditional Yogyakarta
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Cultural education will be implied by the contents of local traditional education and its delivery of messages in it. So that the message of education with culture is associated with the rural environment, tourism game, social environment, cultural environment and the needs of their area of origin. The cultural education is in line with the priority of local content that allows human resources to be skilled, and has provisions for socio-cultural life that accompanies ancestral values from traditional local games that exist in the society.
Educational cultural games are one of the processes of improvement, and build improvements to all human abilities and mindsets. Through cultural game education, it is hoped that life will experience a change in a direction that is better from the side or their mode of building resources in the community.
This article, travelers will find many types of games for Yogyakarta child epic travelers, and filter out from some old games that have positive goals. Although it looks old-fashioned and primitive, but contains more good elements, among others: educate, train intelligence, overcome problems, build mindsets, guess questions, train physically, talent and mental development, also train children to build togetherness for other children.
The lack of ancient games isn't a disappointment for children who still preserve culture in their daily lives. Children's games in Yogyakarta Indonesia is very diverse, almost all media can be be transformed into a game. Media used like: trees, leaves, twigs, seeds, fruit, cans, bottles and other media that is around us, almost all games can be made ​​by kids and their bright idea.
Although competing with the modern game, it's just a certain community who know the world of the modern game. This article, maybe travelers can find the tools used in earlier times in the central unique items of Jogja. In this case of all the ancient game cann't be sold because of other things like the tools used.
• Angkrek
Replica of dolls that are moved with thread and flexible wood. This game is moved with flexible wood to produce a funny "Angkrek" movement. The aim of this game is to entertain children.
• Bas-Basan
The epic games that follows the pattern of the drawing area, and a game that follows the lines of a box laid out with a chip or media. They use simple media, such as: gravel, seeds and so on. While the chip of seeds they usually use seeds Melinjo (seeds of the Tropical tree), Kentos (Salak fruit seeds) or fruit that isn't useful in the yard area. More interestingly this Bas-Basan game is also known by the names: game of candy skin (Kulit Permen), diamond game, rhombus game and box game. The number of players is 2 to 4 people and depends on the type of line being played.
Explore more: Bas-Basan Traditional Games opens in new window.
• Benthik / Patilan
Benthik is the world of traditional epic game of Yogyakarta that utilizes two pieces of wood, and usually wears straight stems of different lengths. The Benthik game is taken from the term sound (item / tools) or sound of two sticks touching each other, so this game is called the Benthik game.
Explore more: Benthik Traditional Games. opens in new window.
• Cublak Cublak Suweng
Cublak Cublak Suweng is songs and games with one media that is hidden between the players. Guessing players must find the media they are hiding. The aim of this game is to enliven the ambience around.
• Creasi Janur
Creations Janur or The art of stringing young coconut leaves is a game and craft center that uses leaf material. Travelers can learn through leaf material skills.
If venturing further, coconut leaves have many types of traditional games that can be used for children's games and create a friendly atmosphere.
Explore more: Insights Rural Creative Part: 2 - Creations Janur opens in new window.
• Dakon
Game Dakon is the most popular traditional epic game in Yogyakarta and this game has also been used by children of the Kraton family and the people of Yogyakarta and has survived to this day. Increase travelers winnings by multiplying points chips.
Explore more: Dakon Game (Traditional Games) opens in new window.
• Egrang
Egrang Bambu
"Egrang Bambu" is a traditional epic game tool made of two bamboo sticks / a long stick where one can stand on it and then step with a stick as a means of supporting all members of the body. This Egrang games consist of a footing as a footstool and a long stick as the main item of strength. The Egrang games prioritizes the strength of the hand and balance of the body.
Egrang Batok
Egrang Batok is traditional game tool made of two coconut shells. Usually this game uses a rope to pull the coconut shell under the feet. In certain events this game is also used for competition.
• Engkling
Engkling is the epic traditional game that relies solely on one leg as a power in the game or one foot as a buffer of body. In this Enkling game there are two kinds of patterns. First is Engkling Games (Version: A) which is widely played by school children and the second is Engkling Games (Version: B).
Engkling Traditional Games (Version: A) is the first unique game made in this game. To do Engkling Game Version B, travelers have to learn first of Engkling Games Version A.
Explore more: Engkling Traditional Games Version: A opens in new window.
Engkling Traditional Games (Version: B) is sifferent patterns and field lines. This game isn't much different from the way of playing on the (version: A). Perhaps of travelers who chose the game that has a field like this Engkling Traditional Games (Version: B).
Explore more: Engkling Traditional Games Version: B. opens in new window.
• Engsreng
Maintain the stability of the wheel when pushed by the player while running from the start line to the point of the finish line. Engsreng is a game that uses used wheels / tires. Usually this game is played for competitions. The number of players depends on the players participating in the competition and the area available.
• Gasing / Gasingan
Rotate items on the shaft and balance at the bottom midpoint. The media used is another piece of wood and seeds.
• Gatheng
Gatheng is a game of pebbles that is tossed up / soar upwards with several items as a games mediator. Gravel soar upwards is one point to seize the opportunity to take available items. When the item soar upwards falls on the floor then the player inactive. So that players can condition the time for this game.
• Dolanan Bekel / Bekelan
A games that utilizes the reflection of small ball on the floor with four items as a games mediator. This Game similar "Gatheng" games.
• Geledekan
Replica of a car that children can occupy on it. This games is usually pulled or pushed with certain media.
Explore more: Geledekan Games opens in new window.
• Gobak Sodor
Defend the fortress from the opponent's breakthrough. This game consists of two groups. The number of players usually follows the number of defense lines or guarded fortifications. A win will be obtained when one of the players makes it to the finish line.
• Gotri Games
Gotri is a song that is combined with traditional games while shifting stones on the ground. One of the stones is marked specifically as a flag, then rotates and stops at a certain point. Song Gotri has a bond with question songs, so that the flag in front of it is accompanied by the last song: they have to answer from the Gotri Song, for example: The ideals of child to be revealed in this game.
• Hom Pim Pah
Lottery to determine the player who is the main actor in the game. This game is similar to "Pingsut (Javanese language) and "Jan-ken-poi (Japanese language)". Usually this game is used by more than two players in the game.
• Jamuran
Circle formations performed by three or more players. Players join hands while playing like a folk celebration, but there are also those who add foot movements or pause to add to these traditional game movements. In this game they sing the "Jamuran song".
• Jek-Jekan
Games based on two different groups. The aim of the game is to capture the opponent's headquarters by holding the opponent's base. This headquarters is usually marked with wood plugged into the ground or trees that already exist in the surrounding environment. The number of players is two or more, can be an even number or not.
• Mul-Mulan
Epic game strategy so that the same media tools are parallel and gain victory. Pattern images in this game, simply drawn on the surface of the soil as a medium. This game can only be played by two people, while the tools needed to play 3 chips, and the media should be different to the opponent.
Explore more: Mul-Mulan Traditional Games opens in new window.
• Paikong
Keep the ball at a certain point to avoid players kicking the ball. This game is a combination of the game "Delik-delikan / Petak Umpet".
• Putih-Putih Melati
Train the compactness of hand movements which presents a combination of simple dances.
• Suk-Suk Pari Ambruk
Simple game / fun game to avoid empty thoughts when sitting.
• Yeye
Yeye is an epic games from a series of rubber ropes. This game has many types of games and rules. At some point the game isn't allowed to come into contact with media tools. The core of the game is like a high jump sport. At the end of the game combined like a foot movement formation while playing the rope on the foot.
Above is a little list of best games on "The Basic Information of Tourism" - Play Games Traditional Yogyakarta. Although this game is a game performed by children, some traditional games can be played by adults. It may be this epic traditional game could be one of the sport and the Asian Games in Indonesia. Greetings to explorers.
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