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Berkah Dalem Farm Egg Company

Berkah Dalem Farm Egg Company was established on June 18, 2012. Addressable: Dusun Sepuluh Randu Hargobinangun Pakem Sleman Yogyakarta. The area of land "Berkah Dalem Farm" approximately 2 hectare. Berkah Dalem Farm was founded by Mr. Setiawan and Mr. Nico Setiawan. That this business is one of the "Bangun Desa Company" which is pioneered by Mr. Setiawan who already has 9 branches in Yogyakarta. They are one of entrepreneur as well as someone who is known familiarly.
Berkah Dalem
Epic travelers - Berkah Dalem Farm Egg Company
Image Reference: Berkah Dalem Farm
Post Reference
"Berkah" is a word that is very familiar in the life of the Javanese. That Berkah (Blessing) can be viewed from various situations or place, measurement of a person, excess luck or blessings can also be related to wealth (possessions). Even the word "Berkah" is already of belief a religious, traditional culture, and language of the tribe. Actually a lot of things about the meaning of "Berkah". But the word "Berkah" is often spoken to people who love to be grateful for what they receive. Simply put the word "Berkah" is a form of praise for the gift of God. This Berkah in the form of fortune, both from the surrounding environment, both of intermediaries other people, relatives or friends nearby. Usually also in the form of words or speech, share on others, expression of a smile or make the heart glad.
"Berkah" also may be interpreted as a token of gratitude for the gift in the form of fortune that can be enjoyed. "Berkah" may also have a sense of appropriate rewards of the hard work in the work. Which means "Berkah" is something that is lawful (HALAL), something that is bless, willingly or no load of feeling. Meanwhile "Berkah" is something that is kosher, and truly sincere gift that we can receive. So most of those who get a lot of blessings, they often share the blessings they get from working.
Blessings not only in the form of tangible material and food alone. But it can also be something that we see in other words is something that symbolizes the welfare or prosperity. In this case "Berkah" isn't only embodied of luck for us, but also a fortune to plants or living things around us. Such as:
The verdant plants get enough water from the rain after the dry season, living things adapt to their habitat with plenty of food, the freshness of the water that flows for all needs, pure water from nature that can be drunk directly by animals to relieve thirst, fresh fruit from nature, lush greenery, abundant harvest, and so on.
In Java "Dalem" also means: "home", "i", "my", "me", "i am". For example: "Abdi Dalem" is "The Abdi of House", "Dalem Bapak Jhony" is meaning of "The House Mr. Jhony". Dalem is also used as a form of words to respond to an older person; "Dalem ...!!" (the meaning is "me"). That they responded smooth or politely.
Berkah Dalem Farm Company
"Berkah Dalem" means the house as a source of income or earnings of kosher, certainly with the value of many blessings. "Berkah" has different meanings according to the trust, the interpretation of the language and habits of people receive something. But in "Berkah Dalem Farm - Egg Company Yogyakarta" has the meaning may God bless. This is the realization of a dream so that owners and employees can jointly improve welfare. With the name of the company is expected this can be a blessing to all who role to help companies, both from the workers, and all the people who are around the company.
Environmental cooperation
The company's main goal is comfort and environment of employee cooperation. The company is about 20 employees to carry out tasks for each job. Technically this company will supply eggs continuously in the hands of customers.
Employees are the company's goal to increase the level of welfare. Salary will be obtained every Saturday with an extra souvenir eggs for each employee for them to take home. And on the big day, the company always share the results of companies that are distributed free of charge to the people around or territory concerned each year. So that this company and the rural environment is comparable with the intent and purpose of the "Berkah Dalem Farm - Egg Company".
Berkah Dalem Farm is the company doesn't stand alone, cooperation in the environment is the most important thing for this company in order to improve cooperation is much better. Around the rural environment or the rural areas is to control the activity of the company. So the company can manage or maintain the environment in order to be well maintained.
Image Reference: Construction Image 1
The concept of building or planning a chicken coop is very important, because it will be occupied chicken coop from the beginning to the end of the chicken isn't productive. In addition, the structure of the building is designed so that the building stands firmly. This construction, performing comparative study to other farms to see the strengths and weaknesses of the existing enclosure.
From these comparative studies, was taken from good sides and the level of cleanliness of a building, that's where this building began to be implemented in Hamlet Randu in an effort to also attempt to build the village.
Type enclosure constructed using 2 types.
Image Reference: Construction Image 2
The first is the type V. Type V using a single lane road to workers. Which consists of three levels of the hen house (Construction Image: 2). The second type is the type W. W using the two-lane road to workers. Which consists of two levels of the chicken coop. It's is almost similar to building type V (Construction Image: 2), the difference is only in terms of building the house is wider than the type V.
Chicken coop built of steel construction that stands approximately 4-5m width and length adjusted by land area. Then roads using the "system board" with in height half meters from the ground, another goal is to avoid impact to the chicken. In each cage were stand existing the sidelines or land remaining approximately 4-5m. The aim is to ease the maintenance enclosure. in addition to providing health in chickens, so that the chicken is always healthy and get enough air.
Cage construction built by experts and reliable welding, so that the building is more arranged neatly. In addition, building a sturdy cast is made with quality cement to maintain the durability of the building.
Precisely in Dusun Sepuluh Randu, buildings designed to be kept clean and also a new building designed specifically to avoid the impact of waste. This is one of the goals of "Berkah" or has the meaning of comfort, a healthy, good comfort employee in the surrounding area.
The boxes of chicken made of iron assembled or we call the "battery". Iron of "battery" is more effective to maintain the cleanliness of the room the chicken and keep air circulation in the enclosure. In addition, trees bamboo of garden embedded around the yard to provide a cool atmosphere around the company.
Image Reference: Cleanliness
Each chicken coop guarded by employees to maintain cleanliness. Cleaning paralon drink and food containers is very important that done in the morning and evening to maintain the health of chickens. Especially is feeding and drinking on schedule because a very affect the outcome and quality of eggs to remain awake.
Waste handlers
Waste handlers carried very seriously by the company to keep the environment well maintained. Waste handlers handled so that the waste remains dry. For wet waste reduction is giving fuel ash, ax rice, lime and lately with the installation of the filter is made from a specially designed timber, so that the waste from the chickens don't immediately fall to the ground.
Chicken waste management have also been made into a dry fertilizer process that has been sprayed with bacterial suppression drugs. This fertilizer is usually used for plantations and trees hard. The other hand is the emphasis nuisance insects around chicken coop so as not to harm the health of the chicken from the chicken waste impact.
Egg quality
Checking the quality of the eggs is done every day to maintain the quality. Physical checks carried out through the chicken egg. Physical checks consist of eggshell, and the contents of the egg.
Quality chicken eggs have a dark brown shell and has a sturdy shell. At the eggshell doesn't have spots on the skin. Checking the contents of the color of the egg, the egg has a bright yellow color and not watered.
Packing eggs is done according to customer wishes. In this company existing several kinds of packing eggs. Including: using wooden boxes, baskets, and egg crates.
Before filled eggs, containers always cleaned by the officer. This is to keep the egg container to the hands of consumers in a clean condition.
Stock, Orders and Sales for Stores
Greetings Entrepreneurship
Image Reference: Greetings Entrepreneurship
Berkah Dalem Farm is a company or the production of eggs which gives easy as possible in customer service and convenience. The company will serve the small shop around the area Hargobinangun. On the other hand customers can order at 09:00 AM early and 12:00 PM (order the eggs early), because the stock of eggs immediately ushered into a special distributor in the city of Yogyakarta.
"Berkah Dalem Farm company" a few years ago at ushered to meet the needs of eggs around Yogyakarta. Although the need isn't enough, the demand has arrived in Jakarta, Gombong, Kutoarjo and other cities.
Hours open and close
This company opened at 08:00 AM, but the employees come early 07:30 AM and closes at 15:00 PM or close early. The time is adjusted by the busyness of employees at home, so that companies and employees will give time as easy as possible and on the basis of mutual agreement.
Distributor and stock
Epictravelers - Stock of eggs
Image Reference: Stock of eggs
"Berkah Dalem Farm" is one of the major companies in the region Hargobinangun Pakem Sleman or the south side of the slopes of Merapi in Yogyakarta. So many business opportunities to open a store or stock of eggs from the company and about 20 stores that have partnered in the venture with the company "Berkah Dalem Farm" for egg sales services to customers.
Largest egg distributor in Yogyakarta is "JogjaTelor" and other small businesses that they are waking up to the service provider's stock of eggs from the company to the customer. Shops or selling services that has expanded in Yogyakarta so as to facilitate the convenience, especially service and sales.
Comparative study:
Berkah Dalem Farm is a company that uses the services of farm animals that come from outside the State. This chicken is exported comes from England who developed in Indonesia. And some time ago the company has been conducted a comparative study or research "Visit on Business" from the England and the various businesses of Africa.
A comparative study of the three countries.
  1. England,
  2. Indonesia, and
  3. Africa.
In this "Visit on Business" activity, each company will always provide quality performance for care within the company or in the management of the business. This place we can also share and exchange experiences to levels of management in business and management between countries in the same field.
Thus, the short article glimpse of the company Berkah Dalem Farm Egg Company Dusun Sepuluh Randu. Hopefully useful and an inspiration in entrepreneurship.
Greetings entrepreneurship, and greetings "Visit on Business".
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