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Rural Creative Traditional Nuance

Welcome to the Exploring Tourism Paradise of Rural Creative Traditional of Yogyakarta - Indonesia. Discover of epic adventure with a variety of information for travel lovers. What is different from today's adventures? Let's go to the "Rural Creative - Traditional" the connect of epic activity Traditional Education to add insight, information and your epic travel activities.
Travelers will be easier, because it will make the travelers into a positive atmosphere, easy to make friends with others, joke with anyone, confidence and a lot of knowledge. We believe that education in "Rural Creative" should not be difficult, but it should be something that everyone should do at least once in life. For more details knowing what is meant by Rural Creative adventures, travelers can take some points about their development infrastructure. Surely with your new experience in a typical rural environment. If travelers want to look for this kind of activity or similar activities, travelers can see through the Basic Information of Tourism on Destination of Yogyakarta - Tourism Village.

Type of article
Journal Analysis.
Adventure title
Rural Creative - Traditional Nuance.
Mirror activity
The part of Traditional Rural Creative Insights, Village Tourist Visits, Living Rural Area, and Epic Traditional Education Yogyakarta.
Activity Type
Collaboration of Education and Culture.
Only the student training activities.
Research activities
Adventure by Sahabat YourHappiness.
Contribution of the post
D Hary Junawan.
Forms of writing
Journals that aren't perfected.
2014 - 2015. (Update November 2017).
Project Location
Rural Creative of Sleman Yogyakarta, Slopes Mt Merapi of Yogyakarta.
Adventure in the Rural Creative
Some time ago Epictravelers reviewed the activities of the rural areas with the gave the title of travelers notes book "Rural Creative Activity of Yogyakarta", a part of the traditional education vehicle and education of the educative. "Rural Creative" is is a rural activity whose main purpose is to capitalize on the rural ability to try as a space of activity and educational space. But especially used for students (school students), and also especially the development of community activities in the village itself. This goal is a remote rural area as an educational vehicle or outdoor education that focuses on embracing rural community togetherness towards school students (tourist). About this may be an not easy thing to build activities and forms of content of its activities.
"Rural Creative" is one of the rural tourism activities, but tourists should try and really take advantage of an activity with village life. Epictravelers considers these activities really interesting, unique, awesome activities, communication vehicle and perfect introduction as the intent and purpose of the development of information, development of performance, the quality of economic development of rural areas and so on. So that in our journey in "Rural Creative Traditional" and following the development of rural activity is really amazing. Time for an opportunity to take and share joy for traveler and your experience.
Epic travelers - Rural Creative Traditional Nuance
Image Reference: Mirror photo the best activity - SMP SANTA LAURENSIA SERPONG JAKARTA
Rural Creative in Yogyakarta
We call it "Rural Creative" that they have a meaning that is more useful in traditional educational activities locally. "Rural Creative" is an activity that combines several rural areas with the aim of complementing and combining infrastructure management activities. This activity becomes a tool or means of self-learning and education for students, especially rural development for those who like this activity.
Rural Creative Development is the main foundation of rural development that stands based on local wisdom, including deliberation (musyawarah) and use of community property. So that they can at any time stop in serving this activity. This is very different on Tourism Village or in the general list. These activities are activities that are managed by the community itself (team).
Adventure and development "Rural Creative Traditional"
"Rural Creative" is one of the earliest developments and expansion of activities derived from the "Tourism Village" (mirror of activity). It could be "Rural Creative" easily to get the white sheet (Submission of license) and switch to the Tourism Village (Destination Village Tourism). But this activity is carried out by "Non Tourism-Village". Improving the quality of education they provide for general supplementary education isn't much different and even has a superior value than estimated.
"Rural Creative" is a epic of rural development that can't stand alone in carrying out this activities. All activities are done only on a portion of the existing rural area, and better can be done one village (Full). So the lack of property and the provision of activity space into a mix of several villages or headed to different rural areas, such as the provision of facilities space, space for community cooperation, contribution of food, place of visit on business, transportation, tourism place (Additional educational vehicle), and property a presented to tourists.
This Rural Activities into multiple points into the countryside for their epic activities, or public services for participants of education in rural areas. Travelers can see this activity 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 rural areas become "Rural Creative" tourist activities in one event. They provide facilities for live in about 100 heads of families, about 20 educational activities, around 20 skills, providing about 100 homestay, receives about 250 students. Could be, Students will be in different places, and far from where they gather from their entourage. But it also depends on the area they visit or the aspect of development and facilities for the activities that exist in rural areas.
How about the facilities at "Rural Creative"?
Facilities of "Rural Creative" is a merger of the activities of rural areas most important to "Rural Creative Traditional Nuance". They combine creativity in the form a epic of rural development, development of educational facilities, creativity of the society, rural economic development and provision of public facilities or combining existing public property in rural areas. Traditional activities in the "Rural Creative"; travelers can find many things, such as: A unique activities of Rural Residents, Live in activities (homestay / Staying in Rural Areas), Educational vehicle for school children, Creative Industry, Creative Activities (crafts in rural areas), learning the dances that exist in the local society, exploring the epic artistic and cultural practices, learning traditional music, making the traditional food, traditional medicine (Jamu), Visit on Business - business local area (Micro business or the rural small-business sector), processing of production materials and much more.
What is the purpose of The World of Rural Creative?
The purpose of "The World of Rural Creative" is to increase the connections and information in rural areas itself, this is also the same as the purpose of "The World of Tourism Village" famous and popular in Yogyakarta. For example: improve local community resources (Human Resources), the quality of social life, quality of activities on rural areas, the quality of cooperation, enhance and re-remind the local art-culture areas for tourists and much more. Thus creating an epic of independent rural area, friendly places, fantastic world, safe place and a quality environmental area. So it becomes an ideal place to play, friendly with new families in the countryside , social environment as well as ideal with full aktivitas diversity.
In this case "Rural Creative" also supports the new civilization and welfare of rural areas - based on Tourist Visits. But they didn't include in the "Tourism Village / list of Tourism Village" feature, or they don't have the will for it. But "Rural Creative" also through the standard on Licensing office / permissions office and list of the activities that they do for the progress of "Rural Creative", and especially the progress of society rural area.
Rural Creative is also a blend the world of exotic green tourist paradise combined with life tours from rural communities (People's lives), utilizing natural resources and the potential of rural nature.
Another goal of "Rural Creative" is the activities of rural communities to improve the welfare of rural communities which combines with tourist visits.
What is Creative Activities?
"Creative activities" is the activities of people which is taking of the important values that can be used for traditional educational facilities in rural areas. In general, creative activities can be used for the general public and creating a tourism paradise (Tourist). Rural Creative activities is one of rural environment income the based on the development of community empowerment in rural areas, they implemented a system of mutual cooperation for common progress in the rural environment. All activities or the creation of this rural area will be summarized as an arena of traditional education interest. And another destination is a fun activity for tourism activities in rural areas.
While "Traditional Education" is the educational structure in the adventure or the students they get from "Rural Creative" activity. They or the student will get "The Real Activities" in rural areas. So that the many wonderful places of interest and so many exciting activities students can do.
The next section is adventure and mixed activities in rural areas. In this activity can also be found with a variety of FunGames traditional Indonesia. Epic travelers also have the opportunity of top time to play traditional in the countryside.
Read also in Exploring the Post Reference: (Play Games Traditional Yogyakarta) opens in new window.
Traditional atmosphere
The rustic atmosphere will certainly create a distinctive environment. Tranquility and welfare to become a vehicle of education may be a different experience for students who live in the city. And from what is the goal of the rural area is to provide space for them to exchange experiences and study room about life in rural areas. So they have new families in the countryside in educational goals as well as the environment of creative activities.
Rural tourism development process
"The World of Rural Creative" and "The World of Tourism Village" is one of the development and creation of tourism through a long process that isn't easy. So they must have many ideas and plans for development, regional progress and connection rural area.
In some Sahabat-Epic research, they can build traditional educational facilities and infrastructure for 1 to 6 years. It also depends on the development of the region and the potential that has been adequate / eligible in this activity. And the most important thing is the connection of tourist visits. They increase the promotion or introduction of wealth that supports this activity for school students' activities.
"The World of Rural Creative" and "The World of Tourism Village" can be an arena and an interest to attract local and foreign tourists, so that their next destination is the arrival; "Welcome TravelBuss" in rural areas.
They are together building their tourism with a kinship system, and one of tangible manifestations of Community-Based of Rural Tourism Development Activities or Community-Based Tourism. In addition the aim is to create togetherness in rural areas. All are enhanced by way of mutual cooperation (Gotong Royong) to reach that direction and purpose.
The next section is a bit about "Insights on Rural Creative Activities" and "Rural Area Performance Activities" which we summarize from some rural activity plans.
Read also in Exploring the Post Reference: (Insights Rural Creative Part: 1) opens in new window.
This is reviews of Rural Creative; Rural Creative is part of Traditional Education of Yogyakarta activities. Warm greetings from the countryside.
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Rural Creative - Traditional Nuance

"Rural Creative" is one of the earliest developments and expansion of activities derived from the "Tourism Village" (mirror of activity). They are together building their tourism with a kinship system, and one of tangible manifestations of Community-Based of Rural Tourism Development Activities or Community-Based Tourism.

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