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Insights Rural Creative Part: 1

Hello adventurous friends. Our warm welcome to always be on the best channel exploring the tourism paradise for your happiness. Do you still want to adventure in The world of Rural Creative? Complementing the Rural Creative adventure and What are the insights they develop in rural areas? This table shows some parts from the arrival of guests or TravelBus, the form of activity category, the point of activity, and their purpose to jointly build human resources itself.
Type of article
Journal Analysis.
Adventure title
Rural Creative - Traditional Nuance.
Mirror activity
The part of Traditional Rural Creative Insights, Village Tourist Visits, Living Rural Area, and Epic Traditional Education Yogyakarta.
Activity Type
Collaboration of Education and Culture.
Only the student training activities.
Research activities
Adventure by Sahabat YourHappiness.
Contribution of the post
D Hary Junawan.
Forms of writing
Journals that aren't perfected.
2014 - 2018.
Project Location
Rural Creative of Sleman Yogyakarta, Slopes Mt Merapi of Yogyakarta.
Insights Rural Creative and Performance Activity
Data Table
Insights on Rural creative
Activity CategoryChecklistPurpose of Rural ActivityChecklist
1.The arrival of Travelbass1.Education builds a personal attitude
2.Arts and culture2.Improving social ethics
3.Activity the countryside areas3.Togetherness and cooperation
4.Visit on business4.Solution to problem
5.Creativity and skill5.Improve confidence in the environment
6.Exploring the natural beauty6.Comprehension
7.Educational Tour7.Develop a mindset
Point of activityChecklist8.Aligning work ethics
1.The business practicum9.Talent and independence
2.Confidence and knowledge10.Confidence and accuracy
3.Traditional Nuance Activities11.Expanding a good idea
4.Experience and adventurous12.Expanding knowledge
5.The real activities the countryside areas13.Learn about economics and prosperity
* Records: D. Hary Junawan
Rural Creative is realized to foster the growth and development the management of education and cultural. The value will be implied in some Infrastructure, and the Insights and Performance Rural Creative Activity.
  1. Activity Category is a plan to encourage the growth and development of Infrastructure and Rural Creative Facilities management.
  2. The point of activity is the plan for the development of Infrastructure and Facilities management in the environment in the "Rural Creative".
  3. Table of Purpose of Rural Activity is the guidance and plan of society used for student education. This is also one of the important assignments that are performed for a particular purpose, usually involving travel.
This section provides little insight into "Insights on Rural Creative activity" and "Performance Activity Rural Area" that we summarize from some of the above description. We didn't get a lot of full value, please add in this section.
Adventurers and Journal analysis, we summarize below. This discourse is based on several parts of the category in the form of their activities.
Categories exploration:
A. Epictravelers Arts and culture
• Menggamel Education
Arts and culture is one of the rural activity, that this activity has many benefits, such as: the world of entertainment, tolerance, compactness, education, creating music, how to work, and increase the sense of togetherness is very high.
Epic travelers - Insights Rural Creative (Menggamel education)
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Serpong - West Java
One of the activities epictravelers surveys of several villages in Yogyakarta, that many of those who love the art world, because it can be done well. This is one beautiful portrait of rural activities, which is now beginning to be used for public or tourists. Images of this activity is called the program "Mari Menggamel". "Mari Menggamel" is an activity that is studying art activities to make traditional music could be heard beautifully. So that they can take advantage of free time for activities that are more useful. On the other hand as a means of entertainment and therapy boredom.
"Mari Menggamel Program", we can share the experience because this instrument is very diverse. We don't need to worry or fret in "Mari Menggamel Program" in the "Rural Creative", because in this activity will be helped by the gamelan art teacher, so that students can learn with ease. In this activity we can choose the type of tool you like. If not sure or believe it can't run Java musical instrument, we can exchange gamelan tools to other comrades.
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• "Wiwit" Tradition
"Wiwit" Culture is a rural activity that is often done when the rice seeds begin green and harvest. This is the best portrait as a first introduction to students who don't they or students did before. Wiwit Culture is often done in the area of the paddy fields, but also can be done in a public house facilities. some time ago we did the same activities in related partner activities, combined with the activity "Farmers Group" in the rural area Yogyakarta.
Wiwit Culture
Image Reference: SMP Tarakanita 4 Jakarta
Wiwit culture is a kind of a small party in the field, which means "start", in the sense of starting to grow green, and start picking rice. It is part of the Wiwit culture. This culture is often performed as part of the culture of the citizens.
This portrait is an activity which was attended by Agriculture Group, and has become a longstanding partnership in this countryside. "Rural Creative" we can take advantage of these memories, especially the introduction of the local culture that has existed for centuries. So that students can learn a lot about the local culture and in particular as a means of educational and cultural activities.
B. Epictravelers The best Activity
• Agriculture Nuances
Agriculture is the feel of the beauty of the countryside, as well as a fantastic range of activities of the residents. Boredom will disappear by itself to attempt this kind of activity involves activities with others who rarely we know, and following the with his activities. This image is a new family of students when it comes in Yogyakarta to study with residents in rural activity. Chances are you rarely travel in a place like this, but in Yogyakarta has become something or talk isn't new.
Agriculture nuances
Image Reference: SMP Tarakanita 4 Jakarta
That is where a sense of togetherness in the adventure of growing to be creative, and part of a good learning together of rural life. Lots of interesting things obtained there, especially with the new family in Yogyakarta for the student.
Nature is a source of therapy for our health and the source of synchronization of activities of body and mind. Some time ago there were several students from the city of Jakarta, that students are ill when planning to stay in traditional education. "Live in Education Program" is to learn from the new families who live in the area and away from their families.
Live in education programs always use the system to provide therapy to students. Nature and the environment is a tool for them so that students can adapt in rural areas. The first therapy is the introduction of environmentally and follow the activities of people in the field. This is where the healing process is gradually improving. Students during the activity are staying for 4 days and 3 nights to meet the needs of Live in Education science, and students don't feel pain during their activities with new family. Also activities of residents in the neighborhood, and other activities they should follow. The Education Team feels good about them; that their condition is getting better especially able to follow the nature exploration about 4Km distance. It is absolutely fascinating that the rural area becomes a healing medicine for students.
• Exchanging stories and experiences
Exchanging stories and experiences in a rural is mandatory you get. "Does the story and experience you in the countryside is very interesting for you to tell the family at home later ?"
Exchanging stories or experiences
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Serpong - West Java
How to pull your activities ? is how much you creativity shared life of the citizens in rural areas, especially the adventure that you will achieve. Maybe not all users or activities like this, you can't fully achieve. But you know, we can converse with them or people to see the value and point you want to get.
We can know a lot in "Rural Creative" and its local traditions. In the field we can learn a lot about the process of cultivation, irrigation systems, rice seed selection, planting system, fertilizer of plant, plant maintenance, adjustments in agricultural season and so on. It became a long story the students in the "Rural Creative" to increase knowledge about the world of agriculture. So we can know a lot of real practices by farmers in the "Rural Creative" and its local traditions.
• Diverse rural activities
Diverse rural activities
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Serpong - West Java
You are amazed with this student activity? This activity is the desire of students to try to processing the land. Yogyakarta rural farming systems still using traditional tools to work the land. Maybe be a unique tourist activities for the try. Combines activities and tours will be an interesting thing to try to do as well as possible. From the curiosity of students to make or sweet memories of them. But it should be understood, that the work and income of residents in a village like this, isn't affected by the atmosphere of economic crisis is often the case. This can be a valuable lesson for students to enter "Rural Creative" with a variety of activities in the countryside, that the food crisis out there be a bad thing. Whether in rural happen the same thing? You'll find the answer there.
• Tasting the natural produce around the countryside
The countryside is where the trees grow and nature is a fantastic natural product for us to enjoy. This is an existing rural wealth as a source of life of the citizens. If you know there are still many rural people who always share the results of the existing natural, and not all food must be bought. This may be one of the wheels of rural economy that had been there that can't falter, and the secret of farmers in rural life.
Tasting the natural produce around the countryside
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Serpong - West Java
Many of the "Rural Creative" maintain local cultural wisdom that can be found. All can provide inspiration and a very valuable experience. Convenience rural atmosphere with the surrounding natural freshness, color world, green forests, cool air, the purity of the water, the activity of farmers, chirping birds, and this may be a wonderful thing for students to do.
• Follow the rural activity
If we see, the countryside has a variety of unique activities for you to follow and as an interesting story to tell your friends or family. Moreover, by learning to live with a new family in a rural location, this might be a funny story to share with your friends.
Follow the rural activity
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Serpong - West Java
It also occurred in six rural areas of interest in these activities in research and insights Epictravelers in student activities a few months ago. Students can stay 3 days in the rural areas, the students can take about 20 kinds of interesting activities at the "Rural Creative". This might be a wonderful experience to be obtained in this activity.
• Follow the activities of mutual cooperation
Every Sunday in the countryside can always see the activities of mutual cooperation. Mutual cooperation (Gotong royong) is a rural activity without using cash salary in doing the job, but based on togetherness. Activities which often can be seen is to clean rural environment, construction of aqueducts, cook, cleaning up the environment, the making of the home from the beginning to can be occupied, and others. In this activity creates a lot of good cooperation, create a large family a part of rural life, communication, greet, and others.
Follow the activities of Mutual Cooperation
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Serpong - West Java
The "Rural Creative" this time, may be a step you to simply want to know and try to feel the rural life that may also be of different things that you rarely found earlier.
• The touch of sincerity
The touch of sincerity is part of the "Rural Creative". Education in rural areas in particular in their togetherness in the countryside, and the sincere value of conducting joint activities to educate them or students. "Rural Creative" aren't at all recommend for students to give or make any other event outside this activities. Including giving gifts near a rural environment.
The touch of sincerity
Image Reference: SMP Tarakanita 4 Jakarta
This photo illustrates student activity in a "touch of sincerity" of an activity in a rural area. They provide learning tools to children to give encouragement to learn well in school.
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