Performing Arts and Culture Yogyakarta

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Performing Arts and Culture Yogyakarta

Welcome to the Basic Information Performing Arts and Culture Yogyakarta. Indonesia is known for its high artistic and cultural values. In general arts and culture of Indonesia is the epic world of the development of customs, amazing people, high quality of an ethnic culture, and old art from a "Performing Folk Art". Travelers can take a short tour on this page to exploring art and cultural tourism in Yogyakarta.
Epic travelers - Performing Arts and Culture Yogyakarta
• Ramayana Ballet - The Classical Drama
Ramayana Ballet is a very popular epic art show in Yogyakarta. This is done in the open air theater in Prambanan Temple. See schedule, performing Opera Jawa Ramayana. Ramayana Ballet with the epic window-background of Prambanan temple, a very warm atmosphere with classical Javanese drama.
Ramayana Ballet presents the entertainment with interesting the epic stories, classical dance, classical drama, epic of traditional music and other attractions. Ramayana Ballet 2013 received "Muri Records" from Indonesia and abroad in the art of "Ballet Dance" with categories: Arts and Cultural Heritage. As a pioneer and preservation and conservation of Cultural Heritage. It also became one of the fundamental vehicles as the host of cultural conservation of the region.
• Wayang Kulit or Ringgit Wacucal (Leather Puppet Show)
Wayang Kulit or better known to the public "Ringgit Wacucal" is an official art performed in formal ceremonies in the Javanese tradition. Wayang (Shadow Puppet) known since prehistoric times ie about 1500 years before Masehi. Indonesian society embracing animist beliefs form of worship ancestral spirits called Hyang or Dahyang, manifested in the form of a statue or picture.
Wayang has been recognized by UNESCO, as a stunning cultural work in the field of narrative of epic stories and epic of beautiful precious art. Wayang includes art and culture in category; "Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity". Indonesian Wayang Day is celebrated in the month of November in Indonesia.
• Wayang Kancil (Theatrical of fairy tale)
"Wayang Kancil" is a classic story that contains the animal characters as a wayang character. This is an epic world of "Wayang Kancil" the based on a leather wayang show with figures of various species of animals in the forest. This wayang was created by Ki Ledjar Subroto (Grandfather) to inspire children's love of fairy tales and the traditional art world of "Pewayangan" in Yogyakarta.
This "Wayang Kancil" story is based on a fairy tale of the people. This wayang is accompanied by moral messages ranging from education to the environment for children. Through this "Wayang Kancil" can be a bridge for children to get to know, and love "Wayang" which is one of the most beautiful original art in Indonesia.
• Wayang Orang or Ringgit Purwa - The Opera Java
The Epic of art a classical drama resembles Ramayana. Opera Java is full of colorful clothing worn, especially with the yellow gleam of gold in his body.
Wayang Orang or better known Ringgit Purwa is one of the folk art of Yogyakarta, and epic art the most popular in Indonesia. In addition to providing a means of entertainment that contains the epic story, also includes a touch of Education to the public. This art also contains a very high traditional philosophy, but also as a means to restore the majesty of a tradition in the past.
Wayang Orang Arts is one of the oldest cultural paradises in Java, and one of the epic majesty in the brilliant century in Java. In addition to being a Javanese the epic cultural world, this is also the protection and preservation of ancient cultures that once existed in brilliant century.
• Jathilan Art
"Jathilan" is also better known as "Jothil, Kesenian Kudho, Kuda Lumping, Kuda kepang, Jaran Kepang or Bamboo Horse Dance". Jathilan art is a blend of dance art and webbing bamboo horse property accompanied by a gamelan instruments as accompaniment of the dance. Jathilan is a typical value of cultural preservation as well as regional identity, especially base the preservation of art and cultural preservation.
Jathilan art is one piece of art based on folk art and cultural core. "Art of Culture - The Core of Folk" is one piece of art and culture based on community empowerment especially in rural areas. Jathilan is also a rural culture industry directed to increase the contribution in the development of creative economy. They build a society with kinship system mainly through "folk art" and "art performances".
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• Kethoprak Art
Kethoprak is a folk art and is one of the art icons in Yogyakarta, and the most popular in Indonesia. In addition to providing a means of entertainment that contains the educational vehicle into the community, it also contains a very high traditional philosophy. But also as a means to restore the majesty of a tradition of kethoprak the past and beautiful in the tradition of the past. Included in the trip mentioned, took an active role specific purpose, so that people know the ins and outs of the art world traditions.
• Ledek Art
Ledek there are about a thousand years ago and is one of many folk epic art forms in Yogyakarta. Typical local products that follow the development through a stunningly epic tradition at that time. This art usually features two types of performances such as performances that feature dance skills only, and the second is a small theatrical dance of a drama. Art that contains theater, usually male players often wear face masks.
In this arts was illustrated with interesting movements and fun attractions to attract small children and other audience.
• Angguk Art
Angguk Dance is the local superior product of Kulon Progo Regency. This dance comes from a dance called Dolalak dance (Purworejo - Central Java). The costume similar the Dutch officer's outfit, because it is said that this dance is used for welcoming Dutch travelers.
Performing Arts and Culture Yogyakarta is a small part of the Cultural Heritage built from the local wisdom of the art and culture of the people that give / provide many connections, for example: Ethnic identity and local customs that are expansion and the adventure that accompanies the artistic works in his life. On the other hand they live combine about many things with artistic works of old Tradition and Culture.
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Arts and Culture is intended to make humans more human or to make people more cultured, and the value of messages in the purpose and preservation of Cultural Heritage. Then culture will be implied by the system of knowledge, and an amazing work of classic epic.
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Life never ending in the journey and it is never enough to explore Yogyakarta in a short time, while there are so many beautiful places of interest and so many exciting activities you can do. Discover the unique journey and how worthwhile the trip is for you! Enjoy your trip by adding - Exploring Tourism Paradise in Yogyakarta - Indonesia
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