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Gate Charm of Tourism Yogyakarta Indonesia

Welcome to The Basic Information of Tourism. The Basic Information of Tourism is a tour reference point the depicts of brief-information about the insight of tourism destination in measuring standards against things that can be compared, assessed and selected which are packaged in the form of short information the simple levels. Surely travelers want to know some information about a short tour in Jogja or Yogyakarta? These are just a few guides and Basic Information of tourism for travelers in Yogyakarta - Indonesia.
List of Basic Information of Tourism epic, travelers can get information as easy as possible for travelers trip in Yogyakarta city. This page will provide experience and special information to travelers with quickly and travelers can also browse the epic journey at the end of the information. Summary of this page is never enough to explore Yogyakarta in a short time, while there are so many beautiful places of interest and so many exciting activities that travelers can do.
Epic travelers - Gate Charm of Tourism Yogyakarta Indonesia
• Mount Merapi National Park
A popular mountain resort 24 km from Yogyakarta, located on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Mount Merapi altitude is about 2,968 m above sea level and is the line of "The World Landmark" or "Merapi Park rides" in the Sleman area on the north side.
Mt Merapi is surrounded by enchanting countryside, also the beautiful natural beauty. Merapi is a place of exotic touch of cool air in the countryside, majestic greenery, cycling tours, a beautiful miracle of natural world, and exotic village tourism activities.
• Lava Tour Kaliadem
The beauty of the natural green color with the exotic atmosphere of Lava Tour Kaliadem National Park in Yogyakarta. Tourists can see the peak of Mount Merapi with a distance of about 2 km. Kaliadem is a highland forest for well preserved pine forest conservation, the epic of nature conservation and shelter for many bird species. Natural forests with diversity of flora and fauna as well as conditions of volcanic phenomenon, mountain morphology and the beauty of the valley. The unique social-cultural condition of the community is a huge potential for the activities of nature tourism that presents the beauty of the park (ecotourism).
• Parangkusumo
There is a thin line between dream and reality. Parangkusumo is one of the world's heritage epic sites. The phenomenon of sand dunes that is 20 m2 high above sea level and estimated there are only two in the world. The phenomenon of fine sand occurs naturally from the wind blows that form sand dunes on the coast of Parangkusumo. Travelers can nice panoramic view and wide sea shore.
• Agrotourism Salak Pondoh Fruits
Local agricultural products from surrounding communities by picking and tasting directly on the spot. Travelers can enjoy the cool rustic epic ambiance with Salak fruit plantations. Salak fruit is a fruit like snake-fruit or with scientific language Salacca zalacca.
Agrotourism Salak fruit started in 1988. Salak fruit planting is located about 5 km the north of Yogyakarta city or precisely in Bangunkerto Turi Sleman of Yogyakarta.
• Ratu Boko Temple
The site of Ratu Boko is one of the epic temples, and the largest classical settlement in Java. Built during the reign of "Rakai Panangkaran" about 7092 masehi. At the beginning of the establishment of Ratu Boko building functioned as a complex of Wihara, a place or a dormitory for monks in the Buddhist religion. But in about 8056 masehi, this building functioned to be a residence of a ruler named "Rakai Walaing Pu Kumbayoni" who adheres to Hinduism. So that this classic epic temple looks distinctive building of Buddhist and Hindu religion.
The site that is still a mystery - Ratu Boko temple is located south of Prambanan temple, approximately 5 km.
• Kalasan Temple or Candi Kalibening
Kalasan Buddhist temple built in honor of the royal wedding betting Pancapana king of the Sanjaya Dynasty and Princess Sailendra Dynasty, Dyah Wardhani Pramudya. Finely carved reliefs preserved by "Vajralepa", from tree sap. The temple is located on the south side of the main street of Yogyakarta and Solo, about 16 km east of the city of Yogyakarta or Prambanan temple and Yogyakarta between 17 km.
• Merapi Museum
Merapi Museum building is a building that symbolizes the imaginary line connecting Mount Merapi, Tugu Yogyakarta, Kraton Palace Yogyakarta and the South Seas. The new rides for educational tourism "Mount Merapi Museum". Building facilities are preservation and conservation to preserve and protect nature and culture reserves. Another collection is to collect or archive valuables as centers of documentation and education. Merapi Museum is providing a center of appreciation of science and society culture.
• Balai Raos
Balai Raos Sarinah Kraton, This is a dish typical food of indigenous kings palace. The food dish has a philosophy and meaning exist in the food dish that you should try.
• Puro Pakualaman Palace
The symbol of the unity of its leaders in protecting the people. Puro Pakualaman Palace Building is an exotic past foundation that still survives strong against the wave of strong modernity.
• Kasongan Crafts Pottery
Famous for its artistic export quality pottery. Kasongan located about 7 Km from Yogyakarta. Pottery shop address: Kasongan Bangunjiwo Kasihan Bantul of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY).
• Sonobudoyo
Sonobudoyo museum is a traditional Javanese architectural style was established in 1935 and designed by the Dutch architect Kersten. The museum exhibition is a collection of wayang kulit (shadow puppet), sculpture, ceramics, textiles, antique, ancient Javanese gamelan and others. The museum is located on the north side of the town square in front of the Kraton Sultan Hadiningrat.
• Gelagah Beach
Wonderful beaches on the border Kolon Progo (Yogyakarta) and Wates (Central Java). This place can see the sunset. This beach is also often found stranded shark fish.
• Parangtritis Beach
This beach is located in Bantul district, precisely on the south side of the city of Yogyakarta. Every month Suro according to the Javanese calendar often held Labuan.
• Affandi Museum
Affandi was Indonesia's leading impressionist painter who built a private museum for his own paintings. Located in the lush gardens of the main road between the airport and the city.
• Prambanan Temple
Known to the people around is (Roro Jonggrang Temple), or the Temple of the girl, it is a Hindu temple the most magnificent and beautiful in Indonesia. Located about 17 km from Yogyakarta.
• Kotagede
A beautiful town about 5 kilometers southeast of Yogyakarta, was once a mighty Empire Mataram kingship. Since 1930 Kotagede has become famous as the center of the silver industry Jogja - Yogyakarta.
• Sewu Hills Karst
Area formed by rock dissolubility. Covers about 13,000 Km2 with unique geomorphology, indicated by conical limestone, domes, valleys (doline and poltje) and caves with stalactites and stalagmites inside, and also underground rivers. Based on its unique scientific values and also social phenomenon, the International Union of Speleology proposed that the Sewu hills area in Gunung Kidul regency, to be World Natural Heritage. Enjoy rock climbing at Siung Beach (Seropan and Watu Grupit). Caving (Cerme, Seropan, Bribin, Grubug, Jomblang and Kalisuci Cave), Historical and Religious Tourism (Rancang Kencono, Braholo and Maria Tritis Cave).
• Taman Sari
Just west of the kraton, are the ruins, pools, arches and underground passages of the former pleasure gardens, the Taman Sari (Water Castle). Literally "fragrant garden" Built in 1758 by Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, the Sultan and his harem would relax and from the tower over looking the bathing pools. It is located in the old part of the city within walking distance from the Bird Market.
• Jalan Malioboro
The epic favorite tourist spot in Jogjakarta, and also the name of the street is so phenomenal in central city. The name comes from the name of a British travelers who once occupied Yogyakarta in 1811 - 1816 named "Marlborough" in the 19th century as a center of government and economic activity.
Food stalls replace souvenir stands on Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro street), and serve the Yogyakarta specific menu "gudeg" rice with young jackfruit cooked in coconut milk. Enjoy the food in "Lesehan" (seat on the woven mats) foodstall along the pavement and enjoy the Yogyakarta specific menu "Gudeg" rice with young jackfruit cooked in coconut milk.
• Ngasem the Bird Market
All kinds of birds and other animal are sold in this "Javanese Styles" market open everyday. Located at the South of Taman Sari, this is pleasure place to visit.
• Ullen Sentalu Museum
The epic world of Javanese art and culture history, presents a classic space of Javanese nuances. Ullen Sentalu museum was founded by one of the nobles of Yogyakarta - Pakualaman VIII, which is known to be close to family Kraton Surakarta and Yogyakarta. This museum is one of the Mataram dynasty history: Surakarta, Sultanate of Yogyakarta, mangkunegaran palace and so on, was inaugurated on March 1, 1997 by KGPAA Governor of Yogyakarta.
• Imogiri
The official cemetery of the royal descendents from Yogyakarta and Surakarta, is about 17 Km southeast of Yogyakarta and easily accessible by the bus or car. The tombs lie within three main courtyards perched on a hilltop. Entry into the smaller courtyards housing the tombs of the princes is allowed only by visitors wearing traditional Javanese dress.
Gate Charm of Tourism Yogyakarta Indonesia - Places of interest is one of short tour the joyful and happiness destinations. Surely travelers can have fun everything this place.
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The Basic Information of Tourism - Yogyakarta Indonesia
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The Gate Charm of Tourism Yogyakarta Indonesia, surely travelers want to know some information about a short tour in Jogja or Yogyakarta; These are just a few guides and Basic Information of Tourism for travelers in Yogyakarta - Indonesia. List of Basic Information of Tourism epic, travelers can get information as easy as possible for travelers trip in Yogyakarta city.

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Destination of Yogyakarta

Destination of Yogyakarta will present a magnificent stage of tourism. Travelers wishing to travel independently, epic private journeys, and group travel or private group to explore and guide to what is in Yogyakarta. Travelers backpacker not complete with tour menus.

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Rumah Budaya

The exotic from connection The World of Arts and Culture. Presents a unique house a perfect blend of traditional Javanese architecture, and local traditions as part of "Cultural Heritage Tourism". Rumah Budaya is one of the cultural values contained crystallization in the diversity, culture, religion, tradition alive in society and globalization as identification, identity, the recognition, preservation, and strengthening the nation's cultural identity.

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List of The Best Hotels in Yogyakarta

Responding as a complement to travelers to relax with tranquility and leisure comfort of sleep, is incomplete if it doesn't stay at a hotel in Yogyakarta, providing 24-hours. Travelers can pamper the leisure of Yogyakarta resort hotels. Friendly service and luxurious room service with typical Yogyakarta hotel class. Tourists can specify hotel prices, strategic place, epic buildings, stars, hotel logos, best locations, beauty of the park and more.

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Rural Creative - Traditional Nuance

"Rural Creative" is one of the earliest developments and expansion of activities derived from the "Tourism Village" (mirror of activity). They are together building their tourism with a kinship system, and one of tangible manifestations of Community-Based of Rural Tourism Development Activities or Community-Based Tourism.

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Information & Public Services

Public information service aims to make it easier to find important information about Yogyakarta. If travelers need public interest during the tour, read more the Basic Information of Tourism in the "Online Aspiration - Information and Public Services of Yogyakarta". Hopefully useful for your public service.

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