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Joglo House The Wonderful Indonesia

Hello readers, we came back on the next trip. In previous trips we have reviewed the "Rumah Budaya The Wonderful Indonesia". We need to remember is that we are not talking about the debate, the rank or position, choose which to respect, the colors or self-interest or things like that, but in Joglo House will find the value of the degree of equality.
Joglo House is one of the coolest means of diplomatic relations in Wonderful Indonesia. Every effort Department of Art and Culture in introducing Indonesian culture today especially Joglo as if already global. Discover the Javanese houses are full of inspiration, serenity, and well-being.
Epic travelers - Joglo House The Wonderful Indonesia
Image Reference: Dalem Joglo Hinggil
Exploration of this time, we are going back to review of Joglo House. That is where we will find the local wisdom, beautiful house, comfortable, peaceful, full of tranquility, full of nuances ASRI and in harmony with nature. It is never separated from the JogloJava House section that always portrays the epic world, and the classic home of the Java People. So many people are interpreting is the House of ASRI.
Symbolic ASRI is an illustration of the meaning of comfortable and cool nuances, also some of which I mentioned above. But there are some people of Java prefer different things, the details as follows ASRI
ASRI is the origin of the word is shortened. We mention one by one like this:
  • " A " : Aman = Safe
  • " S " : Sehat = Healthy
  • " R " : Rapi = Neat
  • " I " : Indah = Beautiful
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Long time ago, many people suspect that the construction of the "House of Joglo and Nature" is one form of how people respect the existence of nature. One illustration of this is the land. Land is where people can stand, running errands to earn a living, is also a source who where people can create a source of various forms of food.
On the other hand, Nature is God's creation with many advantages for human needs, to enable people to cultivate the land properly, that the presence of nature isn't to be mastered human, but used in the best possible way, if people master the existence of nature, then nature doesn't accept which eventually grew the disaster. This is a short story of a lot of trust in Javanese culture, that Nature can turn humans do differently and contradictory.
If we see the joglo house is now very rapid development, let alone the house is now more toward the yard or to see more open space facing nature. According to the Java community, Joglo also may have a meaning is the city of Jogjakarta and Solo, so maybe this is one of the rapidly growing home building Java between the two cities at that time. Or more famous now also is JogloSemar or city of Jogjakarta, Solo and Semarang.
Joglo house towards an open courtyard, usually to talk or chat. To the Javanese pavilion there are usually two, including: an open pavilion and pavilion closed or (pavilion within).
Pavilion Joglo open typically used to receive guests from outside. Meanwhile in the pavilion within usually reserved for conversations between family or also can be used for guests or newcomers who deliberately stay in the house.
Joglo house is open, usually provided a table and classical style chairs. This home it is usually as a place to relax, have a warm coffee drink with relatives or guests while enjoying views of the garden or nature around the house. Because in Joglo open, they sure can harmonize the atmosphere surrounding environment, so Java house, cool breeze and people can be a reflection of the Joglo house.
According to the Javanese it is believed to create a warm environment with whoever is in that place, so that it becomes a symbol expression "Nuances of Rumah ASRI" in Joglo house. And under any circumstances, Rumah ASRI will make a warm family feel, also provide flexibility of nuances surrounding environment.
Another benefit Joglo open house include be as a meeting between residents, party event, as a place of Gamelan or karawitan arts, variety of community activities and more. Joglo house like this is intended for the general public or to the wider community. This is where Joglo of Java in the world is now moving again to repeat back to the past that has the concept of a beautiful "Epic JogloJava" house.
People, traditional house and Rumah Budaya
Facilities and Infrastructure of the existence of a cultural home is a means to develop their inspiration. At the present Rumah Budaya became one of the friendly relations form the Indonesia state, combined with the art house and art lovers.
In this house, performing arts, Gamelan, dance, wayang and so on, will be shown by those artists from Java. Anyone can learn at Rumah Budaya to uncover talent, developing talent, awaken inspiration, creation together, develop the identity that we are an artist or experience and also as a means of education.
Might be the most wonderful thing if this section or in the country you become an amazing dancer who studied art and culture of the Country of Indonesia. You can follow and take part in Rumah Budaya of Indonesia that was developed in your country for more information you can go at Rumah Budaya which is already available in your country or Gamelan Community of Javanese from Indonesia.
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House Java and Performents
Epictravelers - Rumah Budaya Festival
Image Reference: Rumah Budaya Festival
We are also a lot of cultural inspiration from one of the friendly relations of the country, such as "ASIA TRI JOGJA" festival in Yogyakarta. "ASIA TRI JOGJA" festival is a meeting place for artists in various countries up to about 10 countries that joined in the festival. Is there representing your country at this festival? In addition to introducing the country's culture, the festival is also a way to keep the culture in each country remain sustainable.
Many of the artists who combine their music to return to the same means or purpose in establishing this festival, and then the language, culture and ethnic of a country are the thor highlights of their indigenous culture.
This is a little article this time; Joglo House The Wonderful Indonesia.
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Rumah Budaya

The exotic from connection The World of Arts and Culture. Presents a unique house a perfect blend of traditional Javanese architecture, and local traditions as part of "Cultural Heritage Tourism". Rumah Budaya is one of the cultural values contained crystallization in the diversity, culture, religion, tradition alive in society and globalization as identification, identity, the recognition, preservation, and strengthening the nation's cultural identity.

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