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Joglo Java Buildings

Joglo Java Buildings is taken from the structure of the ancient joglo building of Java. The joglo house is synonymous with classic houses and have the values of Java culture are very high, especially its unique architectural style, and full of messages of cultural value. All the reviews in private homes and also used for the public homes will be obtained from each of the characters, and their interesting stories in building a Joglo House. May be your new news list to know a little about Java house and best trips time for you. The Joglo building is a stunning house with a beautiful neighborhood garden. Joglo house is wonderful places ideal for meeting places, the ideal activity to enjoy the feel of an Epic Coffee Java, family events, and kids who want to real experience the nuances of ethnic Java. Also a place to share you.
Epic Joglo Buildings
Joglo in Yogyakarta has meaning is "House" (Joglo=House). While their house also called "Joglo, house" or "House of Java", the others "House of Java" there is also another interpretation that it isn't a "Joglo" but that is "House Java". There are some Javanese people judging the House of Java depending on the type and shape of the building Java. According to some opinions, "Joglo house" and "House Java" also have interpretations or even different house names. In this case obtained a variety of their beliefs and the value of the type of building. Such as: Javanese house full of wood (it is the original Joglo or indeed it is the House of Java). The other is Joglo Semi (house blend of modern buildings), Joglo of open space (Joglo Public or Rent), House Java closed space (Private Homes), type architecture, type uniqueness, the added value of the building, and others. So expert Joglo home builders and homeowners can be misunderstanding about this. But they can name the joglo house which is of interest to it in the construction of Joglo house or the name of the mentioned Java house.
The main purpose of Joglo House is to convey a cultural message, so also the house of Java or other custom home; which has overall value as an idea, characteristics of society or region, a picture of behavior and the work of a person (group or community) of people who progress through the learning and process. In addition, adaptation to the environment serves as a guide for community life as identification, identity, preservation, and strengthening the cultural identity of the region itself.
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According to the travelers of Javanese people; That Joglo House became one of the identical places of the Nobility. Historically also a house to Javanese aristocrats. It is also a manifestation of the charisma of homeowners, a place of relaxation and enjoy tranquility with the value of a classic cultural home.
Epic travelers - Joglo Java Buildings
Image Reference: Joglo building
Java house has a simple design concept, but it has a structural arrangement, and very complex building styles. Joglo Java has many architectural and models, for example: Joglo Kraton, Joglo Limasan, Joglo Kampung, Joglo Hinggil and Joglo Kudus, that every building and shape has a different style. This building includes several important things: house of tranquility, house of Asri, enjoying the feel of antique and furniture Java. Javanese houses can enjoy the beauty of the courtyard garden and surrounding gardens. Certainly with the traditional Javanese home style. The Joglo house will welcomes you with a green garden, a tranquil environment, the quiet countryside, and a cool air of rural areas.
Joglo buildings consists of a bottom or house foundation (Pondasi) and then (Soko Guru). Soko Guru is the main pillar of the building which is located in between the imaginary center Joglo house. The number of "Soko Guru" includes 4 pillars, 6 and 8 pillars or even more lined up, depending on the purpose of building their traditional house. The outer buffer is a support buffer for the page to be wider. Then there is the Joglo home system that uses block beams as a beam at the top or ceiling of a house. This review is the home of two houses; Joglo Kampung and Joglo Kudus as a comparison.
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In Java, Joglo house building has its own character. And for the layman about the type of house, travelers can interpret different types. So many journal writers aren't easy to review about Java traditional house. In this case due to the construction of a varied house and especially their purpose built this house and building style types. They can also build houses based on the type of house, type the building, the structure of house, the style of the house, and some important things are the purpose of the maker (Craftsmen) and owner of the house.
Part the Epic Joglo of Java
Large timber as a buffer or pillars called (Soko Guru), a large wooden the transverse called (Baleg). Part of the floor and meeting (Soko Guru) called (Umpak). Umpak is square stone as a ground-floor buffer and a main wooden support. The top of the pole gathering, called (Sungunan). Joglo building roof usually use clay tile. The top of the house called the ceilings, or wood are arranged in parallel or (Kaso), wood size 4 x 4 cm or 4 x 6 cm with length each typically used in building the house Joglo. (Kaso) arranged in parallel with a small timber with a size of about 3 x 3 cm with each length is usually used as a tile buffer called (Reng).
The names at the top is a term often used by people of Java. If you know the name of the above terms have a variety of names, including accessories, system form of building and others. So every Joglo House in the area has a different meaning in each region, especially the added value in the building of the house.
Local beliefs of Joglo building
Epictravelers - Characteristic Joglo Java
Image Reference: Local beliefs of Joglo Java
A long time ago, building of Joglo Java into a beautiful home with its predecessor in Java. Joglo Java as the house that has the design and architecture of an epic house and have a high attraction, especially the added value and completeness of this Joglo Java building. In addition Joglo House building is a beautiful house and environmentally friendly. Java house in the case of vibration; the type of Joglo house very easily corrected. And according to one Joglo homeowner; Joglo Java is believed from the first to address the problem of vibration such as incident in Yogyakarta a few years ago. So, Joglo house has become building Epic Java in dealing with the problem since the days of the ancestors in Java. Another thing Joglo houses, Java house, Rumah Budaya and the like became part of the Javanese house, thus became a popularity in the world Wonderful Indonesia with the completeness of art and artists as well as cultural message values.
Joglo in the past, this house isn't at all using nails or iron binder as fastener or reinforcement, this is the same as the temple building in Yogyakarta. The technique they use is actually easy but without a special expert it isn't easy to repair the building. Because of the many cases they don't know in the building techniques (a different expert). Also initially not known correctly the type they use by their respective creator or Maker. So that's where a lot of people discover the techniques they use especially the ancient buildings. Especially the model of ancient buildings they found, and do the restoration of buildings.
The ancient Joglo building uses a special technique to create, assembling, about of security, comfort, and particularly in the design and architecture of the building. Joglo house ancient buildings consist of wood inserts for the doors, window, barrier or wall and roof section the house often use fiber rope made of (Aren trees). Tree rope of (Aren) is stronger and can last up to 100 years or more.
This content, a written by a lay writer about Joglo Java. Changes in various reviews and surveys in this chapter is education that must be obtained from them (Developer Java House). Because Java house has different characteristics, and each person has a different understanding. You can help make it happen in this about the Joglo Java Buildings.
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