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Joglo Kampung Griya Aissa

Hello travel lovers, today is probably already the best wishes for your trip anywhere. Surely free time you are happy with Jogja-travel, I am now back to introduce and review Joglo Kampung on travel blog notes. In this case there may be a lot of subjective opinions about the world of travel in your room. Joglo is a famous house in the country of Indonesia and cultural relations between countries. Nationally this house is home to local people, especially houses in the island of Java. Joglo is show ancient building, this place is certainly different. Because this Joglo-Kampung is in the countryside away from the crowd area. I could stayed at this place with real a sleep quality as well as the quietness of the countryside class and without the noisy noise. There is no restaurants and no response with anyone else from the outside environment. Yea ... may be one of the list choices of places of interest for you to visit somewhere in Jogja and great search place or just exploring somewhere for an extra vacation one day for you. And also a long journey and place destination for you. Travel this time, there are also some things you should look at when heading to this place. This Joglo is located in Dusun Sepuluh Randu, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.
Home Area
Epic travelers - Joglo Kampung Griya Aissa
Image Reference: Home Area
This place can be reached through the main Jl. Kaliurang from downtown Yogyakarta. You can view the map by name addresses. The location is about 24 km from Yogyakarta city center (45 minutes drive). If you are in the Market of Pakem (Traditional Market). We can through the Jl. Pakem-Turi about 2Km. The Mangunan gasoline sales center, you can turn to the right or to the road to the Museum of Merapi (Jl. Boyong). The window section views a mountain resort and a unique place. During the journey we need to know as well; That your trip to visit this place is line "The World Landmark" or around the "Merapi Park rides" in Sleman area on the north side.
If you have read the article Omahe Simbok Pentingsari; This location is almost parallel to the Pentingsari Tourism Village or located at a distance of 11 Km from the summit of Mount Merapi.
Read also in Exploring the Post Reference: (Pentingsari Tourism Village) opens in new window.
Cultural values
Joglo Kampung in Griya Aissa is home "Guyub Rukun" that has meaning Joglo a friendly and harmonious, especially your new best experiences for travelers. Another meaning is as a vehicle for meeting that focusing the Joglo Public. Viewed from the shape of the building is a priority to form Joglo nuanced beautiful the Epic Kampung Asri. The joglo with beautiful shades of the surrounding garden, equipped also with the beauty of the green fields of Mount Merapi, the cool breeze nuances of the mountains, river routes western, and typical values the countryside.
In Joglo, customers or guests are applied sitting on the mat, this is where the concept of Joglo "Guyub Rukun" was established. As used reunion event, general meeting and others, so the atmosphere is warm and the value of solidarity grows out of themselves each in this Joglo. Thus illustrating that every human being has the equality, regardless of rank or position they have respectively.
General discourse
This house is constructed or established by Mrs Marlin as a developer, is now as an intermediary by Mr Yussi. At the beginning of construction in 1999, and since used for public service mid-2002. If you are interested can directly survey to this place, and can ask the management Griya Aissa by Mr Harman and Mr Suparman.
Mr Harman and Mr Suparman stay home on south street (area Griya Aissa), are becoming teachers discourse on this website. Both of these men, is a trust given to care for Joglo in the countryside. Perhaps it is easy to get information quickly, because when there are customers who sign or schedule new activities will always receive information from the parties involved.
Antique chair the traditional nuances
Image Reference: Antique chair the traditional area
Joglo building area of about 7 x 12 meters, and land area approximately: ± 6000 meters. Then, there are the classic pillars in the middle, as a complement to the atmosphere of the (Pendopo or Pavilion) there is also an antique chair made of teak tree for relaxed with family facilities. Guests can also stay on the east side Pavilion, which is available 3 rooms built with the concept of a modern home. Perhaps like your private hotels in this place. It's the perfect home for you. Another goal of building Joglo Kampung, and modern houses in Griya Aissa are buildings to harmonize the era of progress to continue preserving the culture of Joglo house or increase the values of the home environment of the Javanese.
Public facilities
Around the Joglo Kampung there are various public facilities, such as: table tennis, volleyball or basketball field, swings, a large parking area, bathroom, Gazebo with the atmosphere of the park, cool mountain air, pavilion with traditional Joglo Java atmosphere. Joglo house for a meeting, reunion, member activity lovers, event suites, wedding in the open space provided special pendopo or pavilion. so that it becomes a place for your deal, of course good news for you. You can find a high quality home for your vacation. For friends who want to play games, travelers don't worry about the vast lands that offer some of the most important parts of the exciting game you will be doing in this place. Land that is quite close to the field, will certainly add to the experience and good memories with a garden pine and bamboo trees the typical in rural areas. This place is about 11 Km from the summit of Mount Merapi in this case you can also feel the natural beauty of choice that is right for you. Filling in other activities, I tried to hunt down photos of farmer activity in the morning. It may also be one of the good memories for you for the collection of albums or book images at home later. Or just share in social media from your smartphone or mobile app.
Epictravelers - Joglo
Image Reference: Pendopo Area
If you want to plan joint activities such as: the good friends you, school reunions, family party or a large family gathering. You must ask the right time to use later. Because this place is often used in special occasions by Students in Yogyakarta (activities of university students), but this place it is also used the surrounding community. You can choose the time and date of your activity by considering both. In addition, a cheap rental fee is definitely a holiday comfort for you in an event or your activities are good and fun later. Travel adventures lovers can also traveling or track miles away with a comfortable area.
Keep in mind, because Griya Aissa were not in the area of tourist attractions. We equip additional information about permits or customary rules in the vicinity. Activities crowd such as: noise, music sound allowed until around 22:00 pm, while the activity isn't limited to the users. So you can still do fun activities until morning.
We may consider the use of the place permit we obtain or the letter of clarity. In this case we can see the form of the activity: Is the activity thoroughly public activity (activity in general) or small activities only? If we look at people's lives in the countryside, they prefer a friendliness and keep the atmosphere calm. This is also true in Rumah Budaya that awaits your visit. In Rumah Budaya can be a benchmark for a bit to learn about the values and behavior of cultured, let alone the activities at night in the rural environment.
If you are a travelers Yogyakarta, you can find the Randu Village. Randu Village is a friendly place, famous for the lush green fields of the slopes of Merapi with plenty of nice food, people who are familiar with the life of the environment, and keep the tranquility established in the community for several generations. Maybe you can meet someone with their greeting in the neighborhood.
Thus adventures the wonderful places in world travelers sharing the moment, Joglo Kampung Griya Aissa.
General Info
  • Name of the house: Joglo Kampung.
  • Category: Joglo Kampung.
  • Status of home: Joglo Public, Joglo Rent, Rent a vacation spot.
  • Developer of building: Mrs Marlin.
  • Land area: ± 6000 meters.
  • Built of year: 1999.
  • Address: Dusun Sepuluh Randu, Hargobinangun, Pakem, Sleman Daerah Istimewa of Yogyakarta (DIY).
  • Road: Boyong Street.
  • Facilities: Basketball court, Swing, Parking, Bathrooms, Gazebo with garden atmosphere, the pavilion with the atmosphere of a traditional Joglo Java or Pendopo, etc.
  • Activities and tourist events: Reunion, business presentations, family holidays, private holidays, general meeting or event meetings, open party, etc.
  • Teacher of discourse: Mr Harman and Mr Suparman.
  • Traveler: archive of the year 2017.
Info stay
  • Bedroom: 3 rooms ready.
  • Bathroom: 2 rooms ready.
  • Contact: None check.
  • Email: None check.
  • Open and close: None check.
  • Show prices: ± Rp 250.000,- (Guest get response the manager; the activities and days).
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