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Omahe Simbok Pentingsari

Hi ... Travelers your journey will surely never be finished to keep to move in the world of your journey. In addition it also be your best time. To expand and enrich this site, I came back with a tour and visit in Joglo Omahe Simbok. This Joglo, located in Tourism Village of Pentingsari, Umbulharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman of Yogyakarta. About 12 km from Mount Merapi.
The park of Pentingsari Tourism Village
Epic travelers - Omahe Simbok Pentingsari
Image Reference: Pentingsari Tourism Village
Pentingsari Tourism Village is one of the hamlets located not far from the Merapi Golf, also be an area adjacent to the slopes of Mount Merapi. The location is about 24 km from Yogyakarta city center (45 minutes drive). In this place I also found some Joglo Java and beautiful rural environment, at least you can try to come and take the time to visit this place.
Cultural values
The name "Omahe Simbok" is taken from the Java language or means "Mother's Home". The meant to be home the warmth of a family with whomever they come. Tranquility and peace is one of the well-established destinations of Omahe Simbok especially with its distinctive values or being an icon in this place. In this case it will certainly bring a different experience in the journey of some "Live in" activities from outside area. Thus creating the world best at the new place, new experiences, joint experience, find people of rural area, share stories with people, and new activity to travelers you. On the other hand, in this place as a destination to dampen the sense of missed to the mother or father for immigrants or students who are in Yogyakarta. We can see about; How are the typical Javanese house forms that are partly repairs of the old house? It may be the destination of exciting new places to try for your next trip. Especially looking for experience about the world of Tourism Village in this place.
Another meaning is a house that has a very important meaning or something to note, that Omahe Simbok (Mother's Home) is the place or name of someone who is most respected and appreciated in life. All of these have symbolic values like Mom and a child that must be realized. Especially a loving home and friendly environment and open to anyone. It is also an ideal place for families, and children who want to feel the typical feel of a rural environment.
General discourse
In generally Omahe Simbok located at the Pentingsari Tourism Village or they call "Dewi Peri". Pentingsari Tourism Village is a rural area that has uniqueness, beauty and special characteristics. Especially rural environment with natural nuance as well as tradition and culture still held by society. They are still building their society with a kinship system. Pentingsari Tourism Village is one of tangible manifestations of community-based of rural tourism development activities (community-based tourism). Or as a community project, and the community perceives the distribution of the results of the tourism activity.
Pentingsari Tourism Village was established in 2008 and the best community project in Yogyakarta City. Tourism Village is one of the government's programs on 2006 based on the "Tourism Core People's" (Pariwisata Inti Rakyat) which is a tourism program based on community empowerment and people's welfare for the rural tourism sector. Meanwhile, Pentingsari Tourism Village is one of 31 places of Tourism Village spread all over in Yogyakarta.
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Pentingsari Tourism Village is at an altitude of ± 600 m above sea level. Pentingsari area of approximately 103 hectares. Environmental conditions in the form of rural nature, settlement, plantation, livestock, community forest, agriculture, and lowland flanked by Kuning rivers on the west and Pawon rivers on the east. This place is One part of the makrab places, gathering, camping, outbound, also supply some indoor and outdoor activities. We can follow indoor activities such as: Gamelan Exercise, Live in traditional in the countryside, art and cultural performances. Another thing outdoor activities are making coffee powder, rural activities, track activity (Tracking) and Merapi Adventure facilities.
If we are on vacation or are traveling around the slopes of Merapi until late at night. We don't worry; That this place is open 24 hours for guests who want to stay in the countryside.
Exploring Joglo House in Pentingsari Tourist Village Sleman
Around the yard of Joglo Java, we met Mr Doto Sugiarto. Mr Doto Sugiarto is the Head II of Tourism Village in Pentingsari. Mr Doto other than as the second chairman in the Tourism Village Pentingsari he was ever appointed chairman of the "Tourism Village Communication Forum" Sleman Region. Mr Doto is a graduate of IPB (Institute of Agriculture Bandung). I and the other two friends don't think long in this meeting. That on the day of my emptiness with the purpose or intention to play in Pentingsari village, I got something very special from all the activities I did before. Besides Mrs Dian is also an old friend of my friend introductions. May be an amazing exploration today, especially the news surprise of my closest associates.
Around environment Joglo are garden areas and playground. The atmosphere was warm while doing research on Joglo who was accompanied by Mr Doto Sugiarto, and Mrs Dian. They are one of the pioneers in the tourist village Pentingsari. Omahe Simbok is a very traditional nuance with a rural atmosphere, especially the village that has the feel of the original and beautiful countryside.
1. Joglo Omahe Simbok
Joglo Simbok - combination the bamboo design
Image Reference: The front page of Joglo Omahe Simbok
On arrival the first time, we were directed around this page. Joglo Simbok is a public space and is used for banquets, joglo size approximately 7 x 12 meters. Joglo walls combined with brick and bamboo or called "Semi Joglo". The roof is designed from bamboo to add to the old Joglo house atmosphere, also seen from the concept of simple wooden door architecture that I often find in some other villages that still maintained.
When in the room looks a little dark, because the old Javanese house doesn't wear window glass as reflection of light from outside the house. In the room also there are no boundaries of the room, because this house for a meeting that focuses on Joglo Public
In the next section there is a spacious garden area with a cool breeze from the leaf mahogany trees shady. This place also can be used as a place to sit while using the plastic chairs provided by the manager of a tourist village. Yea ... maybe you should try to enjoy the atmosphere of typical environment of Java.
2. Joglo 2
The house is only used by special guest as the user, the size approximately 6 x 8 meters. The wall is made of full wood. In the middle there is a bed and a cupboard to store valuables or other. In addition, there is a special bathroom, seating families, and others. Joglo This is a special gift to add Joglo facilities especially for rural tourism development Pentingsari.
3. Joglo Mbah Sastro
Epictravelers - Joglo Mbah Sastro
Image Reference: The front page of Joglo Mbah Sastro
Joglo Mbah Sastro is a home that can be used for banquets, play areas and meetings. This house can be used about 150 people. House size approximately 7 x 12 meters with open Joglo concept. In the middle there are 8 pole as a buffer then use bamboo roof neatly organized and partly arranged differently. So it will make the atmosphere of your banquets in this Joglo, will feel the typical rural atmosphere in Yogyakarta. This place, I see a kitchen utensil or a special pan made of clay, such as furnaces, kendil, pans and so on.
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On the other side Joglo Mbah sastro comes with a sound system and a white background for reunions or meetings. White background can be used as a projection screen as a means of presentation.
In this village there are a lot of Joglo house for guests, so a lot of discourse that we can get. Thus journey this time in the wonderful places of Tourist Village on Omahe Simbok Pentingsari.
General Info
  • Name of the house: Omahe Simbok - Pentingsari Tourism Village.
  • Category: Joglo Kampung.
  • Status of home: Joglo Public, Joglo Rent.
  • Developer of Building : -
  • Land area: ± 8000 meters.
  • Built of year: 2000.
  • Address: Pentingsari, Umbulharjo Cangkringan Sleman of Yogyakarta.
  • Facilities: Parking, Joglo Public, playground, HomeStay, Gamelan art, outbond, MCK, etc.
  • Teacher of discourse: Mr Doto Sugiarto - (Chairman of the tourist village in Yogyakarta), and Mrs Dian.
Info stay
  • Bedroom: home residents.
  • Contact: None check.
  • Email: None check.
  • Open and close: 24 hours (Full time).
  • Show prices: None check (Guest get response the manager; the activities and days).
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