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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Kasongan Yogyakarta

Hunting for a unique style and antique of Kasongan of Yogyakarta, which is the satisfaction of Tourism and tourist attraction. Tourist Malioboro shopping center you will be spoiled again with antiques and unique from Kasongan.

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Kasongan Yogyakarta
Kasongan Yogyakarta
Kasongan is located in : Kasongan Bangunjiwo Kasihan Bantul Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. About 6 km south of Jogja city. Almost all residents Kasongan, have regular activities make different crafts and unique gift and antique pottery using clay as a raw material.
You will find a lot of showroom that will be ready to serve a variety of requests for the tourists. But there is also, they were hawking their wares in the stalls of his house.
The government's efforts to consolidate the manufacture earthenware vessels and earthenware into tourist centers. Various attempts were made to introduce a new place now.
In addition to now being Tourism kiosks centers, is also the Tourism Village in kasongan. This place is no longer a small producer of earthenware vessels, but earthenware vessels has become the most popular industrial centers abroad. In addition to the local earthenware vessels sold in the market has been able to go to the market overseas such as Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, the United States, the Netherlands, and others.
Variation in the form of her really touched my heart and also other visitors. Might be something interesting to decorate my house later. As well as buyers, feel want to have all the antiques after seeing pottery in Kasongan Yogyakarta.
Results pottery Kasongan of Yogyakarta is very unique, a variety of forms such as : scarecrow statue, animal, urns, vase, flower pots and many others. To increase the added value of Kasongan pottery in Yogyakarta, pottery industry and its use has been varied, such as household appliances and furniture fixtures at home.
To find out more about the larger pottery village, and more closely. You can look around while walking diarea around, ranging from materials processing, manufacture, burning, and painting it all and of course the price is still skewed. Or you want to create your own creations as memories and your favorite pottery or painting, in this place there is also a special provide for the guests.

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