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Kasongan Yogyakarta

A hunting travel for unique and antique styles that is one of the epic centers of crafts and new tourist attractions. May be good news this year for antiques lovers to complement the luxury crafts in your home. After the shopping center in Malioboro, you will be spoiled again with antiques and unique from Kasongan. Travelers can take and share "Top Holidays" and the best place, especially with the rustic classic atmosphere with a diversity of community crafts.
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Location Kasongan Tourism Village
Kasongan Village is located in Pedukuhan Kajen, Banguntapan, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. About 6 km south of Jogja city. Almost all societies have regular activities make different crafts and unique gift or souvenirs and antique pottery using clay as a raw material.
Epic travelers - Kasongan Yogyakarta
Image Reference: Craft market
You will find a lot of showroom that will be ready to serve a variety of craft market for the tourists. But there is also they were hawking their wares in the stalls of his house. So many interesting options for the streets of this place. So, many opportunities for world epic travelers to survey high quality products, artistic, luxury and durability of products. Besides the best craft also become cultural heritage tourism. This place is also a craft paradise the perfect and stunning of your travel adventures.
Pottery craft center
Watch and check lots of unique pottery from famous community crafts, and as the Kasongan Tourism logo which is also the Handicraft Park Center. You can adventures with many best photo of you in this place. This place is one of the large rural business activities that is currently manifesting from empowering rural communities. So many people around have micro businesses or small businesses that are starting to increase to add to the economy and the quality of people's activities surrounding countryside. There's also managed groups or individuals only. So this place become the best craft center in Bantul Regency of Yogyakarta City. In addition, this place is also one tourist destination. Because Pedukuhan-Kasongan has grown quite rapidly since 1971 until now.
If tourists visit this place; They or the average buyer comes from out of town area. In addition to now being Tourism kiosks centers, Tourist Village is also a beautiful place for tourists. Tourists can choose the results of pottery that doesn't create a boring and monotonous impression. Of course, by looking directly at the forms of craft that it produces. Good time to list travel you and share the joy in this place. This place is no longer a small producer of earthenware vessels (national), but earthenware vessels has become the most popular industrial centers abroad (international). In addition to pottery sold in the locals market, but pottery from Kasongan has entered in several countries, such as: Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, the United States, the Netherlands, and others.
Results of pottery craft
Results of pottery craft vary greatly with the motifs really touch the tourists and also other visitors. Maybe there is something interesting also romantic to decorate my house later. Many comments and buyers feel like to have all the antiques after seeing pottery in Kasongan. Because pottery produced a includes the home supplies, beauty of the room and beauty needs of the garden yard.
Other parts is the pottery are very unique and varied such as: replica of animals, urns, flower pots, sculptures with other varied motifs. To increase the added value of pottery, pottery industry and its use has been varied, such as household appliances and furniture fixtures at home. Especially the many variations of compelling motives. In this case of course be the beauty of rooms, small cafe souvenirs, hotels supplies, restaurants and a new window in every room and place.
For to know more about the pottery village, and more closely. You can look around while walking diarea around, ranging from materials processing, manufacture, burning of pottery craft, and painting. Nuance of color: black, brown, white color combination, gold color with attractive and perfect color paint. Everything of course the price is still skewed.
This place there is also a special reserved for guests. You can also create your own creations as memories with your favorite painting pottery. You can stay temporarily about handicrafts to share time in vacation for family or close friends with local people.
Price of pottery craft
The price of pottery varies depending on the complexity of pottery made by the craftsmen. You can see traditional arrangements with warm service there at fairly standard prices. You can choose the price starting from the cheapest price of around Rp 20,000 to millions of rupiah. But the pottery craft in this place can still be offered as cheaply as possible. Maybe create book lists and travel images for your great business window faster experience in this years. Or be the basis of your business click and share it to group or peers.
Handicraft Park Center of Kasongan is a wonderful place for tourists to lovers of unique items and antiques. Surely adds inspiration to you'll.
Regards travelers: Kasongan Yogyakarta, the exploring "Visit on Business".
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