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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Lava Tour Kaliadem

Seeing the beauty of the natural green color and Lava Tour Kaliadem located in Kepuharjo Cangkringan Sleman Yogyakarta. If friends holiday in locations of Kaliurang, for those who like adventure can be reached on foot takes between 2 to 2.5 hours to the east and then follow the road and then cross the river. During the trip you can traverse Watu Ploso location.

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Lava Tour Kaliadem
Green Forest of Lava Tour Kaliadem
And if we use a motor vehicle, we can pass Kaliurang way back. You can switch to the east through the Merapi Golf (see nameplate) or through the Kaliurang street - 17Km, or the alternative pathway Solo street near Pakem traditional markets through Cangkringan, then in Bedoyo road continues to the north.
In nature Kali Adem tour you will see a green forest, the cool air with a wonderful atmosphere and you can see the city of Yogyakarta on the spot Lava Tour Kaliadem. To fill the holiday events like driving, you can rent a bike to add further adventures in the lava tour. With the low cost quite content to add to the experience and your adrenaline.
As upland forests that are still well preserved, the forest around Kaliadem is a haven the life and shelter many species of birds. Lots of sounds of birds chirping sounded melodious in mainly southern slopes of Merapi around this nature that still has many species of wild birds ranging from small birds to large-sized birds.
In this place we are also treated to a view of Mount Merapi exotic atmosphere in the afternoon. As the sinking sun, rays of sunlight gives a clear light beam on the slopes of Merapi with a mix of fog and beautiful colors are very impressing.
Stop for a moment in Kinahrejo
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Wonderful Yogyakarta
Wonderful Yogyakarta - Lava Tour Kaliadem
Kinahrejo is a hamlet on the south side slopes of Mount Merapi. For the people of Jogjakarta, Kinahrejo very familiar name because this is the place to stay Interpreter Lock (Juru Kunci) Mount Merapi - Mbah Marijan.
Mbah Marijan is the messenger of the King Hamengkubuono Ngarsodalem X Sultan of Yogyakarta today to keep Mount Merapi called Interpreter Lock. As well as the ritual leader and keep the forest from the slopes of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta. Mainly because of the eruption of Mount Merapi in 2006, Mbah Marijan name even more famous as a caretaker of Mount Merapi. Mbah Marijan is an important actor behind the preservation of forests on the south side slopes of Mount Merapi, as a community role model, he always invites the public to always seek to protect forests around their village and also through the culture of togetherness in their village.

Dear colleagues and friends, currently you are with us. We are glad you are part of the travel lovers. You can enjoy an epic coffee while enjoying a beautiful profile and sharing it on your phone. Enjoy the beauty of your trip, and convey our regards for to your beloved city. Greetings to explore, As-salamu'alaikum - Peace be upon you.

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