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Lava Tour Kaliadem Merapi Yogyakarta

Seeing the beauty of natural green color with the exotic atmosphere of Kaliadem National Park Yogyakarta. Kaliadem is one of the most beautiful place for the people around the slopes of Merapi. This place is also a hidden paradise of nature for the protection of wildlife that is maintained by the local community. In addition to a beautiful place, Kaliadem is also a a favorite tourist spot that many Epic travelers visited in various countries in the world. Certainly complement the good day of the tourists and add your travel destinations during a visit in Kaliadem National Park, especially the beauty of Mount Merapi Yogyakarta.
Merapi Memories 2006
Epic travelers - Lava Tour Kaliadem Merapi Yogyakarta
Image Reference: Kaliadem National Park
Photo Pasca Merapi 2006
Travelers Kaliadem will see a green forest, the cool air with a wonderful atmosphere. Merapi typical scenery of course gives its own beauty to add inspiration and experience during the explore in the world of natural colors. As the highland forests are well preserved, the forests around Kaliadem are the epic of nature conservation and shelter for many bird species. Many sounds of chirping birds sounding on the southern slopes of Merapi, especially around this nature that still has many species of wild birds ranging from small birds to large birds.
Kaliadem is one of the animal wildlife protection areas and pine forest conservation area. Natural forest with the diversity of flora and fauna as well as conditions of volcanic phenomena, mountain morphology and the beauty of the valley. The unique social-cultural conditions of the community is a huge potential for the activities of nature tourism that presents the beauty of the park (ecotourism).
This place we are also treated to a view of the exotic atmosphere of Mount Merapi in the afternoon. As the sun sets or at sunrise, sunlight provides a clear light on the slopes of Merapi with a mixture of fog and color that is very impressed beautiful. You can find an amazing epic spot at that time.
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Epictravelers - Pasca Merapi 2006
Image Reference: Photo Pasca Merapi 2006
Tips going to Kaliadem National Park place:
• Trip 1
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If you are holiday in Kaliurang, for those who like epic adventure can be reached on foot takes between 1.5 - 2 hours to the east. Follow the road and then cross the river. During the trip you can cross the location of monkey forest, Watu Ploso, Kinahrejo village and Kaliadem National Park.
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You at least recover energy to try agility while exploring the first tip method. But we have tried this adventure with a path with the cool atmosphere of the mount of Merapi slopes. We've done two exploring with start; Watu ploso - Kaliurang Tourism. Actually Lava tour National Park - Kaliurang Tourism is about 3 Km. It also depends on the travel route found not just one. Might be a great adventure trying to explore the natural slopes of the Merapi Volcano Tour.
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• Trip 2
And if use a motor vehicle, we can pass Kaliurang way back KM.22 (Sidorejo). You can switch to the east through the Merapi Golf (see nameplate). Use the Google Maps app guides.
• Trip 3
The Kaliurang street - KM.17 (The alternative pathway Solo street) near Pakem traditional markets through Jl Cangkringan or Jl Pakem - Kalasan. You can find the Bedoyo, and then the road continues to the north (Jl Merapi Golf). Use the Google Maps app guides.
Overview Place
Mount Merapi is located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, and also the best place with the natural potential of the national park. Around Mount Merapi is flanked by four district divisions. The first zone is the Regency of Sleman or the southern side of Mount Merapi. The western side is Magelang District, The north and east side are Boyolali District, and the southeast side is Klaten District.
Kaliadem located in Kepuharjo Cangkringan Sleman Yogyakarta. Altitude ± 1100 meters above sea level, precisely on the slopes of the southern side of Mount Merapi. ± 28 - 30 km north of Yogyakarta city (one hour drive). Epictravelers can see the peak of Mount Merapi, with visibility about 2 km. In this venue there is a local community hall for events or public meetings.
Kinahrejo Village
Epictravelers - Kinahrejo Village
Image Reference: Kinahrejo Village
Photo Pasca Merapi 2006
Visited Kinahrejo Village. Kinahrejo is a village on the south side of the slopes of Mount Merapi. Society of Yogyakarta, Kinahrejo name is very familiar. Because this place as a dwelling house a Interpreter Lock of Mount Merapi - Mbah Marijan.
Mbah Marijan (grandfather) is the messenger of the King Hamengkubuwono Ngarso Dalem X Sultan of Yogyakarta to keep Mount Merapi. As well as the spiritual guardian by keeping the forest on the slopes of Mount Merapi Yogyakarta. Mainly because of the eruption of Mount Merapi in 2006, Mbah Marijan name even more famous as a caretaker of Mount Merapi. Mbah Marijan is an important actor behind the preservation of forests on the south side slopes of Mount Merapi. As a community role model, he always invites the public to always seek to protect forests around their village and also through the culture of togetherness in their village.
During a visit at his home, the home environment Mbah Marijan looks empty. We only met some local people who were doing activities in their neighborhood. We have been traveling about 5 hours ending in the afternoon with three friends traveling on the Lava Tour. The time had begun to shift dark, we were led to go home because there is no light to go to that place. But it also ends at the Kinahrejo junction with exotic views of the peak of Merapi. According to some local residents, Mbah Marijan is doing a special ritual around the park Watu ploso with some family colleagues.
Booking Hotels and stay
Next review about exploring high class hotels. Travelers can pamper the comfort of the resort hotel in the slopes of Merapi Yogyakarta. Friendly service and luxury room service with typical Yogyakarta hotel class. Warm coffee will lead you to enjoy the atmosphere of the tourist class. Travelers can get lots of information and news with the tourism guide. Tourists can specify hotel prices, capitol building, stars, hotel logo, rooms, location, and the breakfast list of restaurants during the lava tour. Plan well the weekend before traveling, and share opinion or inspiring you during a stay at the slopes of Merapi in Yogyakarta.
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Book Lava Tour Merapi Yogyakarta
Tour lava slopes of Merapi is a nice adventure and suitable for families, also a friendly place for you. You can enjoy the cool air with pine trees and animal protection in the Kaliadem National Park. You can also see and feel the exotic side of Merapi that few visitors to Yogyakarta. And it's definitely something I would recommend to friends for lovers of mountain biking, camp, playground and nature trails.
Travelers write book notes - Merapi Memories 2006: Lava Tour Kaliadem Merapi Yogyakarta.
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
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