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Merapi Museum

Let's go to the Museum of Mount Merapi as a manifestation of love to the Museum of some other museum in Yogyakarta, a new rides for education tourism "Mount Merapi Museum". This Museum is located adjacent to the two hamlets, hamlet: Boyong Hargobinangun Pakem Sleman Yogyakarta. While precisely located in the hamlet: Banteng Hargobinangun Pakem Sleman Yogyakarta. The street address: Kaliurang Street KM 6/44 Yogyakarta.
Epic travelers - Merapi Museum
Image Reference: The room of Museum
The museum is adjacent to the natural attractions Kaliurang. If through Road Kaliurang is 600 meter south of the entrance of natural attractions Kaliurang. If you have entered into a tourist attraction nature Kaliurang get through the intersection before the Icon monuments shrimp and then to west, then south to the junction or it could be from Pantiasih to the west, the intersection take the direction to the north. See the nameplate clearly written directions to the Museum of Mt Merapi.
The inauguration of the museum building
The Museum was inaugurated by the Head of Geology Department of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) on Monday 1 October 2009 by Purnomo Yusgiantoro. Museum Gunung Merapi is its use for the general public. The itself with a building area reaches 4,470 square meters and is situated in 3.5 hectares of land.
At the time of the first opening, the museum Merapi began in introduced to the public around the Merapi granted admission tickets to the museum is free to browse or search for new inspiration and gain knowledge.
Epictravelers - Building follows the philosophy of Java Yogyakarta
Image Reference: Building follows the philosophy of Java Yogyakarta
Cultural values and philosophy
According to the officer Museum Gunung Merapi. The main building of Museum is made ​​in accordance with the philosophy of Java (Yogyakarta) and the area of ​​Mount Merapi in the form of a combination of technology and culture adapted to the customs rules. To build the museum of Mount Merapi, made ​​to resemble a regular pyramid with a large dome as the center of the museum building. This is seen from the front view of the courtyard.

Building that symbolized an imaginary line connecting between Mount Merapi, Tugu Yogyakarta, Kraton Yogyakarta and southern sea. An imaginary line in such a way, such as: building on foot (Kamadhatu), body (Rupadatu) and head (Arupadatu).
In addition, the creation of an imaginary line in the museum, is also manifested in the building of the wall of glass that can be translucent as well as the absence of a barrier in terms of imaginary lines. Temporal main entrance of the museum is made to resemble Mount Merapi Ratuboko temple architecture. In Physiographic, building Museum Mount Merapi directed and facing up to create an imaginary line that is expected.
Museum Gunung Merapi to courtyard also referred to the building of a temple. On the left side there is the courtyard called "Tread" as a symbol of the north-south orientation of the system in accordance philosophy of Java. With the tip of a red dome as a symbol of the end of Tugu Yogyakarta. This is an information sheet as a museum and community pride Hargobinangun village.
Facilities and collections
Image Reference: Facilities and collections
Educational facilities and knowledge
The existence of Museum facilities and collections that are in the museum adapted to the functions of the museum is the preservation and conservation (maintaining and protecting nature reserves and culture), information (provide and develop knowledge about the object of knowledge is displayed), collection (collecting and archive valuable thing as the documentation center), education (providing for public science and culture appreciation center) and recreational vehicle (educational tourist attraction). All the facilities and the collection is still in the floor of the museum.
Collection in Mount Merapi Museum, such as: survey equipment, diorama, the Merapi Volcano Trail, as well as the lobby area. While the collection is stored, among others, Volcano World contains materials knowledge about volcanoes in the world, humans and volcanoes collection contains equipment ritual homage Mount Merapi, a collection of the earthquake and tsunami, to ground movements, extra-terrestrial volcano.
As for the second floor of the museum, among other amenities for epic travelers flim show about the eruption of Mount Merapi. The film can be watched simultaneously and of short duration, as an additional medium for science through movies.
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