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Monday, October 07, 2013

Japan Cave of Yogyakarta

Japan Cave is the name of a cave or underground passage in Sleman, Yogyakarta. This cave precisely on the slopes of Mount Merapi. This place is located to the west of natural attractions Kaliurang. Exact address is Kaliurang Hargobinangun Pakem Sleman of Yogyakarta.

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Japan Cave of Yogyakarta
Exploring of Japan Cave of Yogyakarta
Before entering the Japan Cave we will be entering the lake Nirmala and a pretty place to play, gather and release tired or just sitting around. When tracing Natural Japan Cave, you will find two paths : Japanese caves and mountains Plawangan. Maybe one of my friends want to pick Plawangan hill to be chosen later.
Japan Cave is a natural attractions most preferred by young people because the road is very challenging. Perhaps you who like a challenge, come to this place to fill your days or weeks when the holiday.
On the way to Japan cave, it appears that this place is still natural. This is particularly evident when the current is running, there are still many shrubs that closes the road. In addition, up to the location of the road cave is still quite small or only accessible by one person to go to the location.

To get to the Japan cave, probably isn't too long. It depends on your foot steps leading to the to Japan cave. Japan cave located in the left path when we departed . Length of the cave is very varied. Here not only found one hallway alone. It's pretty dark I looked into the cave. Because no lighting at all. When we visited this place, me and my friends didn't bring light. We go into the cave that has access road with groping cave walls with the help of a little light on the cave door. Arriving outside the cave, we are still passing through the same access road.
Japanese Cave was built around the year 1942 to 1945. Function of this cave was once used for defense for the Japanese army at the time. Cave passageways of approximately 10 m and 20 to 50 m. Conditions cave this time, less manicured. But the tourists to visit this cave very much.
If the path be traced up to the limit of these road, will find a waterfall. Arriving at the waterfall, we can be break while looking at the nature around. The waterfalls were cold and very fresh and can be to wash my face just to get rid of sweat on the face. High waterfall about 7 meters and slightly indented into the cliffs between the right and left. For friends who want to take photos in this place, you have to prepare your camera with good lighting because the place is a little dark.
To return to the place, we just can through the same path. If comrades thirsty and wanted to buy snacks. We can buy food on sale on certain items on the way. For my friends who feel tired during the journey, we can take a break at the park. In this park we can also do other activities with my friends, like a play games, Outbond or other. To satisfy your vacation days and looking for something more, it's good to survey around the park. It is also for inspiration or a complement your holiday with good friends when going to the Japan Cave.

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