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Krakal Beach Yogyakarta

Krakal Beach Yogyakarta

Krakal beach located in the village Ngestirejo, Tanjungsari Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. It is one of the wide beaches of the beaches in Gunungkidul and also beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul district of Yogyakarta. Towards the Krakal beach, precisely in the direction of the eastern city of Yogyakarta. We can get there through an alternative highway Yogyakarta-Wonosari. It takes 2 hours until it's in place, it also depends on ambiance than the highway to get there.
Epic travelers - Krakal Beach Yogyakarta
Image Reference: Nature Tourism
Arriving at the beach Krakal, for motorcyclists who became one of the best options is parked on one of the trust of local residents spread across this beach. First time to this place, I went to the limestone mountains at the edge of the shoreline. Because the parking lot isn't far away by the time I arrived at this place. In this hill, I saw waves of sea water with a view of the beauty of the beach is very wide. Blue sea water is very visible in the distance. Yes... maybe the tourists who come always wondered marked in their minds, the mystery of what is contained in the oceans there. Here also you can see the view of the north side of the coast Krakal.
For the day of my vacation, I want to linger at the top of this hill even though the sun is very bright. From here you can determine the geographical conditions Krakal beach. In this way, we can know more about beach Krakal.
On the beach Krakal, many of the tourists who prefer to play sand and just sit on the beach with calm and feel the atmosphere of this beach. Some travelers that we encountered, they were visitors from outside the city. They want to spend time with a family vacation at the beach Krakal.
In the west there are traditional houses as a selling point. If you are hungry you can try a variety of dishes that are sold in this place. In this place more crowded as visitors can take shelter while watching their children who were playing on the beach.
During a visit at the beach Krakal, There are some ornamental fish which were in the pool is simple. But traders don't have the intent to sell fish to the buyers or visitors. He gained ornamental fish because stranded around the reef. And will be given to visitors which have the intention to buy it.
As souvenirs and mementos, in this place you will also be spoiled the various knick-knacks cocoon made ​​from a variety of unique marine products. Such as: decoration lamps, wall hangings, photo frames and others. This will probably be your picture frame in your home later.
In Krakal Beach Yogyakarta, you can also see the beauty of the sunset in the afternoon. For a comfortable place to stay while, you can stay in the pavilion architecture Java in the mountains near the coast. If this is done, it becomes a wonderful memory for a holiday on the beach Krakal Yogyakarta. Welcome and have fun at the Krakal beach.
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(Beaches in Gunungkidul)
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
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