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Sundak Beach Yogyakarta

Sundak Beach Yogyakarta

Sundak Beach is one of the beaches that are located in Gunungkidul Yogyakarta, a beautiful beach which isn't far from the coast Sadranan and Krakal beach. Sundak Beach better known around the community is Somandeng beach. Upon a change in the name of a few years ago, there was no explanation for the strong base that makes this beach changed names. It also occurs in some beaches in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. This place is also very broad and wide, as only a few limited cliffs east and west, but still can be traversed by tourists. When the low tide we can go to the beach Sadranan or next to the beach Sundak.
Epic travelers - Sundak Beach Yogyakarta
Image Reference: Exotic Sundak beach Gunungkidul
First we came to this beach is to find a special inspiration to relax on the beach. Sundak sand is very beautiful and so comfortable while looking at a very beautiful sea view and amazing. Many of those who came would prefer to find something on the shoreline. Their eyes are more drawn to the bottom of the water and look for marine animals that are still left among the rocks.
With clear water and clear as glass, marine animals will be seen from the surface of the stone. In addition to marine animals, I am more interested in the type of algae or the lush greenery in the clear water.
I am trying to browse the rocks. The animals are difficult to be caught because more nimble than my hand to take it. But this being a fun game when at the beach. So that more tourists to linger at this place. In addition, I found the animals sea urchin. If we browse to the east you can see a long stretch of yellow sand. Of some tourists also prefer this place for bathing and swimming, because there is a pool of the deep water and comfortable for swimming.
If we are in western part of coast, we can take pictures along the edge of the cliff. Many travelers are taking to their keepsake. The cliffs also can be a shady place while waiting for friends or family who take a walk or play around the coast.
I am always in groups or create a group then split between the other friends at the beach, to just look for something that we consider to attract attention in my mind. I and they more often do this to look for something, or a different trip. All that for the small note that will have benefit of each, so that it becomes unforgettable memories at the beach.
Because Sundak beach is the place easily recognizable or keep in mind. It's OK ... friends, we can easily find other friends gathered back in due course. Make sure that taking a vacation exciting and amazing place of your choice here. Congratulations underwent a holidays, I believe your holiday very enjoyable for you all.
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
Copyright 2013 EPICtravelers.COM

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