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Turgo Hill

Turgo Hill

The south side slopes of Mount Merapi, there is a hill Turgo cool breeze with the chirping birds that will take us on a peaceful and serene shades. Turgo Hill located in Turgo, Purwobinangun Pakem Sleman Yogyakarta.
Epic travelers - Turgo Hill
Image Reference: Exotic atmosphere - Hidden miracle
Turgo hill forest is one of the park or national forest rehabilitation in post-fire in 2002 which was held on 26 January 2003 by the forestry minister Muhammad Prakosa. And a few years later the construction of "navigation system" early warning lava flow in Boyong River by the Ambassador of New Zealand (Phillip Gibson), Regent of Sleman (Ibnu Subiyanto) and Head PSIT - (UGM) University of Gajah Mada (Nur Yuwono), on Wednesday, 27 August, 2008.
Turgo hill is also known as the of pilgrimage hill. If we go up to the hill will Turgo with one point of destination is the grave of "Sheikh Djumadil Qubro". In that place we will also know the pedigree associated with "Sheikh Djumadil Qubro".
During the trip we also found some caves in these hill. First mid during the trip and the second at the top of this hill. If in see of this cave, these caverns are artificial caves or cave that doesn't occur naturally, it looked the same as in the Japan Cave or east side of the river of Boyong. Is now this cave is one of the places to take shelter when it rains. According to local residents, this place to staying spend the night. This is seen from the floor of the cave that looks well like place often used by visitors or guests adventurer.
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Turgo Hill is a potential area as amphibian animal sanctuary. Here as well as amphibians Hotspot place. Hotspot amphibians purpose is as a means of conservation of amphibians and their habitats, well as can be used for research. Flora and fauna can be found here, such as: pine forest, bamboo garden, species of ferns, various types of wild birds, etc.
This place isn't much different from the nuances of the Kaliurang natural forest or the east side of this hill.
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Epictravelers - Amphibian animal sanctuary
Image Reference: Amphibian animal sanctuary.
This place is also a tourist village area. If we want travel packages linked village houses pages, we can choose some packages that are provided by local residents, among others: The natural roaming tour package, tour environmental education, and tourist village on the slopes of Merapi.
Environmental educational travel programs to help recognize and learn directly at an object, especially about the flora and fauna. We can find various types of crops, vegetables, fruits, medicine / jamu, grass, wood, ornamental plants (orchids), bamboo, and various species of fauna.
Activities in the community, we can follow: Browse nature (Trekking), making traditional tea drinks, observation of flora and fauna, Gardening, Farming, Live In (live with residents to follow their activities), Camping, Outbound and others.
Homestay is available for tourists who want to stay with a capacity of 100 people. Rural atmosphere, traditional arts, and traditional tea. Here we can learn about the living environment of the community.
Greetings to explore of Turgo hill.
Text and Photography by Sahabat YourHappiness
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