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Nature Tourism of Kaliurang

Nature Tourism of Kaliurang

Kaliurang is one of Plawangan Turgo the epic tourism park and the basis of Mount Merapi national park on the north side in Yogyakarta. Kaliurang is one of the best areas of wildlife protection and conservation area of natural forest. Natural forests with diversity of flora and fauna as well as conditions of volcanic phenomena, mountain morphology and the beauty of the valley.
Kaliurang is located in Kaliurang Hargobinangun Pakem Sleman Yogyakarta, and precisely under the slopes of Mount Merapi. Geographically located on the south side of the mountain. Kaliurang Altitude ± 1100 meters above sea level, ± 28 - 30 km north of Yogyakarta city (two hour drive). Kaliurang Merapi is a popular climbing object for epic travelers in Jogja. Because this place is a very fascinating mountains and a resort of cool mountain air. The most common climbing route is Kaliurang in the east.
Because it is located on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Surely tourists feel the atmosphere is very different. Travelers can enjoy the cool mountain air, beautiful scenery, and travelers can test the adrenaline in this place while walking around the mountains.
Epic travelers - Nature Tourism of Kaliurang
Image Reference: Nature Tourism
According to locals, Mount Plawangan Turgo is also called the Garuda highland fortress. Garuda Highlands fortress is the protection of local Hargobinangun residents located in the southern Merapi volcano. Potential of the forest really very well treated by the local community in order to maintained of existence. Besides that, the existence of the forest in Kaliurang as protection against a variety of wildlife. Travelers can hear the typical bird chirping of the forest, also heard in this place as a complement to the beauty of the forest.
Climbing route
The atmosphere is so beautiful when it is in the entrance of this post. The first view is a fish pond and also the atmosphere of the park in front of it. Not far away there is a waterfall where the water comes from the foot of Mount Merapi. During go to the top, travelers will pass stone are arranged neatly for ease of reaching the peak of the mountains. Arriving above, Gardu Pandang is the main goal to see the beauty around it.
Epictravelers - Kaliurang Yogyakarta
Image Reference: Climbing route
After reaching the top of the mountains, travelers can see clearly the beauty of the active volcano. A little to the east, travelers can see the expanse of sloping land (the foot of Mount Merapi). See faraway village where Kinahrejo visible. Travelers can also make a climbing route to see Mount Merapi at Turgo Hill.
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This place travelers can watch the music concerts and local art shows almost every week or while on vacation. Pampered while spending your time with typical dishes such: Jadah tempe, Jadah tahu-bacem, Wajik, Ampyang, Salak pondoh fruits and various other foods, all are the result of the earth and the results of the process by the locals.
Places of Interest in Kaliurang
Nature Tourism of Kaliurang is a place that has a lot of tourist destinations. Kaliurang provides a beautiful natural Tourism, playground for children, swimming pool of Tlogo Putri, Tlogo Nirmolo, Tlogo Muncar, Sentry Pandang, Japan Cave, monkey forest, Pronojiwo hill, Plawangan hill and etc.
Book Hotel Kaliurang
Next review about exploring the hotel class. Travelers can pamper the comfort of the resort hotel cool air around the beautiful slopes of Merapi. Travelers can stay in a special place Hotel or tourist village. Tourists can specify hotel prices, epic hotel buildings, hotel stars, hotel logos, rooms, locations, best of prices the food menu, and restaurant menu list. Plan well the weekend before traveling, and share your opinion or inspiration while on the slopes of Merapi in Yogyakarta.
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