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Insights Rural Creative Part: 2

Insights Rural Creative Part: 2

C. Epictravelers Visit on Business
• Industry practice activities
Epic travelers - Insights Rural Creative Part: 2 (Industry practice activities)
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Serpong - West Java
Many rural activities are in the field of "Visit on Business" for entrepreneurship training and training facilities. In addition, students are expected to be able to establish themselves in order to create a business area to increase revenue and good cooperation, especially improving the quality of rural areas. They can learn about values; cooperation, culture around work, work ethic, and others. So they rise up and improve job opportunities in their respective fields of students.
A few months ago, we see many opportunities for educational facilities in the field of entrepreneurship in rural areas, and have mostly been used as a means of education and skills. Besides it being a new change of Yogyakarta to add a "World of Tourism" that isn't only in "Agro Tourism", but also choice "Visit on Business".
The "Visit on Business" we can choose how the level of reliability and survey students to pioneer the field of business. This may be the best option to try traveled in "Visit on Business". In addition to it being one of the challenges for the study start and learn from small things in entrepreneurship. The "Visit in Business" might be a different matter in tourist events, and in the "Visit on Business" we can choose a suitable place, because it isn't all activities of "Visit in Business" can be done by entourage.
"Visit on Business" is a means of education and sharing experiences about the businesses that have been successful in their fields. In this place, we can look for a lot of things around the business, handling, real insights visits, practice until complete business management.
• The practice of field
The practice of field
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Serpong - West Java
Practice is a form of education, which is easily absorbed and accepted by the students. It is a beautiful portrait of the chrysanthemum plant maintenance activities. It is "Business development of plants" which are in Sleman of Yogyakarta, this activity is also becoming one of the beautiful event "Visit on Business" in Yogyakarta.
Many "Rural Creative" which utilizes plant development business as a place to gain knowledge, especially science in their local cultures or the residents used for the education of students.
In Yogyakarta, there are about 15,000 micro businesses that you can learn and as a vehicle for education in business, and micro-enterprises into "Business Tourism" that may have you get the through "Visit on Business".
D. Epictravelers Creativity Rural Area
• Neatness in Planting
Neatness in planting
Image Reference: SMP Tarakanita 4 Jakarta
Activity beautiful countryside which can still be seen and try to do by the students. In the current era is something that isn't possible, that in Yogyakarta there are still many rural activities such as the portrait. Rural activities performed manually or traditional. Planting paddy can also be a training or educational activities for local tourists, and foreign tourists. Learning "Neatness in Planting" is one of the useful touches for students, so that the future becomes part of the world of work for them.
Rice planting activities are often carried out during the rainy season, and is also still applied with mutual cooperation to complete this work. Rice planting activities and Mutual Cooperation is of Javanese culture can still be found in rural of Yogyakarta. This may be a reflection of students in some dialog in the "Neatness in Planting" and "Go activities of farmers".
• "Creation of Janur" or "The art of stringing young coconut leaves."
Epictravelers - Creation of Janur or The art of stringing up the leaves
Image Reference: SMP Tarakanita 4 Jakarta
In the countryside a lot of craft center that we can take as an additional knowledge. A few months ago, Epictravelers reviewing two villages in Hargobinangun, Sleman of Yogyakarta. They can learn "Creations Janur" or "The art of stringing young coconut leaves".
Many students excited about "Creations Janur" and want to learn in earnest for students to teach their colleagues when returning home later. Additionally, the students didn't hesitate to make "Creations Leaves" to take home and then repeats the way they are stringing the leaves.
"The art of stringing up the leaves" is one of a touch program in the "Rural Creative", so that students can learn more creatively through the skill of the leaf material. A leaves are one of the works of nature are beautiful in the world. There are so many types and shapes of leaves from nature that can be used for human needs.
On the other hand "The art of stringing young coconut leaves" is a symbol of the bond with a work that will be created, so that it becomes a souvenir. Although based on a small leaf or young coconut leaves. If studied further, coconut leaves have many kinds of traditional games that can be used for children's games, such as: vane the air, trumpet, rhomb (Ketupat), weaving activities, small balls, replicas of birds or replica of animals, and so on. "Rural Creative" many tried to keep this activity or "The art of stringing up the leaves" remain stable or grow properly, can also be used as a means of creations or educations, foster a sense of love, and introduction to nature.
E. Epictravelers Exploring the natural beauty
• Exploration
Image Reference: SMP Santa Maria Juanda Jakarta
If you live in rural areas, we can take a little piece of travel or exploration in the surrounding countryside. It became activity that is always eagerly awaited the students to get to know the surrounding environment, street cruising, fields, rivers and so on. All complete if the following joint activities in the "Rural Creative".
This activity can be a fun activity, especially if we are with students and guided by citizens. Many of the students taking their memories when conducting exploration in the countryside. Images are students or tourists, teachers and Tour Guides are made by residents. Many of the sweet memories they get through "Rural Creative" and as memories for travel lovers.
Anything less in the notes in "Rural Creative" will be added in the development of activities that will always be collected in the "Your happiness on epic trip, and tourism heaven of Yogyakarta".
This article is a piece of survey epictravelers recent months on the Insights Rural Creative Part 2. This portrait isn't taken from the tourist village, but rural creativity trying to combine training or education to students or tourists.
If you want to look for this kind of activity or similar activities, you can see through on Destination of Yogyakarta - Tourism Village. We wish you a very interesting activity, awesome and fun over there.
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