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Tips on Activity Live in Education Part: 1

A some time ago there were some students who want to know; How to do the Live in Education in Yogyakarta and Tips on Activity Live in Education in Yogyakarta? Especially live in in rural areas.
Answer: How to do Live in Education in Yogyakarta? We can only provide an illustration of this activity. But hopefully both are related to the question.
Epic travelers - Tips on Activity Live in Education Part: 1
Unique activities of a traditional activity - Live in Education Yogyakarta
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Serpong, Tangerang Banten - West Java
Through surveys and exploration experience in Yogyakarta, Epic travelers - Adventurers (Start on Saturday, March 20, 2014 - Research expired on Friday, November 13, 2015). Location of journal content and reviews: Sleman of Yogyakarta. Below are the ways in Live in Education in Yogyakarta and Your best friends from West Java - Indonesia.
Welcome from the overview section of "Rural Creative" in Yogyakarta.
The real activity of Countryside Areas.
Below are the most important sequence of a live activity in the countryside. You can prioritize the main activity and values in its activities.
The "Rural Creative - Traditional Education" overview in the live in activities is (A and B) and the skill activities we have completed in the "Tag of LIVE IN Guide". Let's look at the reviews below.
A. Prioritizing activities "Family" and "Residents activity"
What are the priorities in "Live in" activities?
Live in Traditional Education there are two things that become priorities in this activity.
Description: Family Activity
Family activity is an activity that would be obtained from the new family they live. Participants or students at "Live in Education" are you will learn from the special life of the activities you follow in rural areas. Whatever will the students be achieve to or obtained from the Live in is an experience they are looking respectively in rural life. All activities have a specific purpose is the independence of a student and learn to overcome the existing problems.
Epic travelers - Tips on Activity Live in Education Part: 1
Unique activities of a traditional activity - Live in Education Yogyakarta
Image Reference: SMP Santa Laurensia Serpong, Tangerang Banten - West Java
Lessons unique activities for students, is the Education Team hope to create memories that is unique in today as participants Live in and the future for him. Respect for life from the family environment and the residents is something that should students learn the inseparable of its a form of purpose of its activities.
Soak a feeling of anger to their service provider (community of rural areas and the provision of property - Live in Education). Because you as a student living in different environments, and this isn't a hotel service that will always meet the usual demands or needs that you easily get at home. But it also has the ultimate goal of learning life for itself and for appreciating the environmental. So the awards and their victory will be gained from the activities of each family in the village he lived.
In this activity, the students set about dining facilities that suit the typical rustic cuisine, as well as the students' cooking needs are the daily meals they have, and you create those dishes that are guided by the new family in the countryside. They will be guided in these activities in the countryside, perhaps this is becoming a huge difference from the students who had lived in urban areas.
Never follow when activity in "Live in activities" diverted into isn't your real destination or activities that deviate from the on a predetermined schedule. Except guidance skills and special activities. If this activity deviates from a live in activity, this can be directly asked to the Education Team.
Description: Residents Activity
Epictravelers - SMP Santa Maria Juanda Jakarta - West Java
Micro enterprises in Visit on Business - Live in Education Yogyakarta
Image Reference: SMP Santa Maria Juanda Jakarta - West Java
Residents activity is an activity that will be obtained from the environmental activities of their residents (students live). There are so many students who can learn to add to the experience as life experiences and attitudes morality. Because individual attitudes in rural areas may isn't be found in the Live in Education, because Live in Education is a merger of the activities of togetherness, kinship of the population, and harmony of life of the rural residents.
This pictured is one portrait of the activities the residents in micro enterprises or Visit on Business. The value of togetherness the residents or people in rural areas is a very important thing in Live in Education, in addition to knowing a lot of knowledge about micro enterprises or Visit on Business, students can ask questions and converse among the residents. So in Live in Education, they (the local people) consider it their own family.
Considerations of the participants "Live in", and the New Family in the rural area
Physical or health of a new family for the participants of the "Live in" in the area is the most important thing in a "Live in" and "Education Team (The monitoring team)". Activities that put together, may be done to align all activities the Epic travelers - Live in Education in rural area. If the new family could not be too far away to do things with the students. This activity is allowed, through consideration of the education team that will be delivered to students. In addition, the education team has been reviewing previous on matters related to the physical for their new family in the countryside. So the Education Team will provide other suggestions so that students can follow along with other family members to run their activities in rural areas.
B. Follow the schedule that has been given by the Education Team
The daily schedule is the most important thing to control the activities of students in the area. So that students can fully follow with good the activities, especially about the use of time and schedule. Education Team also doesn't guarantee to keep reminding about the time and schedule, because every student already holds each schedule. Students can also discuss with other friends about the daily schedule provided by the guides Team. On the other hand, students can ask questions about the activities of by the Education Team; if the missing student schedules, schedule damaged by rain, or schedule left behind.
Students are obliged to follow the rules of the schedule that has been a collective agreement at the place where they gather or become a rallying point set by the education team. So that the monitoring team didn't go to each of the students stayed to remind the student activities.
C. Students will always thirst for activities
Students are the core of the main tasks in Live in Education activities in an area and in particular in their new family. Education Team is to regulate and monitor the students activity so that all activities run in an orderly and planned according to the vision and mission that is given by the School Teachers in the Live in Education. Vision and Mission of Education Team is to change the students that they can apply when they return home, and students can use that experience in everyday life and their future.
D. Expand the experience by filling activities
"Live in Education" is the perfect activity, if good at using the best time possible in Live in Education. This activity will be unique; feels more alive ... feels more real ... If you thirst for adventure and expand activities in the countryside. Avoid feeling lazy and stalling for time scheduled in a variety of activities, because this is a Live in Education you desire. And you are a the real adventurer who was somewhere else and want to learn a lot about them in the countryside.
E. Search skills that exist in the Rural area
There are so many types of skills in rural areas that can be learned from the smallest things and something great to be ready in the production or sale. At leisure time students can search for this activity with their new family. Students can learn and discover in this activity (Live in Education).
F. Prioritizing of activities have special value
Live in Education Activities, students will receive special skills provided by the Education Team for additional knowledge. The Education Team will always provide a load rating to train students in skills in rural areas to enhance their experience and creations. In this activity there are at least more useful to know what skills in rural areas.
Activities additional skills in the countryside
All activities in Live in have special value or rating in activities they can get in rural areas. Do activities you already have a special value in the Live in Education?
"Activity Live in Education in rural area" has been specifically designed to educate students starting from the smallest things, such as: identity, independence, comprehension, deft, lessons in visits on business, work ethic, practice, work on the process of the products, and so on. The main objective is to enable students to use the special value as well as benefits it for future life so much better, or just create a business opportunities or employment opportunities to many people.
Prioritizing the best activity and the content of its activity
This section is a little benefit of Live In activity that we summarize from some of the above description. We didn't get a lot of full value, please add in this section:
Prioritizing the best activity on epic travelers - Live in Education of Yogyakarta.
  1. Self-learning. (Education builds personal attitude, education for the future).
  2. Your positive activities together with a new family. (Improving social ethics, the cooperation, troubleshooting).
  3. Residents activity or community environment. (Increase confidence in the environment, improving social ethics).
  4. Local skills. (Comprehension, develop a mindset, aligning work ethics, talent, independence).
  5. Art and local culture. (Symbolic of Traditional Education that doesn't ignore the values, and principles - Confidence, carefulness, effective, dare to do, deserve, correct).
  6. Studying in micro businesses or Visit on Business. (Expanding a good idea, comprehension, aligning work ethics, practice, extend the experience in the world of business).
  7. Learn about economics in the family, and in the surrounding residents. (Expanding knowledge, learning about the economy, welfare).
  8. Extra lessons the "EDUWISATA" or Tourism Education. (Comprehension, expanding knowledge, reviewing, solve the problem). Recommended one of tourist destinations.
  9. Explorer the Natural beauty. (Expand the view, eliminate doubt, create dexterity, foster a sense of love to nature).
A few notes above about "Prioritizing the best activity" is only a few explanations. You can read on the next page ...
Description: Activities on Live in Education
All the best values and activities in Live in Education all have a purpose or message to educate their direction in the future. So many of the best values and activities in Live in Education in rural areas are the right choice. You can expand on some points or you can see more about: The best values and activities in Live in Education above.
You can write on paper before stepping in the Live in Education in rural area. All of these are designed by the education team so that students can pattern well-minded about this. Especially activities that have a purpose to get them in this activity.
To complete the value or point of this section, you can read in "Live in Activity in Yogyakarta" which we have discussed in other pages.
This is the end of today's article; Tips on Activity Live in Education Part: 1. You can also explore for Tips on Activity Live in Education Part: 2.
Read also in exploring the post reference: Tips on Activity Live in Education Part: 2. opens in new window.
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